Calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship questions

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calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship questions

Subject: H/C relationship, E/C friendship Eric Delko was stunned. Had Calleigh Duquesne — the Calleigh Duquesne he'd worked with all these years . ' Everybody has their problems,' Calleigh whispered to herself. Take the Quiz: Calleigh Duquesne. This quiz is about my favourite character in CSI: Miami. I hope Calleigh had a relationship with Jake Berkeley. Eric Delko . Eric "Delko" Delektorsky is a Crime Scene Investigator working for the Eric seems to have some personal issues, as is shown by him occasionally seeing therapists. . He has a close relationship with colleague Calleigh Duquesne; they care.

However, Eric later provides the insight to find the murder weapon, and thus a perpetrator. Eric experiences such difficulties as double vision, which interferes with his performance. When Ryan gently points out doubled evidence markers, Eric snaps at him in frustration, but Wolfe is not offended, as he remembers his own vision problems after being shot with a nail gun the previous season. Eric's memory lapses apparently cover only the six months or so prior to his injury, and as such he no longer recognizes the woman who sued him.

This is used by a lawyer in an attempt to prove his incompetence. Early in season six, Eric Delko has flashbacks about his near-death experiences and panics during a shooting due to his fear and anxiety episode" Guerillas in the Mist ". Season Seven In the Season 7 opener, Delko and Duquesne are especially confused and angered by Caine's shooting, and Wolfe's handling of the situation immediately after their arrival on-scene. Delko later found out, however, that this was all staged by Caine, Wolfe, and the ATF to allow Caine to go undercover and apprehend a major ammunition distributor in Miami.

Eric was still somewhat hurt that Caine would choose Wolfe over him, but Horatio told him in person that the decision to include Wolfe over him was due in no small part to Caine's desire to protect Delko and his career at the Lab should the undercover operation prove unsuccessful.

In the season 7 finale he attempts to help his Cuban father escape from the grips of the Russian Mob. However, the CSI's arrive on the scene and Calleigh shoots at the car he is helping his father escape in before she realizes that Delko is in fact the driver.

When they reach it after it crashes, it is covered in blood, which his father claims is Eric's. In the next episode it is revealed he is alive and is wandering in the Everglades. Horatio left a note on his windshield saying, "I'll always be here.

In the beginning of the episode, it was revealed that he was in Puerto Rico. He then tells Calleigh that he missed living in Miami and decided to come back.

In the middle of the episode, Calleigh tells him that the district attorney is looking for a forensics expert and Delko tells her that he will think about whether or not he wants to get his job back. In the end of the episode, Delko discusses things with the D. Eric and Calleigh embrace in a passionate kiss in bed, before being interrupted by a phone call from the D. He works with the CSI team on a fifteen-year-old double homicide case. Around the end of the episode, as Eric is getting ready to go to the gym, Calleigh talks with him about what they did that night together.

Aafter hearing the news that Calleigh was in the hospital, he rushes there along with Natalia and Ryan. While Calleigh was fighting for life, Eric was beside her and gets the evidence of the case from her episode" Backfire ".

Calleigh then sees Eric driving past after telling her he's busy. Calleigh questions whether Eric was wearing a wire when they were "at home, together", implying they live together. A fed up Ryan loudly confronts Eric and mocks Eric's investigation of Walter hitting "a dead end" from a previous episode.

Eric finds stolen diamonds and Ryan gets escorted back to the police station, where he is questioned by Stetler, and shortly hauled off to jail. But Eric finds new evidence that places Stetler as a suspect, giving Ryan the pleasure of arresting Stetler, and thanking Eric for having his back.

In the Season 8 finale, Eric announces to Horatio that he has been re-instated by the Miami-Dade Police Department, and received his detective shield to validate his return. He is once again a CSI. In the end of the episode, though he is concerned for all of his colleagues, it's Calleigh who is his priority as he enters the crime lab from the elevator and sees everyone down. The screen goes black after Eric goes down while calling for help from the hallway with Calleigh in his arms.

