Hannah and paul club relationship quiz

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hannah and paul club relationship quiz

Hannah Spearritt has come a long way from her S Club 7 days when she Take This Impossible Quiz And Prove It the life-savers at the St John's Ambulance awards held in St Paul's Hotel. Strictly Come Dancing couple's relationship. Hannah and Paul were pictured kissing on the London Tube this week, After news emerged of her relationship with Adam ending, Hannah. The year-old was blasted by her ex-fiancé Adam Thomas last week, after it was revealed she and Paul, 38, are back together. S Club 7 stars Hannah and.

My next guest, in August, was researcher Ann Siburuthwho came on the show to talk about post-war Polish Resettlement Camps in Moston and Crumpsall — a fascinating and now little-known bit of the history of Broadhurst Park and the former Rec Ground on Hazelbottom Road.

The show that followed was a trip to Newton Heath, as I shared the story of engineering firm Heenan and Froudeand their most famous creation — the Blackpool Tower.

Hannah Spearritt defends relationship with Paul Cattermole: 'We're really happy together'

And finally, my last show this month looked at the story of activist, rambler and son-of-Cheetham Hill Benny Rothman and the mass trespass of Kinder Scout in September began with the answer to a mystery than has been puzzling me for over a year. I revealed my solution — and showed my working — on the show this month!

hannah and paul club relationship quiz

I also had shows about Miss Mary Taylor of Mostona self-taught scientist and friend of John Dalton who lived in Moston in the nineteenth century, and on Middleton Junctionincluding a bit of the history of Jumbo Farm and Bradshaw Hall. This month, I started off with a show dedicated to Booth Hall the house, not the hospital.

I did talk a bit about the history of the Booth Hall estate back when the show started, but in the context of it being part of the medieval Blackley deer park. This time, I focused a bit more on some of the people who lived at the hall, from its construction in to its demolition in I talked to various members of the society about the pictures and about their memories of Moston and the North Manchester area.

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  • S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole's shock Twitter rant about Hannah Spearritt

The next show commemorated the th birthday of a now North Manchester-based company — the Manchester Evening News. And then the final show in October featured an interview with Martin Dodgeone of the authors of Manchester: Mapping the City, a new book on the cartographical history of the city, which was published by Birlinn this year. My final show in November welcomed Karen Shannon of Manchester Histories to the studio, as we talked about the plans and opportunities for the th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre next year.

S Club 7's Hannah Spearritt and Paul Cattermole 'split' months after rekindling their romance

I talked to Celia about the twentieth-century history of the park, and also about the work of the Friends group. My next show was inspired by the sad news of the death of Pete Shelley, founder member of Buzzcocks. While the music and subculture history might not be my strong point, I was intrigued by this run-down little club long since demolishedand its place in the local history of Collyhurst.

My penultimate show of featured Three Tales of Old Cheetham Hill — an unsolved murder, the coming of the tramways and an unlicensed slaughterhouse all made an appearance on the show.

S Club's Hannah Spearritt confirmed to RETURN to EastEnders

Finally in December, it was my Christmas Special. This year, it fell on Christmas Day itself — so I made it extra festive. Like last year, I indulged in a bit of festive nostalgia, inviting residents of Moston, Crumpsall, Cheetham Hill and Miles Platting to share their memories of North Manchester Christmases Past — all with a bit of vintage Christmas music to add to the mood.

My next show will be my first of ! Hope you tune in!

hannah and paul club relationship quiz

As always, you can catch the show on Tuesday at 12 on Before asking our dad to buy that issue of Smash Hits again. Shutterstock Hannah Spearritt now Hannah went down the telly route post-pop career.

Her most notable role was Abby Maitland in Primeval; with her since joining the cast of EastEnders briefly.

hannah and paul club relationship quiz

Shutterstock Who could forget the iconic blond curtains? That's peak '90s popstar aesthetic, right there.

hannah and paul club relationship quiz

Shutterstock Bradley McIntosh now Bradley's still very much in the music industry and continues to represent the brand in S Club 3; touring student unions and stuff alongside Jo O'Meara and Tina Barrett. That one didn't quite work out, though. Shutterstock Jo O'Meara then Jo was undoubtedly the voice of the band and consequently took lead vocals back in the day.

She also notably had 'the flow'!

hannah and paul club relationship quiz

Shutterstock Jo O'Meara now Jo's solo material - including debut single 'What Hurts the Most' same as the Cascada song - didn't quite live up to expectations and flopped, unfortunately. She's now touring with S Club 3 after a controversial Celebrity Big Brother appearance in and filing for bankruptcy in The news that Hannah will be returning to EastEnders for a one-off episode comes just a few months after the former pop star announced she is expecting a baby!

Hannah revealed the exciting news during a photoshoot explaining this pregnancy meant even more to her after she'd suffered two miscarriages previously.