Breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quotes

24 Times Jesse Pinkman Proved He Was So Much More Than A Sidekick In Breaking Bad

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quotes

The Breaking Bad "Fly" episode is no different - it features just the main two characters, Walter The Best Walter White Quotes of All Time more and gave viewers the opportunity to better understand the relationship between Walt and Jesse. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) might have brought the science know-how to with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) on Breaking Bad, but Jesse had the rolled around, Walt and Jesse's relationship was more strained than ever. Jesse Bruce Pinkman is the deuteragonist of Breaking Bad. He is the former partner of Walter White in the methamphetamine drug trade. Jesse was a small- time.

By comparison, Jesse appears strong and intensely stares at Walt with clear distain.

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Even though chained, Jesse here for the first time is seen as having power over Walt. The tables are turned; now Walt is portrayed as helpless and pathetic. Walt was defeated and dying. Yet in his cowardice, he tried to use distorted logic to manipulate Jesse one final time. This time, though, Jesse resists.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quotes

By withholding all emotion and sparing his life, Jesse caused far greater harm to Walt than killing him ever would. However when he was facing a dead end, depending on Jesse one last time, he found himself completely alone. There was no need for any discussion the last time these two interacted because nothing new needed to be said. Walt now could do nothing else but stare, give a slight nod, and watch Jesse leave him behind.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quotes

Perhaps even proud or respectful of Jesse, Walt understood Jesse could no longer be influenced, and that he himself was powerless. This silent exchange provided more emotion and closure than any dialogue ever could. It serves as a fascinating bookend to the first time Walt and Jesse interacted back in the Pilot episode.

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In both the first and the last episode of Breaking Bad, Walt is surrounded by police officers while Jesse hurriedly flees the scene. That much is the same. But the depiction of both Walt and Jesse changes dramatically from the beginning to the end of the series. Walt's silent goodbyes to his children were heart-rending. All I could have asked for was a few more minutes of interaction between Jesse and Walt before they parted for good.

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Was Walt let off too lightly, his final schemes too readily indulged — by being allowed to engineer the future financial security of his family, the defeat of Uncle Jack's gang, the death of Lydia, the freedom from prosecution of Skyler and the humiliation of the Schwartzes.

No, to think that way is to give too little weight to the irreparable relationship with his son that Walt leaves behind. The child who bears his name, this future Walter White, will remember his father, unforgivingly, as a bad man who betrayed his family.

But, really, the satisfaction this finale offered was about resolution not retribution for Walt. When the clock stopped, the man lying dead on the floor of the laboratory a lab in which his former pupil had at last created crystal meth of a purity befitting his mentor was not Heisenberg but Mr White, the teacher who had learnt his lesson. Everyone got what was coming to them, including Walt. But it was bittersweet, too. It left me longing for a whole series of this Walt — forever lurking in the shadows, or hiding behind columns, letting his outsized reputation do the dirty work for him.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quotes

An ending, delivering on so many promises, rich with theatrical style, dense with reference. Something crafted to be studied, discussed, to bear close scrutiny, a lesson in the wonderful and enabling potential of digital television. In a way, it served as a fond farewell to the originality of the series itself. But in the end there was only one gun — the one that the ever-ingenious chemist had set to be activated by his car keys - and which would later decimate the loathsome posse of hit men that everyone surely wanted to see die horribly.

And then there was his masterful ricin-poisoning of Lydia, the character that proves herself more ruthless and morally bankrupt than them all. Fittingly, she will die a slow death.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quotes

The Walt and Jesse encounter was the perfect denouement. The point was powerfully underlined: Jesse, too, is a broken man, but like Walt, he has also grown up. He is able to kill the vile Todd without compunction.

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