Jerry yan and tong liya relationship

Loving, Never Forgetting (恋恋不忘) - A Synopsis and Review ~ Born a Dragon, Raised a Tiger

jerry yan and tong liya relationship

While watching "Loving Never Forgetting" I really had problems with Wu Tong's actress Tong Liya. While Jerry Yan certainly can carry Qin Han's charm to the. Loving, Never Forgetting is a Chinese television series starring Jerry Yan and Tong Liya. As time goes on, touched by Wu Tong's intimate relationship with their son and her kindness, Li Zhongmou finds himself falling for Wu Tong. The mainland actress is annoyed by Jerry Yan's fans flocking the set and affecting may have caused nuisance for his new drama co-star, Tong Liya. hit man may have themselves something of a complex relationship.

Raised in a single parent household, Li Zhong Mou is the illegitimate son of their business rival, Xiang Yi. At the peak of his success, Li Zhong Mou discovers he has a son from a one night stand he had five years ago with their company intern.

A legal battle for custody of the child ensues, however, as with most drama series, the male lead eventually falls in love with this poor, ordinary woman named Wu Tong. The antagonists are the man's mother and his scheming half-brother, Xiang Jun. But it is not really that simple once you watch it.

I am sure you too will be hooked on it and wish it went on longer than 34 episodes. Here are my favorite unforgettable scenes in this drama series. Please save my son!

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Even if I have to crawl, I will finish this journey. I didn't have money to buy him presents, so he was a bit depressed. So I told him a story In the grasslands, there was a Mother Lion with her son. One day, the son asked his mother, 'Where is happiness?

Then the Mother Lion smiled and said, 'My son, happiness is not obtained like that. As long as you keep your spirits up and move forward, happiness will chase after you.

Do you love me? I used to love you. But that was in the past. I was in a dream for the past five years. I worked so hard to stop thinking about you! Why are you telling me this now?

jerry yan and tong liya relationship

I really envy that. He is the right and legitimate child of Xiang Yi. As for me, I am only Li Zhong Mou. Just choose someone with wealth, money, beauty? If this is the case, why are you still alone then? Aside from Xiang Yi, there are many men who fit that standard. You don't have the right to tell me to choose who to love. I decide my own life. I decide my own happiness. The last time we were at the civil affairs bureau, you were not willing to marry me. It was because I owed you an apology.

I know the thing you want is not my pity and kindness. You did not want a luxurious life nor the status name of Mrs. What you wanted was someone who would sincerely give you love and respect. Someone who can give you, like the old saying goes, "If I have your true love, I will be with you until the end of the world. It has nothing to do with your past. Let me be your little prince. You are the most unique woman in this world.

jerry yan and tong liya relationship

Will you marry me? I can honestly tell you. The one I love is Li Zhong Muo. I loved him 5 years ago, And I love him now. He has always been the only one I love! Do you get it now? I have already asked Xiang Jun and he said the one he loves is you. I don't know where your heart lies. Who did you choose? I made everyone unhappy because of my reason. I have already set the record straight with Xiang Jun. I care about him, respect him and worry about him. These are all from a perspective of a friend.

From the start, until now, the only one who I love has always been Li Zhong Mou. You asked me this question today. My answer is still the same. I love Li Zhong Mou. Heartbreaking conversation in the hospital the night before the surgery. Its been 32 years. This word, "Dad" bears deep grief for me.

It feels very strange. I caused you to suffer for so many years. Those past years could not even be summarized with sufferings. From what I remember, my only memory is a mother who is full of resentments. I always couldn't understand why some people have normal lives, but not me.

I longed for my father, but I could only watch you from afar. Seeing how Xiang Jun has you and your love, I realized, that I am an abandoned child. This really isn't true. Do you remember when I called you from the hospital and you didn't answer? The second day when you switched off your phone, you said you were at Mei Ling's house. Actually, Zhang Yuan didn't go on business, right?

You didn't go to Mei Ling's house at all.

Tong liya relationship and jerry yan

Do you still remember when I asked you later if you had anything to tell me, you said no? Why did you lie to me? Wu Tong goes to Xiang Jun to beg him to tell the truth. She faints and Xiang Jun takes her to the hospital, only to be told by the doctor that Wu Tong is two months pregnant.

Wu Tong heads to Li Zhong Mou's office to tell him the news. It won't take long When I have signed the divorce papers, I will send them to you. He turns his back and walks away leaving Wu Tong crying.

jerry yan and tong liya relationship

Episode 31 - Yue Qi talks to Wu Tong to inform her that anyone who signs a contract with her father's corporation will lose a significant amount of money. He has already hurt you so much.

It is already generous of you to forgive him. You don't need to help him! No matter what, he is still the father of my children.

Moreover, he is still the man I love deeply. Even if he doesn't love me anymore, I don't want to see him hurt.

jerry yan and tong liya relationship

Even if he is just an ordinary friend, I just can't stand by and do nothing. Why would you sacrifice so much for him? If I cannot change my fate, I can only change my attitude. Right after he leaves, Xiang Jun appears at their door. They meet at the parking lot of Li Zhong Mou's condominium.

Wu Tong was in a daze and drives off in Xiang Jun's car.

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Xiang Jun manages to get into the car with her and she drives away at top speed. They get into an accident and Xiang Jun suffers a concussion that puts him in a coma. Li Zhong Mou arrives at the scene. Xiang Jun is taken to the hospital. Li Zhong Mou takes the fall for Wu Tong. Listen to me carefully.

I drove the car. If the police were to investigate this, I will take responsibility. And also, you have a baby with an unknown father. I don't want them to be ashamed of you. For everything that you have given to Tongtong, I am repaying you now. I don't owe you anything now. I have already signed the divorce papers.

He doesn't really have to do anything and he already emits this "cold" aura. That is why I love it when I see him smile genuinely in the drama especially his scenes with Tong Liya and the child actor Tong Tong. His smiles are rare to spot in the drama. Maybe I'm wrong but the voice sounds a lot like an adult's voice.

I like the child actor in Autumn Concerto more because it was his original voice and it felt more natural. Initially, I didn't like his character since he was really rude to Wu Tong in the beginning. I want to ask what happened to him? Did he deliberately gain weight for this drama or the above photo is overly PS? She devises a plan to urge Zhong Mou to marry her but her plan backfires and he breaks up with her instead.

I like her character. Unlike the annoying and scheming typical "other woman", she actually helps Jerry find Tong Liya towards the end.

She is intelligent, classy, and sophisticated. As the story goes on, it is revealed that he is actually Li Zhong Mou's half-brother. The conflicts from their parents' generation cause enmity between the brothers.

Basically, there is no "the most evil" character in this drama. But if there is, he would be considered the one. He finally understands his wrongs towards the end though it might be sort of abrupt. Although the movie did well overseas, most of the credits went to its main lead, Japanese actor Oguri Shun. Jerry only played a secondary role in the movie.

Jerry is still yet to make a solid breakthrough in China as a solo artist. He already once attained immense popularity there a few years ago, but as a member of F4. The Chinese entertainment industry is one hard egg to crack. Not many Taiwanese actors and actresses are able to successfully penetrate through it.