Fairly legal kate and ben relationship

Lexabuti Classic: Fairly Legal "Finale" Review - Ben and Kate Neighbors?

fairly legal kate and ben relationship

The latter half of this season surprisingly had a more sappy Ben. He suddenly spoke nice words to Kate, he 'cared' about her relationship with. Michael Trucco in Fairly Legal () Virginia Williams and Lauren Reed in a news researcher, begin to dig deeper and enlist the help of Ben and Lauren to get which forces Kate to face her reservations about her relationship with Justin . Kate returns to work to mediate a case between a company and an employee in Fairly Legal () Ryan Johnson and Sarah Shahi in Fairly Legal () Her relationship with Justin takes a turn when he reveals a secret. Ben Grogan: [in single's bar, as he spots lonely lady peering into her glass] Plymouth and tonic .

Fairly Legal - Ben and Kate

Rich June 23, at Great and funny character. Maybe the most grounded on the show. Ben a lot less facetime. Like put him on a different show. Lauren is beautiful, sexy, sensual and so uptight and played well. Like her a lot. Kate is annoying but sexy. I think they need to redefine her character next season if there is a next season. Writing this year was amateurish. Get better or get cancelled. Sexy women and guys can carry a show just so far.

Go watch the Glades….

fairly legal kate and ben relationship

The best show on TV since the Sopranos. T Gordon June 24, at This show had a chance to develop and threw it away by adding Ben. I would have no regrets if the show is cancelled.

Lauren Reed

Too many other really good shows and especially like Justified as an example. Too often we are subjected to poor writing skills that use tired predictable plots and fail to develop characters that are appealing. He was a very poor addition to a show that had potential.

I believe that potential has expired. Ben is the type of character who always ends up wrecking good shows. And yet they keep introducing variations of him. Over and over and over. Honestly, I was done when he got away with treating Leo like a dishrag, and Kate said absolutely nothing about it.

When did the writers forget this was a show about a mediator?

fairly legal kate and ben relationship

LA July 12, at 5: Grow the H— up!!!! Justin was right in Season 1 when he said that she puts the feelings of others before his! Needless to say, she hurts Ben in the process—who also made it clear that he had feelings for her. It is one thing to have a brain, outer beauty, and charm, but it is another to use these gifts as a way to manipulate the feelings of others. TLD August 30, at 5: However, in Season 2, her negative qualities began to far exceed her positive ones, and as she selfishly attended to her own needs and pleasures while hurting those around her, it began to be less charming and more annoying.

It became harder to watch. Going up against Davidson was a risk as there was no guarantee Justin would win the race. That just made Lauren an even more likable character.

Even her relationship with Kate has matured.

fairly legal kate and ben relationship

I wonder what Kate has as her ringtone for Lauren now. They stopped doing that after a while. Robin Archer was a late addition to the plot and the finale gave us too much information to sink in. The word of a scandal with Davidson's involvement seemed premature. If it had been introduced earlier in the plot, I would have been more invested.

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The finale just seemed to tie up some loose ends by default making Justin a winner. I wanted Justin to win on his pure merit. Yeah right, Davidson finally found himself and his family in the end. Archer was a man of many tales. He too should have established a connection earlier in this series.


He and Lauren have deep chemistry. Provided that Season 3 is in gear, I would love to see how that relationship evolves. There were also sidelines with the FBI, a flash drive with information to destroy Davidson's career, Kate playing detective risky. It was all too much to sink in. However the merits of what Kate discovered in herself made up for that. Kate finally made her choice. She was not scared into something or out running away.

Fairly Legal takes the easy way to the end | CliqueClack TV

She clearly saw that she and Justin were in different places in their lives. They love each other, but if Kate cannot even come to terms with them as a couple, then their relationship would not work. They were finding an apartment, but Kate still saw him as her divorced ex, always introducing him in the negative, that would only pollute them as a pair.

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Season 3 should now focus on maintaining that responsible Kate. She has her own apartment and she should not second guess herself.