Aziz and fielding relationship in a passage to india

aziz and fielding relationship in a passage to india

Personal Relationships in "A Passage to India" - Kathrin Langner - Seminar Paper - English The cross-cultural friendship of Dr. Aziz and Mr Fielding. A primary concern of A Passage to India is the shift in Dr. Aziz's views of the British from accommodating and even a bit submissive to an. A summary of Themes in E. M. Forster's A Passage to India. The strains on their relationship are external in nature, as Aziz and Fielding both suffer from the.

Fielding; and how the relationship attempted with Mrs. Moore enters the mosque with her shoes off, Aziz is startled to find that an Englishwoman would observe his muslim customs and when she says that God is here, he is instantly intrigued. Azizs subsequent questioning of her begins to show similarities between them and he declares that she is an Oriental.

aziz and fielding relationship in a passage to india

In fact Aziz addresses this issue with Mr. Which of course, is ironic because Aziz attempts to entertain the ladies in a western fashion, losing himself in hospitality and neglecting his eastern self for the benefit of the English ladies. Aziz is a young, passionate muslim doctor who only keeps other muslims as his company. He is sensitive, and good looking and seems to genuinely want to explore the possiblities of having English friends after his only exposure being the haughty Anglo Indians.

aziz and fielding relationship in a passage to india

However, I question his sincerity in attaining English friends in an attempt to break the bounds of colonial ideaologies and is merely motivated by the idea of attaining the unattainable.

Such a slack, unpunctual fellow! Aziz certainly finds more success with his method of bridging the gap than Mr. However, Aziz like Mr.

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Turton does not achieve symbiosis between the two cultures. Quested is the most generic and expected result of an English woman and an Indian man trying to be friends. She naturally brings criminal charges against him and ruins any chances of that relationship continuing. I see no point in elaborating on this subject because it is so cut and dry. Aziz only has three meetings with Mrs. Both characters have this great fondness for the other with no substance.

Moore never actually does anything for Aziz except be a friendly, slightly senile old lady. In fact as the reader we know how Mrs. The only reason that this relationship seems to work is because Mrs.

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Moore dies at the right time enabling Aziz to memoralize and glorify her. The dead have no faults or character flaws. A close reading by the eagle eyed reader reveals something utterly different. No woman in the novel is physically portrayed as beautiful. The part Mosque allows friendships and relationships to develop and has an overall positive touch, but every approach between the two cultures is almost immediately followed by some misunderstanding or the other. The second part, Caves, is the antithesis.

In this part the story reaches its climax and the misunderstanding lead each relationship to a certain fall. Adela accuses Aziz of an attempted sexual harassment, due to which Aziz is imprisoned and led to trial.

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Even though Adela sees in the end that it was not Aziz and Aziz is let free, all friendships and relationships have taken a grave turn. Mrs Moore has quickly left India and has died on her journey back to England, leaving Aziz only the memory of his good friend.

Ronny no longer wishes to marry Adela, for she has turned her back on her countrymen and he could not stand the pressure of his fellow officials.

aziz and fielding relationship in a passage to india

The last part of the book, Temple, is a kind of synthesis, but with a limitation. The question in the first part of the book is only partly answered. But when Aziz and Fielding meet again, and all misunderstandings are eliminated, there is still a barrier between them. Similarities and differentiations in personal relationships 2. Aziz and Mrs Moore 2. Aziz has been treated very rudely by his superior Major Callendar who had had him disturbed during dinner with his good friends and had stood him up, and Mrs Moore was attempting to escape the heat at the club and the boredom of having to watch a play which she had already seen in London[4].

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Aziz is sitting in the mosque contemplating happiness, religion and love and dreaming of his tomb, which should bear a Persian inscription. This inscription includes one very significant line, which gives us an idea on his views on friendship: This is what is about to happen when an English lady, who happens to enter the mosque, interrupts him in his thoughts. At first, Aziz reacts very rudely to her but when he notices that it is an old lady and that she acts very politely towards him, he also becomes polite.

In the course of their small chat about why she is in the mosque and about their families, a kind of mutual silent understanding develops and it is exactly this secret understanding that Aziz feels to have found in Mrs Moore. He feels inclined to talk openly to her about his aversion towards the Callendars and feels understood by her.

She is exactly the way that he wishes the other British officials to be towards Indians: Oh, if others resembled you! She also feels a certain wave of intimacy between them, but also does not speak about it.

It is only after a longer talk with her son that she begins to think about the situation from a different perspective, namely from her sons prejudiced point of view.