Et and elliot relationship


et and elliot relationship

E.T. values Elliott in a way that the rest of his family doesn't. Elliott's sense of awe, exploration, and discovery are all enhanced by his relationship with E.T. The. Later, the bond between E.T. and Elliott dissolves, allowing Elliott to return to of what he knows his father to be doing in his new relationship. It also endures feelings of childhood innocence (both Elliot and E.T.) and hurt a parental separation gains an empathetic relationship with this extraterrestrial.

It also endures feelings of childhood innocence both Elliot and E. One of the films best moments exemplifies this meaning of a hurtful childhood during divorce. We hear the mother Dee Wallace reading Gertie a bedtime story as the camera cuts between the boys reliving old memories of their father and E. No other scene in the movie so clearly portraits the sorrow of a parental split and the need for a close family relationship. The creature eventually brings them closer than ever to each other.

Though he becomes attached to Thomas and his friends, E. The film's undercurrent is that a boy who has lost his father due to a parental separation gains an empathetic relationship with this extraterrestrial. When the authorities kill the alien, it is clear that the boy is dying too. So the story manages to incorporate the giving up of one's life for another, resurrection, ascension and the imparting of a loving spirit.

Next, a hair-raising bike chase takes them out to where the creature has planned to meet his compatriots for the trip back; E. One of the first scenes shows an innocent rabbit watching the ET scene. Some tribes of Native Americans see a lop-headed rabbit in the moon. The right-hand picture is marked to show the rabbit. The conclusion, annunciation, redemption, and resurrection, is right out of the New Testament; E.

In a crop circle formation at Winterbourne Stoke, there were two elements with a space between, which conveyed a sense of 'almost touching', almost making contact with another world - like Michelangelo's portrayal of the moment when Adam's finger reaching to touch, but does not quite touch, the outstretched finger of God.

T" was made as a children-movie, there are many cleverly disguised images: There is also lots of interesting Biblical symbolism, including the use of the rainbow at the end to indicate the peace between God and human. He enters his "home" to depart from planet Earth, leaving a rainbow streak vapor trail in the sky as a symbol of his promise to Elliott that he will "right here" in his thoughts and dreams.

The alien creature has been the catalyst to add the very ingredient missing in the family's household: The final shot is a low-angle zoom closeup of Elliott's suddenly much older, less lonely and wiser face as he looks up into the sky.

Through his contact with a benevolent alien, Elliott will grow up into adulthood with greater compassion, wisdom, and capacity for emotion in his life. Reese's Pieces became the most popular candy, and you could see E.

They wouldn't pay enough for the endorsement so Reese's did. It's all about money. There is more to this Reese's Pieces story as well. Turned out the flick was E. The Extra-Terrestrial, one of the top-grossing releases of all time, and the product was Reese's Pieces, still going strong 17 years later. Since then, product placement has been big business, amounting to tens of millions of dollars a year.

The TV industry is already taking the first steps in this direction. With the advent of DTV, which demands that films be transferred to digital tape, it's become relatively easy to cut and paste. Mark Ritcheson at LA post-production house Complete Post says his company has removed several logos from remastered films and TV sitcoms to avoid "pissing off television advertisers" with competing products.

And Ritcheson predicts this is the tip of the iceberg: It was addressed to the post office box Bill Moore still maintained in Dewey, Arizona, and then forwarded to his new home in Los Angeles. It was unsigned, and, it seemed, a bit of care had been further spent to protect the identity of the sender.

But it was the card's message, single-spaced and typed with precision, that both Moore and Sandera decided was the more pressing mystery. It appeared to be a puzzle of some sort. To this day, neither Moore nor Shandera will reveal the entire message typed on the postcard; they are men who cling protectively to their hard-won secrets. After much urging, however, they will share a bit of the card's riddle. The "war' had to be the battle of a lifetime he was presently waging - his all-out attempt to prove the MJ papers were genuine: But what did the rest mean?

Was it really a signpost that would guide him to the final victory? Or was it more disinformation? Shandera did not think so. He, the film buff, after much deep thought, came up with the beginnings of a solution. Reese's Pieces - and he was quick to dismiss the missing apostrophe as an unintentional error - reminded him of the movie E. With his touch, E.

