Faize and lymle ending a relationship

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For each character there are additional ending scenes available when you beat the game if Flight from Roak to Aeos (Lymle & Faize must be roommates.). Also in 48 states being 20 and being in a relationship with a 15 year old is Well , I haven't seen the Faize ending, but I have seen Lymle's, so I. A Faize x Lymle pairing FanFiction. #1. He's very Heavy. Faize leaving your party was the biggest mistake in SO4. =. Reply ·:iconchlover.

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Overall, it only effects what endings you can get. It has no effect on battle. On a second thought, it may have an effect on battle. I am not sure what factors are taken into account when someone gets "angry" in battle when someone dies. If their affinity for that person has an effect, then rooming together would play a small role in the battle system.

faize and lymle ending a relationship

Nothing to lose sleep over though. I can't look at the PA faq without spoilers, and I can't get the results I want because I'm not psychic. How am I supposed to know that learning Pickpocket would close off relationships?

faize and lymle ending a relationship

You read it as you go, not all at once. It's very nice about telling you what to do at each point and you miss out on very little, and the very little you do miss it tells you about and you can see by saving on multiple slots and loading. Without a guide, you are not supposed to know anything other than "you shouldn't pickpocket too much. You either play it that way, or carefully look at a guide.

I know what you mean though. I always play my first play through of a game without ever looking at a guide or message board.

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Ok, one more thing. The PA faq goes in order and tells you about all of the PAs and if they're needed for the endings, right?

So does that mean I can get ALL of the endings by falling this? So once I knew about this, and the extra endings you could then get, including the 'open for interpretation' on involving him and Lymle in the end I assume it's interpretation as to whether he's still alive or not But my question is this, do Faize and the others learn about Lymles age early in the game?

Or do they just carry on believing that she is just a child? I am only at the Oracles tower I keep getting killed I think I need to level more, sigh. I was just wondering, because every time I try to find out there is nothing but constant posts on how the relationship between them either borders on, or is pedophillic. But from what I understood of the cutscenes granted like I said I haven't played through so I probably missed some that I will see later ; Faize appears to be trying to get her to act her age, to grow up and leave her guise as a child, and as a logical being which he is, it doesn't make sense to him for her to continue behaving like a child.

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I think Lymle possibly does have a crush on him I mean the whole cape thing screams kiddie crushand as she is so emotionally stunted, from what I understand about her past, she can't express that in a way that's more reasonable and adult. I also don't think that Faize likes her in that way, I got the impression when she refused to give him a nickname or let him call her Lym in the scene where they meet that he was hurt, and subsequent scenes where she favors others is just an extension of that, because he does not see himself as being so bad as to be dilberately cut out of her friendship.

faize and lymle ending a relationship

So if he knew she was in fact numerically 15 and should be acting and behaving in a way befitting this age, it would make more sense to me when he is a little frustrated by the way she treats him, and also why he reacted like he did when the kissing scene happened. He was obviously shocked when it happened, so if he knew her real age, his reaction makes more sense, because he would have to reconcile the fact that he had just been kissed by Lymle, someone who he knows is 15, but who looks and acts like a child, even though it was a mistake, and someone he views almost like an annoying little sister.

faize and lymle ending a relationship

But that could just be me. And also, when the hell did Lymle die? I can't remember anything in the ending I watched implying she died!

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At any rate, I hope this made sense. I am very curious about the age thing Because if that's true then Faize's reactions to Lymle make even more sense because he then had to juggle the idea that she is like family to him now without truly understanding the concept, and trying to help her grow up propourly. Rikeru Rikeru 8 years ago 2 There is just not enough story to answer your questions sadly.

A lot of stuff goes unexplained and just makes no sense in my opinion.