Kenshin and kaoru relationship quotes

Rurouni Kenshin Quotes

kenshin and kaoru relationship quotes

It's an anime that heavily influenced many to come, but what are the best Rurouni Kenshin quotes in the history of the series? To answer that question, we've. "Seijuro Hiko: [at Tomoe's grave] I'm surprised to see you here, Kenshin. . " Kaoru Kamiya: [to Yahiko and Sanosuke, before she and Megumi go to the hot. Kenshin & Kaoru source: white-plum #Rurouni Kenshin #jmovie - a grouped Looking for Life Love Quotes, Quotes about Relationships, and Ana G · truth.

A subtitle for the series is Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story, which describes it very well. In true Japanese fashion, it is an understated and subtle romance—at first. Kaoru begins to fall for Kenshin after a few adventures, but Kenshin never seems to reciprocate.

Several times Kaoru has to pull Kenshin from the brink when he slips into the violent ways of Battousai, his dark and violent self from the war. She gives him a home when he was wanderer. Until one night when, surrounded by fireflies, Kenshin comes to her—and only her—and says he must leave to go fight a deadly enemy in Kyoto.

She is the only one he says goodbye to. You can watch it here. Kaoru at first wallows in her sorrow, but her friends chastise her and say that if she cares about him so much, she should go after him. She catches up to Kenshin before he battles his nemesis. Her love helps strengthen Kenshin in the ensuing battle. She learns from him that during the war, Kenshin married a woman named Tomoe, who died tragically at his hands.

Kenshin is pushed to his physical, mental, and emotional limits. Kenshin is overcome with despair, during which he sees Tomoe in his dreams. She is smiling because she says Kenshin has learned to smile. She tells him to save her brother, who is still stuck in the past, and rescue Kaoru, who wants and needs his smile most. Kenshin awakes and goes to confront not only Enishi but the demons from his past. He defeats the young man and spares his life. Finally, Kenshin and Kaoru get married and have a son named Kenji.

This is a romance full of longsuffering, patience, acceptance, and forgiveness. Kaoru loves Kenshin despite his violent and dark past. Kenshin learns to open up and love again. Kaoru gives Kenshin the wanderer a home. They complement each other perfectly.

This also shows that a romance can be subtle. Often love stories are sappy and overdone, but this one is so understated that the reader has to connect the dots.

I didn't mean to hide, it's just that I don't want you to know it. I don't want to frighten you Please don't leave, let's talk.

The 40+ Best Rurouni Kenshin Quotes We'll Never Forget

I cannot revive the dojo all by myself, I need your help. I told you, I don't care about your past.

kenshin and kaoru relationship quotes

But if I stay here, the dojo more won't be able to revive, you see. I didn't say that I want Batusai to stay here I'm kind of tired from travelling. I feel like staying put for a little while. You said you like my cooking At the Battle's End! His hidden sword technique is "Hiten Mitsurugi Style", the flying sword to heaven philosophy.

Rurouni Kenshin Quotes

Visitor from the Darkness The Kurogasa Appears Sano: Didn't you hear what I say?! Kenshin needs to be alone to concentrate for his fight to Kurogasa! But if Kenshin won't come back, what will happen to our hopes of a better life? Our chance will be gone! If he'll defeat Kurogasa, he will come back to being a samurai, my heart will be empty!! My family is gone, my parents passed away I don't want to be alone! I guess all those who are in love do crazy things.

Her anger scares me more than Kurogasa Kenshin: I have to concentrate on fighting Kaoru: I don't want to lose you Kenshin: Promise, I'll come back I'll let you borrow my blue ribbon Kenshin: I want you to have it as a lucky charm I hope you don't object with me borrowing your girl, Batusai.

I know it will anger you I want to see you back as Batusai. Fight to the Death Under the Moon Protect the Ones You Love! He'll never go back into a killing machine!

Your eyes tell me you're ready to fight.

kenshin and kaoru relationship quotes

I'm here to take my revenge. I'll kill you for kidnapping Kaoru and humiliating me. H-he's not the Kenshin I know Apparently, you need more motivation Talk to me, Kaoru! Jin-eh, you did something to her! What did you do?! I casted a spell on her. She'll find it hard to breathe. She'll suffocate in 5 minutes or less. There are only two ways to release her from my spell. One is to break it on her own, but it takes a person of iron will.

