Kyohei and sunako relationship quotes

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kyohei and sunako relationship quotes

And we get to know more about her relationship with Sunako-chan I think it is an the cursed diamond (so drama!) plus lots of Sunako + Kyohei awkwardness. Though she can eventually deal with living with the other three, Sunako and Kyohei's relationship isn't the best, resulting in some early murder attempts on. Permalink Reply Quote though its starting to get irritating since i think sunako and kyohei's relationship is getting too cliched and its i'm getting impatient at the .

She's not very confident. She felt Kyohei's hold became tighter but still comforting. You, yourself should take care. And don't eat too much. I like to see you fit. And please don't glare too much or be angry, you'll get wrinkles sooner. That was probably one of Kyohei's most precious, most memorable day. He thanked and cursed the situation about her going away.

But it won't end there, now he is confident and happy but also sad. Anyway mixed feelings but one emotion surpassed the rest, which is Happiness.

Kyohei and Sunako-chan kiss

She left that day. I miss you like hell. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss. I love you so much. And it hurts so much. Kyohei's birthday is in few days away. The boys planned a surprise party for him.

Ranmaru is not very fond though, Kyohei's making his life miserable. He don't have time for his babies anymore… his playboy days is cut, either Kyohei or Tamao is there to keep him in check. Kyohei is more like making him pay for his food and borrows his clothing and such.

It was hell for Ranmaru, he doesn't like losing his 'mojos'. Well at least Kyohei is keeping his promise to Sunako. At school Kyohei is still being chase by fan girls. His glare is not as strong as before.

He lost his will, almost tempted to find a woman to release his frustration, despair and unwanted desires.

The Wallflower, Vol. 18 (The Wallflower, #18) by Tomoko Hayakawa

Blame it on the hormones of an adolescent handsome teenager. He missed her so much. Wednesday came, he hated it but he has to go to school. At the school gate there's a line of females again.

It's always like this every day, but today was different. It's more than usual. There was some old grandma's and old wives from the market place with boxes of gifts. One would think there was a riot, or the prime minister of Japan came to visit. It's all because today is Kyohei Takano's birthday. As soon as he entered the school grounds, he didn't care anymore. He wanted to see her. The waves of females parted as the four princes of Mori high walked the center, with one Princess came running from behind to catch up.

They're still awestruck at Noi's beauty every time, but there was a rumor that Kyohei Takano's girlfriend was more beautiful. No one believed because she was never seen around.

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Those who know Nakahara Sunako believed to be the only one surpasses Noi in their school. But nobody believes she is Kyohei's girlfriend even if Noi brags about it to everyone. Sunako transferred school and nobody saw her changes, except for a few days she came to school. Fan girls couldn't even see her clearly because the fan boys was crowding Sunako's classroom then. Is Sunako-chan coming to see you today?

kyohei and sunako relationship quotes

I don't think she remembers. But Kyohei ignored her and left the others. You are invited to Kyohei's party.

kyohei and sunako relationship quotes

Can you invite Tamao-chan to come later to the mansion too? Kasumi-san is making preparations for Kyohei's birthday. I'll call her later.

kyohei and sunako relationship quotes

I'll let her know. We all thought, it's better than nothing. We tried calling Sunako-chan but she's always busy. I feel sorry for Kyohei. The girls has gone crazy, they came chasing him with gifts. He only wished for one girl to be there with him. She hasn't visited ever since she moved out. She keeps contact but he never seen her face again.

He wondered if she changed her looks, grow her beautiful hair or cut it short. Whatever he wants to see her, hold her and kiss her. The school bells rang for the afternoon classes.

He hated to leave his solitude. Maybe this is what Sunako feels like. It's definitely peaceful away from everyone, the world is too noisy and when he's alone he remembers a lot of things about her. He likes reminiscing the past it's his joy. Decided to go back to his class room, he is safe there.

Takenaga, Yuki and Ranmaru are there too.

Kyohei and Sunako's Relationship

I don't need it. I have a girlfriend! She will be jealous! I told you all already! We don't care if you have a girlfriend! That was only a lie to rid of us. I told you, I won't accept gifts! You put something in those boxes! Half of the other girls nodded. Kyohei has the right to be suspicious; those girls wanted something from him.

More like his body they wanted. The girls split up to catch him. So Beautiful, It's a Curse: Kyohei actually has a legitimate claim to this, considering how often he's stalked, kidnapped, and sexually harassed because of his looks.

Ranmaru is a bit more arrogant about itand Yuki sometimes complains of this when he's crossdressing or not being taken seriously. Sunako is frequently mistaken for one when she's got her scary on.

Sunako almost all the time. This is even funnier, since everyone has to kneel down to her height in order to converse with her face-to-face. Sunako is a chocolate addict who consumes pretty much all of the insane quantities of chocolate the boys receive on Valentine's Day, over the year, and at times appears to be existing on a chocolate-only diet, even though she's a good cook.

This of course gives her horrible pimples.

Kyohei Takano

She has several times spent the household food budget on chocolate, despite her normal good financial sense, and at one post-Valentine's Day blowout gained weight enough to be persuaded to start an exercise program Takenaga sings part of the ending theme on a karaoke machine in the ninth episode of the anime. There Are No Therapists: Kyohei's unnaturally good looks resulted in a history of unfortunate experiences in his life: To the surprise of Sunako, his parents are common-looking.

It is shown in the flashback chapter where we see how the four guys ended up living in the mansion with Auntie and that she found him in a cardboard box with no place to go. His own mother encouraged his leaving because she felt she was going insane, unable to lead a normal life with such an attractive son.

kyohei and sunako relationship quotes

She, however, is shown to have regretted it, but was still unable to tell that to Kyohei the last time they met, after months without seeing him. Plot Edit It is shown in throughout the series that Kyohei's good looks were not always a blessing. Unlike his attractive counterparts, Kyohei has not had a good family life. In later volumes of the manga it is revealed that Kyohei had to leave his home to avoid his mother developing a nervous breakdown due to the constant and frightening attention he would receive.

Kyohei has also often quit jobs due to sexual harassment from both male and female bosses. In the anime Kyohei is often fired due to overzealous fans destroying the environment around him. In the story line covering his initial introduction to his male roommates, Kyohei is stalked by hundreds of girls. He initially takes an indifferent stance until Yuki is almost injured attempting to defend him.