Asmita sood and pearl puri relationship counseling

GR8! TV Magazine - Asmita Sood & Pearl Puri - Mistrust led to break up?

There was always speculation whether Asmita Sood and her Badtameez Dil co - star Pearl Puri were in a relationship. Although media kept writing of their link up . Actor Pearl V Puri recently entered the Life OK fantasy drama, 'Nagarujun - Ek Yoddha' and has Be it when he co-starred Asmita Sood in '. Needless to say, Pearl is elated. In a candid interview, he talks about his struggle, dreams and rumoured affair with co-star Asmita Sood.

He was quoted as saying, "More than anxiety, it was loneliness and depression. There is no one to take care of me in Mumbai as my parents live in Delhi. I was feeling homesick and wanted to go home. My parents did not support my decision to become an actor, so they have visited me only once in five years.

I don't even tell them when I fall ill. I have friends, but it's a ruthless world. People are busy with their lives, so when you fall sick, you feel lonelier. However, I am better now and will be discharged soon. I am a committed guy and don t believe in flings!

Pearl hails an affluent business family in Agra and has often spoken about how his parents, mainly his dad did not support his decision to enter the entertainment industry. In an earlier interview he had said that his family has an established business in Agra and his father is totally against the idea of his son struggling in a city like Mumbai.

Puri is in the daily soap ''Phir Bhi Na Maane In real life I am an urban guy.

Pearl Puri says it like it is!

He respects his mother and is also a lover boy. For some reason he shies away from girls. He is grateful to his mother for his life. The story has a beautiful relationship of a son and his mother, which I guess every family has. How can a son balance between his wife and mother?

I am not in touch with Pearl; he is a stranger to me now: Asmita Sood

What is your take? How a man can strike the balance. I think it's possible. I don't believe in the concept of 'joru ka ghulam' because the way you respect your mother you can respect your wife too.

A girl leaves everything and comes to her husband's house so the husband should take care of her needs nicely.

Pearl V Puri admits to suffering from depression -

Are you scared of marriage? Yes a bit smiles. But first I want to get stability in my life so when a girl will come to my house she will get the comfort and happiness which she used to get in her parent's house. Yes, I am a human being and life is like a highway so there are lots of ups and downs in life and I am okay with that.

Pearl Puri says it like it is!

I personally work for my fans due to their love for me and would entertain them with my work. I believe they are giving their 30 minutes everyday to watch me so why not thank them this way. This way I am spreading happiness. I am hopeful that ''Meri Sasu Maa'' will be liked by youth and the masses too.