Adam werritty and liam fox relationship

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adam werritty and liam fox relationship

In this week's diary column, Liam Fox longs for his drinking partner and Rebekah Brooks Liam Fox spotted in Munich - without Adam Werritty. Liam Fox accuses Edward Snowden and Alan Rusbridger of stand down from his job over his relationship with a man called Adam Werritty. The disgraced former defence secretary, Dr Liam Fox. He allowed his close friend and best man, Adam Werrity, to take up an unofficial and.

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We are left wondering what this right-wing Tory has done to upset enough of the establishment to warrant this attention. On the other hand this is a time of especially rich pickings for the arms corporations overseas sales and Dr Fox has certainly been involved in helping them. Perhaps rival business interests are clearing him out of the way to have someone in the MOD and Cabinet batting for them? However, whether they are gay or not is immaterial; it is not something that adds to either our condemnation of him or gives him any special defence.

It is for us an irrelevance.

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No, their murky political and business relationship is what should and does concern us. It is not for nothing that Werritty had business cards printed portraying himself as an advisor to Dr Fox: But where did the company get the money to pick up these tabs?

adam werritty and liam fox relationship

We know that three of those donors were very well known to each other: Poju Zabludowic, a real estate tycoon, is the chairman of Bicom and has also made large donations to the Tories. One senior community source told the JC that the Fox-Werritty story was about the Conservative Party raising funds, not about businessmen buying access.

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Mr Leigh told the JC: According to the Cabinet Office, an official was present but "no official matters were discussed and hence no record was produced. L Peiris and Sachin Waas Gunawardene who asked that the cancellation be reduced to a postponement. This is not good news to the Rajapaksa administration.

adam werritty and liam fox relationship

Werritty was in the audience for the speech as a guest of Mrs Suganthi Kadirgamarbut was not present at official meetings.

That is agreed by the National Security Council and the Cabinet. Mr Werritty was invited to attend as an individual with some experience in these matters. As a private citizen, however, with no official locus, it was not appropriate for Mr Werritty to have attended this meeting.

adam werritty and liam fox relationship

Dr Fox has since acknowledged this. During the visit, Werritty arranged a dinner at which he, Fox and British ambassador Matthew Gould met with senior Israeli officials. The Telegraph also reported that Fox and Werritty had met the head of Mossad although whether at this meeting or separately is not entirely clear from the story. The Guardian reported on 17 October that MI6 had debriefed Werritty on his Israeli and Iranian contacts in order to obtain "any privileged information from foreign countries Werritty had access to.

adam werritty and liam fox relationship

The risk was that he was being too muscular.