Indigo adults and twin flames relationship

Synchronicity signs that confirm you are Twin Flames

indigo adults and twin flames relationship

Indigo Adults and the Soul Mate and Twin Flame Activation pt.1 I am an intuitive empath that specializes in Spiritual Relationship and spiritul. I am curious in knowing if twinflames are/were indigo children or at had . who define themselves as Indigo who are in soul connection relationships. .. As mentioned before, this warrior spirit is threatening to some adults. Synchronicity signs that show you found your Twin Flame. What are twin flame. You have a strong feeling of connection with them, knowing for sure you never felt this intensity before Are you an Indigo Adult? October

Many, Indigos, their families, and the authorities do not understand the Indigo anger. It is a gift when properly channeled, and this course will help you to understand and do just that. They are here like earthly angels to usher out the old dark energies of greed, competition and corruption.

Indigos have an unusual ability to sense dishonesty. We desperately need Indigos to speak up, become leaders and begin their divine missions. Re-claiming your Indigo Power yields other personal benefits as well. In the weeks to follow, you will be guided to remember your Divine mission, come to peace with yourself and your life circumstances, and re-claim your inborn gifts and abilities.


You will understand why you may sometimes feel afraid, stuck or angry, and how to become unblocked. You will be guided through realistic goal setting, to get you going on your exciting life and purpose. Think back to your early childhood memories.

Indigo color energy is an energy of deep change helping you to transform the energies of your lower chakras into higher spiritual vibrations.

I have always loved the colors purple, blue and indigo, with their deep, rich colors. My birthstone is also purple. I associate indigo with our third eye and a royal, higher color of the Divine, with a peaceful energy. I created this blog to share about my indigo journey; the mixing of two to make one. More on this another time. Purple and blue make the color indigo, and the flames are what we walk through when we meet our Divine partner.

Advancing and growing is what we're all trying to do, isn't it? As far as I understand: They might not be on the young state of their spiritual evolvement or what one describes it at yet that does not mean that all of them match the spiritual advanced souls that have been on Earth for ages or even since the birth of life on this planet be it human, animal or plant.

Lesson 1 Reclaiming Your Indigo Power

Neither would it make sense if they came here to contribute if they are so many that they come from different stars just to teach each other and leaves without teaching the majority of Earth humans anything.

It would be like filling the classroom with teachers instead of students. Neither do I believe there is a sole special thing they all came to do like all starseeds came with the same purpose, some of them might come with their own agendas like not all humans are unified.

Some might be better at the science than the spiritual. Some might have ended up on Earth many ages ago and have been trapped in our circle of incarnation for good or bad. There could be as many explanations as one can imagine if you ask me. It truly is an interesting topic but so are Earth or else we would not be here would we: I believe that Mother Earth Gaea is our most valuable teacher while we are here The other thing that also seem to be lost in spiritual discussion is how valuable young souls are as they come with different strenght than the old ones when speaking generally.

If we look at the young in humanity they bring new life to the old, see things from a new perspective. I believe this is the same young souls do for old souls so they do not get stagnate. That is also why incarnating with a blank slate no memory of the old can be quite valuable no matter how advanced you are as a soul as we leave behind old patterns and get to see things with a fresh pair of eyes That is a great example of how he by his way of perceiving the world has showed you something within yourself.

The unique thing about TwinFlames if you ask me which in my terminology is more a MirrorFlame is that they completely or almost mirror each other both ways, which is quite amazing.

The space between them becomes a full size mirror: Oh, and you need a definition of "many"? If people don't understand something, simply share your ideas and discuss.

There's no need for this hostility! If people disagree with you, it's not a personal attack on you, so please don't feel the need to respond as if it were! Why do you feel the need to police the validity of other people's opinions? How do you know he isn't having this experience? Also, for the record, I'm a label user. I'm quite a fan of labels. And yet, I also respect the fact that a label does not define an experience, an experience defines the label.

I find labels to be very useful, and yet sometimes we find ourselves getting stuck on definitions to the exclusion of the actual experience. If you felt this was in correlation to anything you had said, it may be that I felt earlier you had made a statement about what twin souls are supposed to be by definition, which I felt was limiting and missing the point of the experience with all these labels, definitions, and expectations. I disagreed with your definition of what twin souls have to be and why.

And you know what, it's fine that we have differing ideas.

indigo adults and twin flames relationship

I would actually like to discuss them! Provided you actually want to discuss your ideas, and not simply insult and invalidate people who differ.

Synchronicity signs that show you found your Twin Flame

I apologize if I came off as rather blunt at first, as perhaps I had misunderstood what you were saying. It truly is an interesting topic but so are Earth or else we would not be here would we I believe that Mother Earth Gaea is our most valuable teacher while we are here I just wanted to say how much I appreciated this.

indigo adults and twin flames relationship

So sorry I wanted to understand what you meant with the word many Raineco. Surely I promise not to make that mistake again until the next time I make it: What I said was about like saying "All Caucasians have light skin.

They are broad sweeping personality traits that theoretically have origins in the souls and the past lives of those souls.

indigo adults and twin flames relationship

Most people are taught to comprehend rare as rare, with no gradation, as if being left-handed about 1 in 12 is as rare as primordial dwarfism 1 in 40 million ; indeed even Medical Doctors are not required to comprehend this distinction before they are allowed to go out and kill people with their ignorance.

So I get a little piqued when the path of ignorance and misinformation is so greased and well-traveled it's drawing nearly everyone into it and it seems like we will never wake up.

And maybe I just misunderstood how you were understanding those terms as well! In my experience, I am aware of having a few past lives in other areas planets etc but the majority seem to be from here, so I consider myself an Earth soul just in the sense that most of my physical incarnations took place here.

Like I'm primarily an American student even if I studied abroad for one semester. I have heard that some starseeds originated from elsewhere but have had many many incarnations here, for whatever reason, and perhaps that's my situation. But I believe I am an Earth origin soul until I learn differently.

I don't consider myself a starseed. I certainly haven't been beyond this planet recently, to my knowledge. And regarding this statement from earlier, I know in my recent past I had human Earth lives. Not from spiritually advanced or evolved civilizations. I do remember meeting my twin in prior lifetimes Earth lifetimesand while we did not stay together we were clearly having this profound experience and meeting was significant. So I do have to disagree with the above statement, as it does not apply to me.

I guess it depends on one's definition of indigo. I'm spiritually minded and follow my own drive, not society's sometimes to my detrimentand those seem to be pretty standard indigo traits. I was born in the timeframe for the mass indigo occurrence. I do care a lot about honesty, integrity, justice, and saying what I believe rather than what's popular. I'm not interested in "mundane society" in the slightest, choosing instead to follow my spiritual path because that is what I truly care about.

But I'm not sure I consider myself an indigo. My aura certainly isn't indigo as a whole. Some people define Indigo by personality traits, others by aura color, others by purpose.

indigo adults and twin flames relationship

But I'm not sure that label fits me. I know I want to be a spiritual teacher and maybe a healer in this life, but I'm not sure I truly am an indigo, or a starseed, or a highly advanced graduated soul and believe me, I've met them, so I know they exist!

Haha, I agree with you here! One of my hardest challenges is to integrate my heart and mind, and not let my mind rule all the time!