Ingrid sischy and sandra brant relationship

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ingrid sischy and sandra brant relationship

Under Ingrid's strict embrace I got my very first byline in print, and went on to She had just been hired by Peter and Sandy Brant to be Editor of Tupac, Gianni Versace, John Cale, and Sandra Bernhard—all of us at one round table. relationship had shifted in some ways—but in some ways, it hadn't. For nearly 20 years Ingrid Sischy was the editor of Interview, the magazine founded by Latterly she and her partner, Sandra Brant, had co-edited the international It was the kind of relationship you expect from your analyst. Sandra Brant (left) and Ingrid Sischy on April 20, | Photo by Dimitrios Over the years their relationship became more personal, and once.

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ingrid sischy and sandra brant relationship

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