Brian and justin relationship quizzes

This Quiz Will Tell You If You Should You Get Back With Your Ex

brian and justin relationship quizzes

Pam should have ended up with Brian the lovely boom mic guy instead. and Pam Halpert to be the most perfectly suited TV couple of all time. Today's round will decide whether Grey's Anatomy's Meredith and Derek or Queer As Folk's Brian and Justin move on to the next round. Would You And Justin Bieber Make The Perfect Match-quiz. 19 Questions Are you a Bielieber and would you see yourself going out with him or being in a long- term relationship? Maria,joey,andrea,brian and princess. D.

Has your ex met your parents? Less than a week Between a week and a month One month to one year Over a year It is not healthy to make spontaneous decisions when dealing with something as meaningful as mending a broken relationship.

Would You And Justin Bieber Make The Perfect Match-quiz

Take some time to decide if you want to rekindle a past fling. How much time has passed since it happened? Yes No Every relationship has problems, but not all can be solved easily. Sometimes it takes hard work, but also there are problems which will remain forever. Attempt to judge whether your problems can be fixed. Can you solve the issues that arose during your past romance?

Yes No Both parties in a relationship have to be willing to make meaningful changes for healing to occur. If both people in a relationship want to ignore previous issues, there is a significant chance those issues will resurface at a later time.

brian and justin relationship quizzes

Perhaps see a marriage or dating counselor. Yes No Even though you may feel as if it is the right time to get back together with your ex, you may want to hold off on that.

By having a few different relationships, you'll gain a better understanding of what is out there in the dating world. It is recommended to date a few people before getting back with your ex.

Yes No You'll want to prevent yourself from hurting your ex if you get back in a relationship. Although you may feel it is right for you to re-enter into a relationship, it would be wise to consider the feelings of your ex.

Yes No Some people have a long history of being in bad relationships. There is nothing wrong with them, but they may have to work on choosing more suitable partners.

brian and justin relationship quizzes

You'll know a relationship is wrong when you are not happy with it. Have you had many bad relationships? Yes No Having a child can complicate a breakup.

Deciding things like who will take care of the baby is exceedingly tricky.

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For the sake of a child's happiness and development, you and your ex may want to get back together. Have you and your ex had a child together? Yes No Complete trust is essential for healthy functioning of a long-term relationship. Without faith there are lies, and with lies, a romance cannot continue. This is an important question. Do you and your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend still trust each other? Question 15 Yes No Some people are not compatible because they are different people.

Although differences can bring couples together, it can also bring them apart. You may want to avoid a partner with whom you frequently argue.

brian and justin relationship quizzes

He builds a strong relationship with Pam, consoling her when her and Jim were having marriage problems. During season 9, something occurs during the documentary filming that causes Brian to be fired from his job as the boom operator. Question 16 What is Michael's username for the online dating website? Ready for marriage Little kid lover Looking for woman During season two, Michael is getting antsy waiting for the right woman to come into his life.

During 'Daughter to work day,' Michael becomes depressed that he doesn't have a child or even a wife, while many other members of the office do. Though out the episode, Michael is conversing with Toby's daughter, Sasha, making him want to have his own kids. He decides to make an online dating profile. The username he chooses is specific so women know where his priorities are.

Question 17 What does Stanley give Phyllis at Dwight's wedding? A bird woodcarving that looks like her A picture of him in a frame he made himself A knitted scarf A painting that reminds him of her In his time of retirement, Stanley has moved to Florida and gotten away from work, the office, and everyone from his old life. He even divorced his wife. At Dwight's wedding, Stanley confesses to Phyllis that he misses seeing her and sitting across from her every day while they are dancing together at the reception.

She tells him that she misses him too. While in Florida, he took up a new hobby in his free time, and he made something something just for Phyllis. Question 18 What vegetable does Michael force feed Kevin? Baby Carrots Corn on the cob Brocoli During a meeting in the conference room, Michael forces Kevin to eat a vegetable. Michael is frustrated because he feels that he is the only one that is keeping up with his new years resolution, while the rest of the office has not even tried.

In his anger, he force feeds Kevin, who eats the vegetable in a way that is unexpected because it "Is a new food for him," and begs to put sauce on it. Question 19 What is the name of the company that bought out Dunder Mifflin? The other branches had been forced to close because of not meeting profit margins.

This company, bought the last remaining office and took control over the corporation.

brian and justin relationship quizzes

With the new CEO, brought new products to be pushed by the office staff. These included printers, which underwent a scandal later in the show.

brian and justin relationship quizzes

Question 20 What type of car does Dwight drive? Corvette Camaro Toyota Prius Dwight is seen driving an off red car throughout the show. During one of his fits of jealousy over Michael's relationship with Ryan, he gets into the car and blasts REM's 'Everybody Hurts,' while the cast is outside due to a fire in the office.

'Queer As Folk' : Brian Quiz | 15 Questions

He takes Ryan in this car to his farm, to help his sales performance. He later buys Andy's Xterra for a ridiculously low price, and sells it almost immediately for a profit which infuriates Andy.

Question 21 What is Holly's boyfriends name? Unfortunately, David forces a transfer for Holly to go back to Nashua and leave Michael. The two are forced to end their relationship. Michael goes to Nashua later with Pam, to give a lecture about his branch's success. He hopes to find closure with Holly, but disappointingly, finds she is dating a salesman from the Nashua office. He finds closure with her though, and seems content with the fact that they may have a future.