Brandon and callie foster relationship season 2

brandon and callie foster relationship season 2

When The Fosters returns for Season 2 on Monday (ABC Family, 9/8c), Callie has The actress also weighs in on Callie and foster bro Brandon's feelings for each other. TVLINE | Is relationship with Wyatt on solid ground?. It was heartbreak city on Monday's Season 2 summer finale of The Fosters. Callie most definitely does not fill that sibling role for Brandon, nor I gave up so much to be adopted,” Callie tells him before leaning in for a kiss. 'The Fosters' Producers on Callie and Brandon's Journey: "They're Star-Crossed Lovers a potential break-up, an almost-failed adoption, at least two broken half of season three, Brandon's bad rap, the new Jesus and more. Every character has a relationship in some way, shape or form to technology.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your family, it's been a pleasure. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved June 17, Retrieved June 24, Archived from the original on July 7, Retrieved July 1, Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved July 9, Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved July 15, Archived from the original on July 29, Retrieved July 22, Archived from the original on July 30, Retrieved July 29, Retrieved August 5, Retrieved August 12, Retrieved August 19, Retrieved December 9, Retrieved January 20, Retrieved January 27, Retrieved February 4, Retrieved February 15, In ConsequentlyBrandon lets Callie stay with him in the music class during lunch.

They joke around and Callie Brandon comforting Callie. Callie says that her mom taught her to play it before she passed away and Brandon rubs her knee in comfort.

While walking home from school, Jesus brings up Callie. Both Brandon and Jesus think Callie is hot. Back in the backyard, Brandon helps Callie with her guitar abilities. At Brandon and Callie making music together. At some point, he receives a text message from Talya asking when he would come over. He blows her off again to stay with Callie resuming making music and enjoying each other's company.

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In Hostile ActsCallie meets up with Brandon. She tells him that she knows that he's planning on moving with his father.

She asks him if it's because of her and Jude that he is moving to which he answers no. When Brandon leaves to move in with his father, Callie gives back his guitar. He insists that she keeps it. Brandon and Callie sharing an intimate moment during practice. It is revealed that Callie would have to dance with Brandon. Callie seems uncomfortable with Brandon and Talya ergo she leaves.

brandon and callie foster relationship season 2

Stef thinks that there's something going on between Brandon and Callie and warns him that it is against the rules to hook up. Brandon thinks otherwise saying that there is nothing going on. During practice for the Waltz, they share intimates moments. When Callie steps in the dining room in her pink dress, Brandon turns around and can't help but gaze at her. He tells her that she looks "nice" while Talya walks in. As they are about to do the entrance, Callie switches partner with Sam.

During the father-daughter dance, Brandon asks Callie what happened. She tells him that Talya thinks Callie has feelings for Brandon.

Brandon looks at Talya in disgust. Brandon gazing at Callie in her dress. After the dance, Brandon tells Callie that she's dancing with him. Callie attempts apologize to Brandon for what she said about Talya but he disregards it. After the dance, Brandon and Callie are still dancing with each other.

brandon and callie foster relationship season 2

Talya interferes but Callie leaves. Brandon looks sad when she does so.

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Brandon grabs Talya's hand and drags her away. After some time, they argue. They eventually break up. During the photo session, Callie asks Brandon about Talya and he says that she left. Afterward, Brandon tells her that he broke up with Talya.

Callie assumes that was because of her to which he says no. He broke up Brandon confesses his feelings to Callie. Callie assumes that Talya told him about the journal and he says that he didn't want to know because he knows everything he needs know about Callie. They stare at each other but Callie runs away.

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Brandon tries to stop her but fails. As Brandon walks with Mikehe sees Callie's shoes on the stairs like in Cinderella. In The Morning AfterWyatt comes to the barbeque. Brandon looks annoyed and Callie tells him that she invited him. Brandon becomes jealous enough to warn Callie about what Wyatt could do and he explains that Wyatt and Talya used to date. After Wyatt and Callie get caught at someone's else house and have no other way out, she calls Brandon for a ride. When they arrive at home, Brandon is angry at Callie.

They get into a small argument. Brandon confesses his feelings for Callie saying "I don't want Brandon confesses to Callie that he wants them to be together.

They stare at each other for a while. Callie answers that she can't date him. Callie argues that a former foster brother got close to her but said to his parents that Callie came on to him maybe Liam but Brandon insists saying "Well, I'm not like him.

I would never do that. Callie confides him in some information about Liam to which he Callie confides in Brandon the night she got raped. In the morning, Brandon proposes that she tells Bill about to which she rejects. Brandon helps Callie with Sarah. Callie confides in Brandon into explaining Liam and the night she got raped. Callie allows Brandon to stay with her while she explains everything about Liam to Stef and Lena.

brandon and callie foster relationship season 2

In CleanWyatt becomes jealous of Brandon and Callie's relationship to which she denies. Brandon asks why would Talya think that Brandon and Callie are together now when she isn't with Wyatt and she disregards the question. In VigilCallie asks Brandon if he and Talya are back on. Brandon answers that he doesn't know and Callie looks hurt. Callie helps Brandon with his relationship with his foster siblings.

Brandon and Callie have a moment after she explains to him about her deceased mother as Wyatt comes in.

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Wyatt tells Callie that he knows that she likes Callie hurt by Brandon and Talya embracing. He encourages her to be true to her heart and seize the love she feels for Brandon as life is short and she may never have the chance for it again, using Stef as an example.

Callie kisses Wyatt on the cheek, leaves him and rushes back inside to tell Brandon how she feels. However, as she is getting close to Brandon, Tayla runs up to him and the two embrace. Callie quickly makes a turn away into the waiting room leaving her hurt. In Mariana's and Callie's room, Callie yells at Brandon saying that her life will never be okay due to her past.

Callie and Jude receive news that they are getting adopted by Stef and Lena. Brandon says that there's enough to go around. Brandon and Callie kiss after her confession. Before the wedding, Callie asks Brandon to talk.