Kyon and yuki relationship questions

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kyon and yuki relationship questions

Yuki. To be precise, she is currently changing in m room. While I understand that she . I got bombarded by the most annoying questions ever. Kyon: Well, with all that dating, isn't there at least one guy you were even a little how much I try to talk to her, I can't get Haruhi to answer any of my questions. Where Kyon gave Yuki his hoodie because it was starting to snow? having a relationship with, since she can't stay in that time period forever.

As both Yuki and Koizumi are connected to Haruhi and feel her emotional state, both voice their negative accordingly: The first quarter of Chapter 61 is devoted to the Surprise Party that the girls prepared for Kyon. Any doubts about Haruhi and Tsuruya are removed in chapter Blah blah blah, Skip the speeches - if I don't know the complete back story, it's all meaningless to me.

Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: After Tsuruya comments to Haruhi that she learned calligraphy because it's an important thing to know in the business: What else did you learn? Back to the beginning I know you mentioned that you had some martial arts training, too?

Tea ceremony, calligraphy, social behaviors, ninkyo dantai formality, martial arts, interrogations Kyon's analogy in the prologue for being hit by Ryouko is about being hit by a speeding minivan.

Guess what happened in the Initial Conflict arc. If you recall, the title for Chapter 3 is called: It Goes To Eleven. In Chapter 9, Kyon's father tells him, "There's no way you could come home from school one day and announce that you had, say, rescued an heiress from rampant hoodlums and secured a position at her father's company.

So, your mother's point of view is that there's no future in fighting. After 37 chapters going unmentioned, Yuki offhandedly reveals that she always knew of the small "private library" that Kyon keeps in his cell phone see " Porn Stash " below and notifies him that she will keep it updated. Kyon apparently doesn't check it too often because her words seemed to miss the target.

Tsuruya, on the other hand, had to bite back a smirk.

kyon and yuki relationship questions

In Chapter 3, Haruhi uses her recently discovered powers to make her hair grow five times faster than normal. Finally, in Chapter 62 and a little more than two months later In-Universeshe managed to don a ponytail in class. Kyon predictably approved the new hairstyle. Yamane's seat in class remains unoccupied until a New Transfer Student arrives in Chapter In Chapter 11 and thanks to ambivalent semanticsMori mistakenly thought Kyon was having unprotected sex with Tsuruya and Yuki and made an adamant point to provide him with a box full of as they put it "protection".

Much later in Chapter 63 and somewhat concerned after learning just how many girls Kyon's romantically involved with, Mori asked him how much "protective gear" he had left. Cue blushing, sputtering mortification.

Chapter 63 marks the return of two additional bricks: Kyon mentioning the Trope-tan outfit he briefly wore in Chapter 36 only to immediately regret it and Tsuruya remembering her promise from Chapter 14 to Haruhi about not bathing with Kyon without her only for Yuki to suggest an alternative.

Between Keiichi and Satoshi in Chapter Kyon pulls this on Haruhi so she can save Yuki. Also, that chapter's Fictional Document refers to how to prepare for this trope as well. To avoid mentioning exactly what it was that he and Yuki swiped from Yamane Jun's room i.

Asakura's gym shortsKyon stops himself halfway through the word and calls it "the corrupted data thingy. No prize for guessing when Wataru decided to show up. Pretty much any public act of violence seems to be accompanied by this. When Kanae is attacked by Ryuguu in a crowded school hallway, nobody tries to help until Kyon stumbles across them. He calls the other students on this. When Tsuruya and Kasai are attacked by Sumiyoshi-rengo, Tsuruya's narration notes that bystanders quickly streamed away, pretending nothing was happening.

~.Nagato yuki-chan & Kyon.~

When Sasaki is kidnapped in Chapter 52, her cries for help go ignored by onlookers. One of the inmates has one when Kyon visits Masao in jail. They use it to drown out their conversation in case of eavesdroppers. Kyon's sister frequently has tried to tell her parents and friends that her brother is a hero but nobody believes her.

kyon and yuki relationship questions

In part this is also because Kyon tells her enough to know but not enough for her to be believed if she tells someone else. Sasaki doesn't believe in aliens, time travelers, espers, or sliders and recently convinced herself that they're code words used by Yakuza.

