Killua and gon relationship quizzes

Scattered thoughts on Killua and Gon's relationship (Spoilers) : HunterXHunter

killua and gon relationship quizzes

Play this quiz to know more. Hunter X Hunter Characters Quiz. 8 Questions | By 3. He is cheeky, cheerful and similar to Gon. Who he is? A. Killua. B. Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship? Related. Tsubone and Amane are loyal to Silva, responsible for Killua, and vigilant towards Gotoh and Canary. Their relationship with Alluka only. and the literal worst: “Killua and Gon should have been rivals like Naruto and Sasuke! I wanted to do an analysis of the Killugon relationship.

And he said he would hit him if he did cause he thought of him to be better than that.

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And the fact that he was running so he know that Leorio fighting for something more than money. Kurapika even tells him about the scarlet eyes to get him to tell the truth. In other words he believes in his good character which of course proves to be right. After finding out that Leorio wants to be a hunter in order to become a doctor, Kurapika sticks with him. Originally posted by motherly-friend-to-the-rescue This does take an affect on Leorio where in return he shows the same concern for Kurapika.

As I said in the beginning Leorio did start off as arrogant… but the one who humbled him down was none other than Kurapika. In fact I have good reasons to claim that Leorio became more kind was because of Kurapika!

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Which displays he has a strong sense of pride… Though that manages to get diminished by due to Kurapika, his constant scoldings are what allow him to forget his pride. Which is displayed through out the rest of the exam. Killua has never had anything that was important to him until Gon.

Killua would die to protect Gon because Gon is all that he has in this world. Thus, this triggers Killua to blame himself for not being able to do anything to help Gon.

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All he cares about is Gon, that Gon is happy, that Gon is safe, that Gon is satisfied. Not once has Killua ever cried over himself. Every problem Killua has overcame, he did so for Gon. There are several other instances of Killua overcoming things for Gon, this is a big one though. What personal limitations has Gon overcome for Killua? The Zoldyck arc is NOT the same thing.

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Gon did not experience psychological trauma over Killua nor did Gon have a significant change in character as a result of rescuing Killua. Every force will have an equal and opposite reactive force.

This relates to my next point: Gon does not realize the consequences of his actions. That was the only thing Killua got in return after all of his work to support, save, and protect Gon.

killua and gon relationship quizzes

It was also the only apology Killua got in return for everything he went through because of Gon. Gon has never seen Killua cry.

killua and gon relationship quizzes

It all comes back to this for me. As weird as this is to say, Gon is literally a five year old when it comes to relationships. Gon is one of the most selfish characters I have ever seen. No, Gon is genuinely selfish to the core. Do not worry you unfortunate souls, I am here to explain to you a portion of it in this blog, more in the next the messed up mental state behind the adorable face.

killua and gon relationship quizzes

Gon is SUCH a hunter. I mean this in the sense that his selfishness dominates him and controls him. What he wants comes first, always.

When has Gon genuinely reflected on his actions and how they affect Killua? But when Gon wants something, his mind shuts down to reason. He will not stop even if his arms are missing, his neck is crushed, his nen stripped from him, beaten, bloodied, and even at the cost of his own life. This kid will not stop—never. And as horrible as this reality is, it makes him the perfect Hunter.

killua and gon relationship quizzes

While Gon is the most selfish character, Killua is the most selfless. Killua doesn't cry when the the two part ways, but Killua clearly is more impacted than Gon. Killua looks to be on the verge of tears because he is giving up his own happiness, being with Gon, in favor of providing Alluka a life worth living. Killua and Alluka confront illumi 2. Killua has to decide between the only things that matter to him—Gon and Alluka.

killua and gon relationship quizzes

Killua does not live for himself, so he chooses Alluka's happiness over his own, a life with Gon. Killua is not one to make decisions based on his own condition. And for that reason, Killua leaves Gon.

These blogs will include analysis of characters, arcs, episodes, chapters, events, themes, relationships, and more. And honestly, Killua deserves much more than Gon. And all I want at this point is for Killua to be happy. I actually love him, but his affect on Killua huts me inside.