Howard stark and tony relationship

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howard stark and tony relationship

He had a complicated relationship with his father, a relationship which has . Howard Stark casts a very long shadow on Tony's life and in the. Howard Anthony Walter Stark was a brilliant inventor, businessman and the his relationship with his son became strained to the point that Tony believe his. A recent retcon (“retroactive insertion into historical continuity canon) by Keiron Gillen and others, posited that Howard and Maria's biological child is not Tony.

They could have brought Howard forward in time, have him be a government defense contractor during the Cold War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, etc. But doing so means he would no longer be linked to Captain America's origins.

Alternatively, they could retcon him into being Tony's grandfather, and introduce a new father for Tony. Rather than alter continuity in some fashion to fix this, Marvel's let the issue fester. If they maintain publication long enough, something has to be changed if the story is to be continued.

howard stark and tony relationship

I was kind of surprised they didn't take the opportunity to fix this particular issue when writing the films. Although at least in Captain America they made sure to have Howard appear to be pretty young. Granted, there is a lot going on, so I could see how it could be missed but isn't that what they pay all those "consultants" for?

Perhaps I could get a job Ok first things first, let's get to know the character. This will be a two part blog.

The first part will take place here, and the second on Movie and Tv amino.

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Which really needs your guys love: They are really nice, I promise! Who is Howard Stark? Howard stark is the founder of Stark industries. He founded it with his father, and helped make the company the success it was. Howard was a very series business man who didn't really have time for anyone, including his son Tony.

He also was an alcoholic.

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Which besides intelligence was another thing that Tony inherited from his father. Howard was the person that also created the super solider serum, that helped create Captain America. Who Tony lived in the shadow of for most of his life. In animated series, as well as shows that have featured Howard in it. Armored Adventures In the very first episode, Howard Stark "dies". Causing Tony to fall into a deep depression, and causes him to be more reserved.

Well, for a short period of time that is. Since this series revolves around Tony, Rhodey, and Pepper all being in high school. Tony hadn't started to feel a hatred for his father that is normally present in the comics, and the films. His father death causes Tony great pain, which his father and mothers death still does in the comics. However loosing his father at younger age this time around it causes him to be more vulnerable. Eventually it's revealed that Howard is still alive, and Tony goes off to find him and save him.

Which of course ends in a happy ending of them reuniting. It has been hinted that the incident was not random and possibly arranged by the V-Battalion, but this has never been confirmed; earlier indications were that the accident was caused by Republic Oil, but this is also unconfirmed. The spirit "wore" a demonic version of Iron Man's armor and taunted Iron Man about emotional weaknesses. Iron Man rejected the spirit's reality when it claimed that Iron Man had been a disappointment to his mother as well as whatever problems there were with his father, Iron Man knew of being loved by Maria unconditionally.

Howard decided to show Fury the work McCord had been doing as defender of Earth, neutralizing any potential threat for the planet, and offered him Woody's job.

howard stark and tony relationship

Fury accepted and over the next years would secretly fight different superhuman threats from aliens to Subterranean monsters and extra-dimensional beings, and those had been the corpses the different parties had found. Howard turned over control of the company to Tony Stark when his son turned sixteen.

Although officially listed as retired, he worked with Tony to build an armor capable of taking on the Sentinels and powerful mutants during the conflict.

howard stark and tony relationship

They planned to incorporate a "Vision Project", although there were problems with the control scheme. The two also competed on the wildly popular 'Sapien Deathmatch' television show. One, remotely controlled by Howard, scolded Tony for getting involved. Howard was secretly plotting against Magneto with Hank Pym.

Howard had programmed the Visions and Sentinels to serve him.

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He said this had all been part of a plan to make the mutants respect Tony for saving them. Tony would then use that as a chance to directly strike against Magneto. Tony refused to go along.

Magneto suddenly appeared and personally dealt with Howard, killing him. Art by Andy Kubert. The Ultimate Marvel version of Howard Stark is shown dealing with his second wife Maria Cerrera suffering a genetic accident while the brilliant scientist was pregnant.

howard stark and tony relationship

After Maria died during childbirth, Howard uses a newly invented biological armor to save the life of their son Antonio "Tony" Stark. A few years later, his business rival Zebediah Stane kidnaps and tortures Tony to attempt to learn how to manufacture the bio-armor for his own personal gain.

Howard Stark

After the incident, a transparent version of the armor is developed, and Tony begins attending a prep school. This leads to Tony developing a prototype power-armor and befriending fellow student James Rhodes. Shortly after their arrival, Tony and Howard witness Obadiah murdering a pair of students and make it look like an accident. Howard sees Tony make his first Iron Man armor with the intent to punish Obadiah.