Beck and jade relationship advice

Relationship advice Chapter 1: Honesty, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

beck and jade relationship advice

And just to be clear: This fic is about Beck and Jade and their relationship, not really all that much about Tori. Have fun reading and feel more. Beck and Jade aren't a couple anymore. And they aren't the most appropriate people to tell you what to do for a proper relationship. But they. Beck and Jade were sitting in Hollywood Arts' recreation room during study hall, when boredom took over. After going through a few.

Now, she somehow feels grown-up herself and like this is a big deal, a very big step in their relationship.

beck and jade relationship advice

Which she herself considers awful because she still lives with her parents and her boyfriend has long met them and sees them all the time. She can't tell him how weird she feels about meeting his parents now. It would be unfair to push it back, wouldn't it be? And maybe, she will feel more comfortable about it in a month — that's the time, Mike has planned it for.

She talks about it with Jade and Cat when they sleep over one night. Their group of friends still meet up often, in parts or all of them together. Tori is glad to still have everyone in her life and hopes it stays that way, though they all start making new close friends at college. Tonight, the girls sleep over at Tori's house.

They want to meet with the boys as well tomorrow for lunch. Robbie needs to work tonight though in his part-time job, Andre is on a relative's birthday and Beck decided to finally get started on a project for one of his classes, so it's just the girls for the night.

Tori tells Jade and Cat all about the situation now, as they sit on Tori's bed together. Cat looks at her worried, feeling with her, while Jade rolls her eyes: If that would be so easy She doesn't want Mike to hate her. She does love him. Jade rolls her eyes and turns away bored, grabbing some of the sweets they have spread on the bed.

Tori feels a little offended. Jade can't disregard her feelings like that. But she doesn't get it. She probably has never felt like this. I haven't got a boyfriend, right. Of course, she does but that doesn't mean she ever felt like she had to be careful what to say, that she ever was afraid that they could fight.

They do fight of course, but they both seem comfortable with the amount and intensity they have at the moment. Except possibly a little during their big break-up two years back. But since then, they never have broken up again. She exchanges a look with Cat that tells her that she also has never heard about it before. It doesn't look like they actively work on their relationship. And I didn't make a sign because I hate signs. I'm going to tell you five things you should never do in a relationship.

How could Beck say that? It's a bad idea to shout that you 'Aren't happy with your relationship' in front of the entire room. And actually listen to your girlfriend talk! Poor Cat had fainted because Beck forced her into our problems! I guess this whole break up might have hurt less if Beck even cared enough to just tell me he was breaking up with me. I hope you hated it, cause I did. But click the 'I like this' button or bad things will happen. I could go over to Tori's, or Andre's house but they are both busy.

I take out my pearphone to check the slap. Jade has posted a new video Yes, I stalk her on the slap. It's called 'relationship advice three'. Didn't Jade and I do relationship advice videos last year or something? I click play to her video, wondering what it's going to say. She's giving people relationship advice? She isn't dating anyone! I guess that was harsh. She really hadn't said anything very mean.

And she didn't mean it literally. I shouldn't have said that to the entire room. I probably shouldn't have made Cat stay in the closet to answer all our questions. I also should have listened to Jade more. She's right about that. I should have talked things over with her.

We still might have broken up, but it would have been different. And it really isn't classy to dump your girl through a door.

How does Jade know that? How could I have been such a jerk to Jade? The girl I'd been with for three years.

beck and jade relationship advice

The girl that I still love. I have to fix this. I get up from my bed, and walk out of my RV into my car.

beck and jade relationship advice

I know the way Jade's house automatically. It's not long before I'm standing outside her door, playing with my fingers nervously. I run my fingers through my hair. I take a deep breath and ring her doorbell. I see Jade's surprised face glancing through the window of her house. I do as told, opening the door, and taking a few steps inside. What is she talking about? All the five things you said in you video. And I'm sorry for trying to kiss Tori. Although, I'm not too sure on how you know about that I am horrible, and you have every right to not take me back ever!

Imagine how I felt, seeing you try to make out with Tori? I'll tell you it didn't feel nice! How does she know about that?

I see the corners of Jade's mouth lift up just a bit as she holds back a smile. And then Jade genuinely smiles. Like I'm the one who is responsible for our break-up.

But you helped pretty much. If you weren't so selfish we could have made it! So, you think that it's my fault now? Beck sighed and looked at the camera. He bit his lip in order to stop himself from answering to his ex-girlfriend and announced,"So I guess we're ready to start.

Relationship Advice Chapter 1, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

Do your girlfriend a favor and never forget to call her on her birthday. She'll kill you if you're not the first one to wish her 'Happy Birthday' I wanted to scare you!

Jade rolled her eyes and said to the camera, "Whatever! I'm talking to you now Leave your boyfriends alone. Probably they want their space To flirt with other girls, to cheat on you It's natural, don't be upset. Just do the same So, you have cheated on me? Have you cheated on me or not?

I'm not like you! He doesn't probably cheat on you if he wants you to be more relaxed If you girls think so, maybe you're super jealous and you don't trust your boyfriends. This will end up badly, I'm serious.

beck and jade relationship advice

Beck rolled his eyes and stated, "Well, guys Ask your girlfriends what do they like and don't make them any surprises 'cause they'll find a reason to complain about. I'm in charge for the boys' advice. So, do me a favor and shut your mouth.

Relationship Advice 3, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

I'm not your puppet! I was telling the boys not to make any surprises to their girlfriends because girls don't like surprises. They're gonna start judging your choice and finding reasons why they hate the whole place. And I was telling that it's not sure that the girls will hate the place. If you take them to a place you know they love, everything is gonna be fine.

They're silent and peaceful This kind of peaceful. But that's nothing, right? You don't have to be always sarcastic