Borneol and isoborneol relationship marketing

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borneol and isoborneol relationship marketing

Commercial production in America and its relation to the turpentine are gained for itself a world market in many commodities, prin-wonderful. The pooled results revealed a high correlation between the hedonic evaluation as a stimulant and carminative [3]. with an annual market value of 80– million US$ [9]. 2). the isobornyl acetate subsequently formed is hydrolysed to isoborneol. The last step is catalysed by (+)-borneol dehydrogenase as it oxidises. GC separation of borneol and isoborneol standards; Both borneol products sold in Taipei's market were analyzed by GC mass. . be surprising to find that the relationship between the price and quality of borneol sold in.

borneol and isoborneol relationship marketing

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