Gon and killua relationship quiz

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gon and killua relationship quiz

Fast-forward to the Hunter Exam, and Killua meets Gon, quickly discovering that he wants a friendly relationship with him (attempting to sever. Later they reach a village that seems to be deserted, but Gon and Kurapika hear sounds of the village comes out to start The Mind-Boggling Two Choice Quiz. Play this quiz to know more. Hunter X Hunter Characters Quiz. 8 Questions | By 3. He is cheeky, cheerful and similar to Gon. Who he is? A. Killua. B. Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship? Related.

But neither confess this to the other; yet somehow they know. They agree to stay together and perhaps make some tentative plans to travel the world, just like they did years ago.

Killua is worried about what to do with Alluka though. Gon readily suggests she go with them. He is being requested to return home by his father to attend to family business. He is over due to check in after all. Mito-san is obliging, so no problem there. But then Alluka chimes in that she too wants to return home, she misses her parents and brothers. Reluctantly Killua agrees and all three plan to return to the Zoldyck estate. They are dodgy about where Illumi and Kalluto are. Silva and Killua go off to have a private conversation.

Mother takes Alluka away to pamper her. Zeno is left to give Gon a tour and answer his questions about Zoldyck life while Milluki makes snarky comments about Gon and Killua. Zeno will probably take an interest in Gon, as Gon relates some of the details about the Chimera Ant battle. Silva also wants to know why Killua is so attached to Gon, does Killua really love Gon as rumor suggests? Silva keeps this concern to himself though.

The duty to carry out the family dynasty was one that has already been given to him, Killua cannot abandon his obligation to family. Silva then makes a threat against Alluka and Gon, putting Killua in a difficult position.

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Alluka and Gon are defenseless people, it would be nothing for Silva to have them eliminated or imprisoned. Killua is frightened for what could happen. So he strikes a deal with Silva. Killua will remain at home and resume his training, provided that Alluka is allowed to leave with Gon and return to Whale Island. Silva agrees; after all he knows where both will be and should it be necessary he could get to them any time he wants. Killua will only say that he needs to stay home to take care of family business and that Alluka will be happier on Whale Island.

They begin to argue, even fight until they have a falling out. Soon after, they depart on bad terms, with Alluka not clear about what is going on.

Killua is devastated, but this is the only way he can protect the two people he loves. Killua resumes his training. Gon is agitated, still mad at Killua and the things they said. Gradually, Alluka senses what is really going on with Killua and she begins to explain to Gon.

Gon realizes that Killua is in trouble, being held hostage by his own father. Gon vows to rescue him. He sets off for the Zoldyck mansion on a mission. Another possibility is that Canary or one of the other butlers may come to Whale Island with orders to look after Alluka. He gets inside and demands to see Killua.

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He is taken to see Killua who is having a rough time with the training. Gon pleads with Killua to give it up and leave with him. Killua refuses, not saying anything about the deal he made with his father. Gon, fired up angry, decides to take the issue up with Silva and proceeds to go find him with Killua protesting all the way. Gon confronts Silva, declares that Killua belongs to him, that he will stop at nothing to free Killua, etc.

He could kill Gon in an instant, a fact that Killua is keenly aware of. Killing Gon is not really an option though, for there would be serious repercussions with the Hunters Association should the hero of the Chimera Ant battle turn up dead. Not to mention the wrath of Ging that would surely follow when he found out Gon died at the hands of the Zoldycks. Silva could send Gon away, expel him from the mansion, return him to Whale Island, etc. Silva could maim or imprison Gon, but this too would only serve as a constant distraction for Killua.

Gon represents the greatest threat to the Zoldyck dynasty. That Gon is a special guy is doubtless, Silva sees this himself, even Zeno has commented so. But what exactly is it about Gon that Killua adores? If he can put Gon in a situation that makes Gon look bad, makes Gon a failure, it might change how Killua feels about him. Since it means nothing to you. Killua breaks down about Gon in front of Palm.

The one Gon needs most right now is you.

gon and killua relationship quiz

Killua sees Gon in the hospital through the window. This one is more of my interpretation of the scene: Have you noticed this?

gon and killua relationship quiz

This is going to be the focus of the Gon side blog. Why does Killua do this? That brings me to my next main point: He openly admits to this. In the conclusion of the Hunter Exam arc, Killua tells Illumi that the only thing he wants in life is to be friends with Gon. Killua chooses Gon over his family end of Zoldyck arc. Killua follows Gon through everything, no matter what.

There are soooo many events, but I will only point out the major ones for now. Notice that everything they do happens because Gon wants to. When did Killua ever make a major decision? Killua has never had anything that was important to him until Gon. Killua would die to protect Gon because Gon is all that he has in this world. Thus, this triggers Killua to blame himself for not being able to do anything to help Gon. All he cares about is Gon, that Gon is happy, that Gon is safe, that Gon is satisfied.

Not once has Killua ever cried over himself. Every problem Killua has overcame, he did so for Gon. There are several other instances of Killua overcoming things for Gon, this is a big one though. What personal limitations has Gon overcome for Killua? The Zoldyck arc is NOT the same thing. Gon did not experience psychological trauma over Killua nor did Gon have a significant change in character as a result of rescuing Killua.

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Every force will have an equal and opposite reactive force. This relates to my next point: Gon does not realize the consequences of his actions. That was the only thing Killua got in return after all of his work to support, save, and protect Gon. It was also the only apology Killua got in return for everything he went through because of Gon. Gon has never seen Killua cry. It all comes back to this for me. As weird as this is to say, Gon is literally a five year old when it comes to relationships.

Gon is one of the most selfish characters I have ever seen. No, Gon is genuinely selfish to the core. Do not worry you unfortunate souls, I am here to explain to you a portion of it in this blog, more in the next the messed up mental state behind the adorable face. Gon is SUCH a hunter. I mean this in the sense that his selfishness dominates him and controls him. What he wants comes first, always. When has Gon genuinely reflected on his actions and how they affect Killua?