Kyon, as a Deadpan Snarkeris prone to type 4. Of course, since he often already knows the outcome of the fight, he might not need to be worried. In addition to this wiki apparently existing in the fic's universe, Taniguchi mentions Lucky Star in Chapter Haruhi and Sasaki were handcuffed together by their kidnappers at the end of Chapter Yuki checks out Kyon's wristwatch.

A few chapters later, it turns out she installed a program to create a impenetrable skinsuit in case Kyon gets attacked. During Haruhi's second time in Closed Space with Kyon, she made several unmentioned changes to reality, including a limit to her powers. A notable one showing up later is removing Koizumi's limitations so that he can use his ESPer powers outside of closed space. What about Chekhov's Coat? To be precise, the "paragenetic silicon-based data lifeforms", who are hosted in Shamisen's body since the events of the short story Wandering Shadow, helped Kuyou out of a difficult situation in Chapter The enemy slider from Chapter 30 may not understand fighting very well, but he knows that threatening to reduce Kyon into a chunky salsa is the same as a death threat.

Frequently; Chapters 47, 53, 54 Close-Call Haircut: Immediately after Radiant Magical Nonoko protests having to return Kyon's gear to him, citing that she's " not afraid of anything anymore ", a flechette nearly beheads heronly taking a few strands of hair instead. After he got his toolsKyon does the heavy-lifting and Achakura handles the tech. Later, Kuyou acquires her chibi-mode and takes a support role for him too, among other things, granting the team with access to her Phantom Zone where the fighting can take place without the risk of collateral damage.

Defied after the battle against the 24 Yakuza. Fujiya Masao, their boss who proposed himself as his own champion was convinced he doesn't have to keep fighting and losing ; instead, he only had to promise never work again with pictures of changing high school female students.

In Chapter 23 when returning from training Kyon was received with a pillow thrown to his face, making him fall. You can tell it's me because of how the pillow hit you? I can tell it's you because you hit me with a pillow at all.

In Chapter 61, Kyon comments that he agrees with the sentiment that they should take things slowly in their very complex romantic relationship, to "be a bit more restrained, just now". Kuyou remarks on the word "restrained" and notices that, with Sasaki and herself holding each of his armshe can't easily fend off if either of them tries to kiss him.

Cue three-way make-out session. It's eventually revealed that one of the reasons why Sasaki and Kyon got along so well in middle school is because of how similar their mothers are.

Big Damn Hero was first published during the three-years long Schedule Slip after the Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya and, while retconning it a little, it mostly works around what the reader knew until that point and picks up the plot after the first chapter of the ninth novel.

The fic also serves as a Distant Epilogue of sorts for Higurashi: When They Cryretaking the events almost thirty years after the Golden Ending. It seems that Kyon and Kanae made a brief but intriguing appearance in the seventh chapter of Lateranother one of Durandall's fanfics, in front of the adult version of Kyon, who reacts in a savvy and very sensible way. I suppose it's none of my business, whatever it was. Perhaps there's something strange and amazing there If I have to be involved, I'm confident that whatever is to happen will find me.

Kyon receives a wristwatch from adult! Mikuru in Chapter 8, a model similar to the radio-controlled timepiece that young! Mikuru wears in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. In Chapter 21, Haruhi congratulates Mikuru on being the first to accomplish her Tanabata wishes. Also, Koizumi explains his Esper powers over a cup of coffee with Haruhi, just like how he explained it to Kyon. Then they perform Hare Hare Yukai for everybody.

That's a reference to " Nekogoroshi-hen " Cat Killing Chaptera single episode scenario of the anime based on the homonymous Light Novel. Around the same point it was mentioned that Kyon and his cousins visited the same water park from " Hajisarashi-hen ", the first episode of Higurashi: When They Cry Rei. Also in Chapter 18, Rika told Haruhi about the "magatama incident" from Higurashi Daybreakor more precisely the episode of the same name from Rei based on it.

