Kyle and oliver relationship

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kyle and oliver relationship

(Scott Evans and Brett Claywell) Kyle and Oliver. KISH Kyle and Oliver from One Life to Live. #One Life This is what i want in a relationship, this kind of love . Oliver Fish (lovers; kissed in Aug ; began dating in Nov ; and consummated relationship on New Year's Eve ). Nick Chavez (dated; engaged. Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis (Kish) are fictional characters on the American daytime soap opera Oliver breaks things off with Layla to pursue a relationship with Stacy. Kyle Lewis appeared as a police lab tech to verify the paternity of David.

kyle and oliver

In MayKyle gives both Starr and Cole some surprising news about their baby. He pieces together that the dead baby belonged to Jessica and the baby that is alive is indeed Starr's and Cole's.

Kyle tells Jared and Natalie what he knows but since they don't want Jessica to know what happened, they allow themselves to be blackmailed by Kyle. He goes to Todd's house to blackmail him as well but runs into his sister, Rebecca Lewis. In JuneOliver moves in with Cristian and Layla. Oliver and Kyle have a discussion as to where they stand with each other. Oliver wants another chance with Layla and they have their first date.

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Kyle gets an offer from Gigi Morasco. Kyle will reveal all if the charges by Natalie are dropped. In Julywe get the first hint that maybe there is something up with Fish. He is on a date with Layla and is a bit uncomfortable that Layla mentions the word 'gay' and cuts their dinner short.

Kyle talks to Cristian about why it may not work out between Fish and Layla.

kyle and oliver relationship

Layla gets a job at the police station where Oliver works. Layla wonders for the first time if Oliver may be gay. After Cristian reads a letter meant for Kyle, Kyle opens up about Fish's past. On August 6,Oliver and Kyle share their first on screen kiss. Cristian catches them in the act and Oliver denies everything and wants Kyle to leave him alone.

Kyle finds a couple of friends in Roxy and Cristian. Oliver and Layla have sex. Oliver divulges this to Kyle and Kyle flirts with another guy, Nick Chavez. While Fish's sexuality is in question, he is deeply involved in the investigation with the drug ring and Mayor Lowell.

Layla finds out about Oliver and Kyle in college and breaks up with him. He has another one night stand with Stacy and that day he comes out to his roommates. Oliver's parents are on their way to Llanview. While Oliver is on television receiving his award, Kyle looks on with pride. Oliver finds out that Kyle is dating someone and is disappointed and happy at the sametime. Oliver's parents arrive a day early. He also comes out to his parents after they voice their bigotry and thinking that Cristian is the homosexual.

When you were preparing to do the scene, were you starting to get any push back from the network? Were the writers second guessing themselves?

kyle and oliver relationship

No because our writer is actually a gay man. There were a lot of ABC execs in the booth when we were filming it.

kyle and oliver relationship

I know a lot of people were there watching to make sure that it fit all the standards. I just think people are still so tender and touchy about this subject. It surprises me for sure. The day I was released from the show! How much time had lapsed between the day that episode aired and the day you were released?

The episode aired December 30 and we were released two weeks ago [on or around March 11]. They were barely using us. If the ratings declined, there has to be some reason and somebody has to be blamed for it. Do you think had there not been the sex scene, you guys would still be there?

kyle and oliver | Tumblr

I think the storyline would have been incomplete without the sex scene. They tell love stories over and over and over to people across the country. We would not have been truthful if we had held back that scene. I will never, ever regret [it]. Kyle was surprised in October when Nick asked to marry him as part of a mass commitment ceremony being staged in Angel Square Park to raise awareness of the need for gay marriage rights. Kyle accepted Nick's proposal, deciding it was good for the cause, although he began to question it after discovering that the goal was to legitimize the marriages after Dorian Lord was elected mayor.

The day before the wedding, Fish told Kyle he loved him and said he wanted a chance to have a relationship with him, but Kyle said he was afraid a relationship with Oliver would mean a life of living in the closet. As the commitment ceremony was about to begin, Fish confronted a group of protesters and, on live television, admitted he was gay.

Kyle decided right then and there that he couldn't go through with marrying Nick, and he and Oliver agreed to begin dating. Kyle and Oliver slowly got to know each other once again and planned for their first date, which was interrupted when Oliver was called away on police business.

When they prepared to make love for the first time since college, they were interrupted by news that Kyle's ex, Nick, had been beaten up by a group of gay-bashing thugs. Oliver was supportive of Kyle as he helped Nick recover, but became suspicious when Nick said he had no place to go and moved into Kyle's studio apartment.

Oliver and Kyle got in an argument about Nick, and Kyle later learned that Nick was playing him and wanted to get back together. Kyle rejected Nick's advances and went after Oliver, finding him just before midnight on New Year's Eve. They rang in the start of by making love. One day at the hospital, Kyle walked into a room and overheard Schuyler arguing with Stacy about her unborn baby being his and not Rex's.

Stacy and Schuyler convinced Kyle not to say anything to Rex, since he would be breaking patient-doctor confidentiality. After Rex hired Oliver to look after Stacy and her unborn baby, who were being threatened by Rex's evil father Mitch Laurence, Oliver confided in Kyle that he and Stacy had made love.

Kyle told a stunned Oliver that he could be the father of Stacy's baby, since she had lost Rex's baby and gotten pregnant around the same time they had sex. Kyle and Oliver confronted Stacy and her pal Kim, but they denied that Oliver was the baby's father and stuck to the lie that Schuyler was the daddy.

Though they threatened to tell Rex and Schuyler the truth, they backed down after Stacy and Kim said they would have Kyle thrown out of medical school for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality. Oliver wasn't sure what to believe, but Kyle said Stacy couldn't be trusted and could be blackmailing Schuyler. Oliver said they would have to wait until the baby was born to learn the truth, and he told Kyle that he wasn't ready to be a father yet anyway.

After a pregnant Stacy was kidnapped by one of Mitch's goons, Kyle confessed to Roxy that the baby Stacy was carrying wasn't Rex's.

Stacy delivered a baby girl, named Sierra Rose, before falling into a sheet of ice and drowning.

kyle and oliver relationship

At the hospital, Sierra needed to have emergency heart surgery and Schuyler revealed to Gigi that he was Sierra's father. Kyle had the test done anyway and presented Oliver with the sealed envelope containing the results, but Oliver lashed out at Kyle for breaking the law and refused to open the letter.

Kyle was working in the medical clinic at Statesville Prison when Schuyler came in and relieved him.

kyle and oliver relationship

Kyle returned home to discover a despondent Roxy tied up on the sofa by Allison Perkins, who had kidnapped Sierra. Allison tied up Kyle as well before getting a call from Mitch and taking off with the baby. Fish arrived and freed them both. When Kyle told Fish that Allison had kidnapped Sierra, Fish opened the paternity test and learned he was Sierra's father.