It requires power far more stronger than mine, and I don't expect her to be that person. Another one is if I won't be able to control it. In other words, you have to kill me, or she'll die. You still don't get it? You have no choice, Batusai. Unless you let her choke to death.

The time of talk has passed. Whatever yoou have to tell me, you can say by your sword. I've been waiting for you to say that. Now, step forward and face me man to man! I'll show you where I got my name. I know where he got his name. It's from the Batou technique of drawing sword I used the double Batou maneouvre. I combined the flying sword and the double dragon slash. I mastered all the possible techniques been developed.

kenshin and kaoru relationship quotes

That's how I got the name Batusai. But now it doesn't really matter. I'm going to kill you. You're having second thoughts?

That is where your weak will defeats you, Batusai. You have to kill me if you want to save the girl. If this is the only chance for me to save Kaoru, i'll risk being a slasher one more time!

The sword is a weapon, it's techniques are used for killing. No matter how much I tried to avoid it, it's the truth about my life. But I've learned to turn away from the past and the only person that matters to me now is Kaoru I love you, Kaoru Kaoru: Please, don't go back in committing murder!

Kaoru, talk to me! Tell me you're okay! You may not know it, but you'll always be a slasher. Take it from a man who knows what blood lust is all about. Slashers are slashers till the day they die.

You're a fool if you think you can deny your true nature. I'll be there to greet you in the gates of hell. I'll be a slasher till the day I die It's hard to be a hero with an empty stomach. From now on, no more rescues before lunch! Kenshin, thank you for saving me.

I'm really not good in expressing gratitude.

kenshin and kaoru relationship quotes

I'm the one who should be thanking you. If you didn't stop me, I might have killed Jin-eh and my past couold have caught up with me. I might have gone back to being a slasher. I might have been a slasher once but I'll never go back to that path again no matter what happens.

I have a new world to travel now. And with the help of my friends, I'll make that journey in the sunshine, not in shadow. Would you mind telling me what's your relationship to Kenshin??!!! He's important to me because he's going to save me from those bad guys. What's your relationship to Kenshin?

You can't possibly be his girlfriend. There's no way that as swordsman like him will go for a sweaty, underdeveloped tomboy like you.

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Who are you calling a tomboy?!! Didn't your mother tell you not to play with fire? Maybe you weren't listening or you were too busy burning the house down. The Ultimate Stealth Army. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we are victims of the circumstances. We should just have to pull ourselves out. I'm sure Kenshin nor I will let any member of our dojo do that.

kenshin and kaoru relationship quotes

You're part of our family and we won't let you die Megumi: Don't talk as if you're already in the road end! Sacrificing your life won't bring my friend back to life.

True Romance: Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya

But if you're alive, you can do something better Episode If Batusai goes for profit, he could have been a military captain by now. He believes that honor and justice are more important than money Henya: A real man's honor cannot be bought or compromised Episode Farewell the Ultimate Men!

The Clash of Light and Darkness! Instead of hurting yourself, helping other people is the best way to make up for your mistakes. Batusai, the slasher is still alive and that's what he does.

Do you think Aoshi is plotting some kind of revenge? I would hope that after all the crimes and pains that he experienced, he'll find something better to do with his life. To Save a Small Life! I can cure anyone who is sick, except the lovesick. I guess you can't judge people by how they look Sasaki: There are more constructive ways to do rather than killing. Instead of embracing death I embraced life for my students. A man has a choice. He can create mankind or destroy mankind with him in the process.

Why did you take the place of Gen. Why should I put my life in peril? It's because you should open your eyes to the truth Episode Sanosuke and Kenshin Once Again! I've set up my mind. There are other things more important than sentimentality.

This is my destiny and I have to go through with it Sano: But I dont expect you to understand. The Sekihou troup has been a part of my past and it's still a part of me. We've only known each other for a short time, but all of you have been my family. I'm glad I met everybody. I won't see you all again, don't worry about me.

Kenshin, I'll miss you the most.