As Liberator we see E.

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Through his symbiotic link with Elliott, he urges the boy to release first his own frog and then all of the others in the lab. Before long the other students also revolt against the teacher and the questionable practices of animal cruelty promulgated in his classroom. Here, there is a hint of systemic critque and reform. In the scene where E. In the bedtime story Tinkerbelle is dying, but Peter urges all children who believe in fairies to clap their hands.

E.T. Was Gay

Their applause or perhaps more accurately, their belief brings Tinkerbelle back to life again. A similar expression of belief later precedes E.

Interestingly, this sacrifice is not for the purpose of atoning for sin, but rather to restore life. It is rather like The Green Mile. There are two possible explanations. It is possible that E.

et and elliot relationship

However, the more likely scenario appears to be that E. Later, the bond between E. Which fits in with the "life-giver" motif. Before he had managed to lift himself and Elliott into the air, but the risen extraterrestrial is now able to raise not only himself and Elliott, but also four other boys as they overcome the powers represented by special agents and police that are attempting to hold them down.

Following one of the models of the Cappadocians, this Jesus-figure simply comes into direct conflict with the rulers of this present world and overpowers them. Here he embodies the Christological image of Jesus as Victor.

In a very overt and major way.

et and elliot relationship

When Elliott first begins to tell E. Elliott shows off an impressive collection of Star Wars action figures: After introducing the cast of characters he announces, "Look, they can even have wars," and simulates the sounds of blasters firing and the death of a gasping Greedo. The fish eat the fish food, and the shark eats the fish.

But nobody eats the shark. There seems little hope for either children or stumpy aliens who find themselves stranded among these savage people.

Do you think the implication is that contemporary culture is a bit twisted, or that human nature is fallen? Michael dresses up as a maimed character with a knife through his skull while Elliott becomes a hunchback.

On the street, people walk about in grotesque costumes, dressed as mutilated victims and the walking dead. It is a suggestion of sadism, at the least.

et and elliot relationship

But when the children do not come home, her maternal instincts compel her to go out into the streets looking for them. What she finds is a world turned upside down, where order has been completely usurped.

Adolescents run through the neighborhood, throwing rotten eggs at her car.

et and elliot relationship

She must look out for flaming trashcans that roll through streets as screaming figures run amok. This is the hell in which human beings live. A clear image of a fallen world. Those who are left behind are not coping well, and Elliott feels abandoned. When he tries to tell of his initial encounter with whatever was in the garage, he is met with derision and disbelief.

Though perhaps physically surrounded by other people, Elliott is alone. The same can be said for Mary, who is left to raise three children, maintain the house and work outside of the home. Gertie is perhaps too young to fully understand what is going on between her parents, but she too suffers from her own sense of loneliness and isolation without friends her own age to play with.

The Christological Symbolism of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

From the beginning of the film the overwhelming problem of humanity appears to be estrangement from God, consequent loneliness and a loss of the cosmic order. The original Shalom has been disrupted. As previously noted, there are some suggestions in the film that perhaps E. Through their symbiotic bond, E.

Is this a gradual incarnation via progressive identification with Elliot, whose name begins and ends wtih "E-T"? It is in this empathic sharing that Elliott finds his own reconciliation and is able then to draw others into his plan to help E. Second, through their attempts to help E.

Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".

After helping their alien friend to reconnect with his mother ship they find themselves strengthened as a family. The display of empathic love awakens love. In turn those around him find themselves responding in positive ways. We are not quite sure what happens after the movie ends; however, the family has come together as one in an emotional farewell. Michael has given up his antagonism with Elliott and appears to have grown from the experience.

Gertie displays kindness and generosity as she presents the botanist from space with potted flowers to take back to his onboard greenhouse. Elliott appears somehow older and wiser, no longer the scared child he had been at the beginning of the film. Promise of the Holy Spirit? It is interesting to note that Elliott and E. It is as though Elliott has been brought into E.

In the gospel narratives we are told that anyone who believes in Jesus will receive new life. So it is with E. When the scientists and military personnel had quarantined the family and hooked Elliott and E.