Season Nine In the Season 9 premiere, he is shown trying to carry Calleigh out of the crime lab, but he starts to pass out as he gets near the elevator. Seconds later, Horatio walks in the crime lab and Eric tells him to shoot the window for oxygen. After Horatio does so, everyone wakes up, except for Jesse, who died from head trauma falling down. In a hostage situation, Eric has a clear shot at Memmo, but does not wish to shoot him in front of his young daughter and lets him go.

Relationships Eric has been involved with a number of women, including co-worker Natalia Boa Vista who at one point thought she might be pregnant with their child episode" Skeletons ". Despite Natalia's apparent duplicity he told an FBI agent that she slept with him to get information regarding the labhe remains protective of her when her ex-husband harasses her at crime scenes under the pretext of performing his duties as crime scene cleanup episode" Throwing Heat ".

He has a close relationship with colleague Calleigh Duquesne ; they care very greatly for each other - Calleigh is the one by his side when Eric is in the hospital, gravely injured episode" Man Down " - Calleigh and Eric are now in a relationship. Despite any appearance of womanizing on his part, Eric Delko is actually protective of women in general, standing up for them against abusive men.

Delko also maintained a friendship with fellow CSI Tim Speedlewho is killed in a shootout when his firearm jams because of poor maintenance episode" Lost Son ". It had been Speedle that 'welcomed' a rookie Delko to the lab with a friendly hazing episode" Speed Kills ". Eric is at first deeply resentful of Speedle's replacement, Ryan Wolfeespecially when some of Speedle's previous cases comes under review episode" Hell Night "; episode" Whacked ".

It had cropped up some pretty painful memories — memories that she was hoping to put out of her mind tonight.

Things had been so difficult at the lab without him, and she was determined to make sure he got back on his feet. She was his friend, and had watched him grow from a young newbie to a damn good CSI — she wasn't going to let him go, not without a fight.

That's why she'd agreed to go with him tonight, even though it pained her to cancel her other plans. Today, she felt as if that actually might happen — seeing Eric all smiles, intent on solving the case — more focused than he'd been since he'd come back to work. He was slowly coming back to himself, and she wasn't going to let him down. She gave him another 1,megawatt smile as she sat down across from him.

He was slowly being blown away by her beauty, which he was allowing himself to see for the first time. While he did have a reputation as a "playa," Eric was always a very sensitive man at heart. He wore his emotions on his sleeve, and was never normally afraid to say what he felt. Right now, however, the words weren't coming. Does it have something to do with that case — with your court appearance?

Calleigh watched him closely, and could sense a tension building. Calleigh was blown away. She chastised herself for not seeing this coming. Eric had the sweetest look on his face — like a lost puppy, she thought.

In what episode of CSI: Miami do Eric Delko and Calleigh Duquesne break up?

But Calleigh knew that if she told him the truth, it would break his heart. And she remembered all too clearly what had happened the last time she told a man that she just wanted to be friends. She couldn't hide anymore, couldn't pretend. She couldn't lie to one of her best friends. Did I — did I speak outta turn?

calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship questions

I — I don't ever want to go through that again. I'm not suicidal — I feel like a new man, like I've been given this second chance to make everything in my life right," he said, grasping her hand. I — I love you, Cal…" "Oh, Eric," she said, squeezing his hand. She was getting caught up in her emotions, but also trying to stall the inevitable.

Eric realized she was holding something back. She watched as Eric's face fell and he let go of her hand. Right now I just want to appreciate this time we have.

You know, good friends are hard to find. They both looked up, wondering how long she'd been there. Looking in the bathroom mirror, she started to remove her makeup, thinking about the exchange between herself and Eric. She and Eric had had a long talk about some of his struggles — and a few of her own.

