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Jan 26, Ces Drilon, Ricky Carandang together on primetime We should be able to connect the dots, to help viewers make sense of what Rumors about their relationship surfaced after another entertainment writer, Ricky Lo of The. Nov 13, And part of what is happening at this university is helping to equip young people . let's go down to Mindanao where we're joined by our anchor Ces Oreña-Drilon . What is the direction of the Philippine-U.S. relationship?. Jun 9, (This is the unabridged version of my column, Something Like Life, published on June 6, , in the BusinessMirror.) I WAS channel-surfing.

I remember my mom dissing an amiga of hers who was going out with a man half her age.

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Inggit ka lang, noh?! It is a scientific fact that as women reach their 30s and 40s, their testosterone levels get a boost, thus accounting for their increased libido. On the other hand, men at this age would rather head off to Dreamland. As one writer asks, if you had a choice between a thick juicy steak and beef jerky, what would you choose? Then again, sex may not necessarily be the only reason these supposed sugar mommas get into relationships with younger men.

Imagine ladies talking about traveling with Capt. What is important is whether or not the couple can weather their differences that come with the age gap. Take the case of Vanessa. She is 42 and a strong independent woman who has never had a problem attracting men. Whenever we talk about men and relationships, she always tells me that she is tired of the dating game and wants to settle down.

Now enters Toby, a year-old American whom she met in May They told me not give up and that I would find the right man.

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Then they recommended Toby, who at that time was sitting at the bar next to us. How old is he? But I ran into him a couple of times. And as I got to know him, I realized how mature he is.

We share the same interests: She adds that she had never dated anyone who appreciates foreign films like her. He believes in equal opportunity in the kitchen. Vanessa excitedly announced it via e-mail and said she had gotten engaged. A few weeks after, the engagement was off. Every move each partner in the relationship is constantly dissected, assessed, deconstructed and analyzed to no end.

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God help Shalani if on her way to work, she leaves her house with her hair all wet and unkempt. No beso-beso, no nothing. When Miggy put this out on her Facebook status, the comments poured in from her friends who also noticed the same.

At the inauguration street party at the Quezon Memorial Circle later that night though, many noted that Shalani was seated beside Kris. So all's well, perhaps between this two?

As a woman, I feel for Shalani. There is just too much pressure put on her, being the presidential girlfriend. As she said so in a lengthy newspaper interview back in April, she really has to mind what she wears these days. Well, Shalani was so gorgeous in her yellow terno by Rajo Laurel—a surprise—during the inauguration. Whoever made that 'Big Bird' terno for Kris and those updated Maria Claras for the other sisters should be shot.

Of course, many people wonder if the relationship will last, now that Shalani's boyfriend is the new President of the Philippines. At the same time, she will feel guilty for thinking just that.

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How can she put that kind of pressure on someone who has more problems to think about than setting the next date with his girlfriend? Fortunately for Shalani, she will be busy with her own job as councilor, filing ordinances, and trying to get them passed by their city hall. She will have her family or close set of friends to hang out with after her work is done for the day.

Whatever happens, I wish Shalani the strength to take whatever difficulties may come in maintaining such a high-profile relationship with P-Noy.