Aomine and momoi relationship goals

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aomine and momoi relationship goals

Mar 11, So the first relationship we will we talking about is with Kuroko. So when they entered Highschool Momoi decided to follow Aomine so he . but she is determined to achieve her life goal and ends up making a deal with her. Aomine Daiki & Momoi Satsuki Mangas, Anime Amor, Ilustraciones, Dibujos, Friendship goals (♥ω♥*) Manga Games, Kuroko No Basket Characters,. Abrir. Dec 10, Momoi: Relationship in the first place, we're just childhood friends, Q6: If there are any stories of Aomine-kun that no one knows of, please tell us. Momoi: My goal is, since we lost in the first round of the Winter Cup, to get.

Unlike Riko Momoi can't really look at you first glance and get numbers on your physical capabilities. What she does instead is make graph in which is separated into different categories and writes down your physical capabilities. She is also known for having background information on the players. Ok so this is an interesting matter as her improvement can only come intellectually. As she is the manager she does have room for improvement.

Somewhere where I could see her improving his team play. When it came down to it the first match vs Too and Seiren she wasn't able to get a full read on Kagami's and Kuroko's style. Along the lines it seems she also can't read people with no presence. Now the only thing I see her improving in Is in a way of her having her own special skill.

Like an emperor eye of her own. In reality she has to become more observant.

aomine and momoi relationship goals

That is pretty much the only way I see her improving in managing. Other than that she's got her job on lockdown. So when it comes down to the history let's start off with how they met. Well originally they met through the basketball team. Where there Momoi would go on to see what Kuroko is like. Eventually she started harboring feelings for the guy.

In the show she then goes on to explain how she officially fell in love with the guy. The scene showed Kuroko giving her a popsicle stick that was already eaten.

When she turned it around it said winner and then boom hearts were flying. Kuroko you sly man.

Later on she would go on to cling to Kuroko and actually tell people that she was his girlfriend. Now I never actually found out if Kuroko accepted her feelings so sorry about that.

aomine and momoi relationship goals

Now the second relationship we will be discussing is the one with Aomine. Now in this relationship it is sort of like a mother and son relationship.

So the history around this relationship is that they were both childhood friends.

aomine and momoi relationship goals

They were really close. So when they entered Highschool Momoi decided to follow Aomine so he wouldn't cause trouble or go overboard. Kuroko speculates that he might win against Aomine and when Momoi takes her leave, he promises her that he'll win for Aomine's sake. She was shocked to learn that he had met Kagami and that he thought that Kagami and Kuroko were a bad match.

He tells her that he overslept and that he is still in school. Momoi hands the phone to Imayoshi and Aomine tells him that he will come later. The match begins without Aomine. On the sidelines, Kise meets with Midorima and the two spectate the match together. She tells him that there is no reason to worry as all of the players know what to do.

Seirin decides to trust Kagami and Kuroko with the ball.

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Riko notices that Kagami is at the limit of his jumping and decides to pull him out. When Kagami is about to be subbed back, Aomine suddenly appears putting his hand on Kagami's shoulder telling him to entertain him even a little. Aomine is substituted into the game along with Kagami. The match continues and Momoi remembers how Aomie always used to play basketball as a kid.

She remembers him playing with the adults and his free-spirited style. Momoi then watched as Aomine threaten his teammates for badmouthing Kuroko. Before the match beings, Momoi calls Aomine on the phone but he doesn't answer. Kise would always lose, and Momoi would ask Aomine why he can't go easier on him. Harasawa called out to Momoi, interrupting her memories.

He asks her is she gave Aomine data on Kise, but Momoi tells him that Aomine refused to accept it. Harasawa is worried for their defence but Momoi tells him that it's fine since she gave data to the other four players. When the match restarts Kise manages to copy Aomine.

Momoi notices that it is still incomplete and nothing compared to the real thing but notes that he is learning much faster than she expected. Momoi and everyone else was surprised. Momoi hugs Kuroko When Kuroko returns, Momoi runs up to him and hugs him, crying in his arms.

Kuroko gives Momoi a drink asking her what happened. She tells Kuroko that Aomine hates her and explains that during the Interhigh Aomine injured his leg.

She went up to coach Harasawa asking him to bench Aomine for the Interhigh. After Aomine found out about Momoi's intervention, he yelled at her telling her he is still able to play.

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Momoi then runs off crying. Kuroko tells her that everything is alright and that Aomine didn't mean what he said because he said it out of anger. Kuroko decides to walk Momoi back home. Riko asks Momoi for the reason Murasakibara didn't compete in the Interhigh, and Momoi tells her that it was because Akashi told him not to.

aomine and momoi relationship goals

Both Akashi and Murasakibara didn't compete simply because it would be too boring.