He was a good friend, and she was glad she had been able to let him down easy — and without letting him in on her secret. As she wiped away the remainder of her eyeliner, she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist from behind, and soft lips brush against her neck.

She giggled as she looked in the mirror, seeing that the man's eyes showed no signs of jealousy or concern. They had always had a way of reading each other — knowing what the other was thinking. She turned from the mirror, facing him as he continued to hold her. She looked into his eyes, and could tell there was something still nagging at him. He could never hide from her. I said that was part of it …" "I see," Horatio said, drawing her closer.

I should've never misled him …" "Sweetheart, you didn't do anything wrong," Horatio reassured her. I should've been watching over Eric more carefully myself…" "You're getting that lawyer disbarred, Horatio, I think you're doing just fine," she replied with a smile. I felt it since … well, let's not bring up bad memories…" "I agree," Horatio said quietly, squeezing her hand.

She lifted both hands to his face, pulling him in. After several long moments, they pulled away, gazing at each other again. She sighed, her tone turning a bit more serious. He stopped her hand in mid-motion, taking it in his own, and kissed it. Calleigh looked down, and Horatio could sense her frustration. He kicked himself for his own guarded nature.

He regretted that it took Calleigh coming to the brink of death not once but twice to get him to realize how important she was to him — both professionally and personally. First, she had been run off the road — and he had been on the other end of what could have been their last conversation. He trusted her enough to let her process the scene alone. She was his ace, and he knew he could count on her. He wasn't sure what had happened. Horatio never lost his cool, but he was close breaking as he sprinted to the AV department.

Cooper, I need to get the GPS coordinates for one of our vehicles — now, please,' Horatio said urgently. On the map, it was plain to see that the vehicle was not only no longer moving, but it wasn't even on the road.

He got on his cell immediately. His siren roared as he sped down the main highway, cutting through the short cut Alexx had told him Calleigh had taken. He had handled their deaths by pushing them down, swallowing the pain, but he didn't know if he could take this blow — if he could deal with losing his best CSI, and, truth be told, his best friend.

Are Things Over Between Eric & Calleigh?

As he pulled up to the spot where the coordinates placed the Hummer, Horatio was ready to dive into the water himself and get her out. He stopped the car and jumped out, surveying the area, and seeing the tire tracks. He swallowed hard, following the tracks to the water, and was about to remove his suit jacket and dive in when he caught a glimpse of blond hair to his left.

He sighed and looked down, gathering himself, and then looked at her again. She was in shock, and hadn't even noticed him. She was staring at the water. He removed his sunglasses, wanting to connect with her, to look into her eyes without any boundaries. He crouched down, moving close to her. I don't want you to move until we check you out.

That was his Calleigh — putting the case before her own well-being. As dedicated as he was to his profession — which he considered more of a vocation than a job — at that moment he realized nabbing the man involved would be a hollow consolation that could never make up for the loss of Calleigh Duquesne. That's something he had known for a long time — a point that was acutely hammered home after Tim Speedle's death — he had caught Speed's killer — shot and killed him during the commotion, in fact — but it wasn't enough.

It would never be enough.

calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship questions

Horatio could tell she was shaken up, her right hand on her pulse, checking her heartbeat. He wanted so badly to hold her, but she still needed to be looked at.

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Calleigh put her head down in resignation, sighing. Horatio nodded, standing up. He gave her one final glance before putting on his sunglasses and heading for the police cars. He pulled out his cell phone. Calleigh was run off the road.

She's fine, but we need to get this vehicle out of the water. Bring your wet suit. However, with Calleigh healthy and back at the lab, the case at hand soon took precedence over his personal feelings. He pressed on in the days and weeks that followed, trying to push back any romantic emotions he had for her — he had been doing that for so long that it was almost easy.

And then it happened. He'd gotten the call that Calleigh had been shot at the pier, but was alright. Horatio didn't understand until much later why Calleigh's second brush with death had affected him even more than the first instance.