This manga-only chapter features a case similar to the Cave Cricket incident, but in this case the data entity took the form of a man dressed in an Imperial Japanese Army uniform with a katana, who Kyon first mistook for an older version of himself.

Later he discovered that the apparition was in fact based on her grandfather in his younger days. Most times Kyon has to time travel he notes how he is getting more used to it. In Chapter 50, Koizumi reveals that the fake version of Kyon who visited his room in Snow Mountain Syndrome was behaving aggressively in 'that way'. This is a reference to an important conversation with the Big Bad by the end of Matsuribayashi -henwhere both card games were used as part of an analogy. The IDSE created tools for theoretical interactions with Alternate Universeswith a dimensional anchor being among those items.

The last one created dates from millions of years. Unfortunately my wallet was a bit thin from last time I got a penalty from Haruhi… she actually made me pay for a light supper for the entire SOS brigade. I can only hope that my little sister won't try to weasel herself into a full sized banana split again.

We made our way down to the local place. Thankfully didn't run into anybody who stared at my boobs. That had been quite annoying on the walk back from school yesterday. Although… the one or two girls who stared at them were a surprise.

I didn't think they were emphasized enough in the school uniform to merit not so subtle lesbian attention. Or it might just be my still male mind having fantasies totally unfounded in reality. I can dream, can't I? I got myself a small chocolate cone, and Yuki got a small sherbet.

My sister… well… I am immune to her puppy dog pout and I'll leave it at that. But in return… I got bombarded by the most annoying questions ever. Are you a reverse weregirl now? Where did she even get these ideas? Having gorged ourselves on ice cream, we "decided" to go to the park, by which I mean my sister dragged us there.

Lacking anything better to do, I sat down on a bench. I call her a 'little IED' for a reason. Is she difficult to live with? She's a good kid though, when she isn't assaulting me. Yuki actually engaging in small talk. This is great, I was seriously worried that she was completely like a computer and had no human side. Glad to see that's not completely true. Probably should encourage this. I mean, besides anything that deals with your mission.

Well, I guess that makes sense since you were in the Literary Club. What do you read, normally? Any authors in particular you like? I would continue, but at that time, my sister came up to us, with, you won't believe this, a squirrel. I mean, how did she manage to catch that? And the fact she thought it would be a great idea for it to be put in my shirt. This night was going to be akward. Yuki insisted on sleeping in my room in a futon.

Now normally a guy like me would be thrilled to have a cute girl in his room. I still have boobs. Second, this is Yuki, and she's only in here to help me get my little friend back. Man… this sounds like some weird ass dating game set up. Well… even if it were, at least it's not Koizumi. I hope this doesn't become a regular occurance. We are both girls. At least not mentally. I am saying you are not overly masculine and never have been.

You have none of those thing with the exception of homosexual undertones. It is more than just friends, correct? I have already applied the hand to my forehead. The guy creeps me out to no end.

It's entirely just him. I'm not sure if he's just doing it to mess with me or not, but I don't like him.

kyon and yuki relationship questions

Not even sure if I actually consider him a friend, even. He just pisses me off too much.

kyon and yuki relationship questions

Stupid moron, your completely and utterly annoying nature manages to be a pain in the ass even when you're not around. You lack behavioral traits which are either feminine or masculine. You do not giggle, shop in fashionable stores, purchase numerous pairs of shoes, have a boyfriend, bleach your hair, wear gothic lolita clothing, prostitute yourself, sell panties, or any such acts. Except have a boyfriend. Yuki, I just said I don't consider Koizumi a friend of any type, and especially not a boyfriend.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuals who aren't Koizumi. It's just that she would try to… ecourage Koizumi. Oh man… I really hope she wasn't pushing him along before. Quick, think of a dodge to get off this nightmarish subject. You're not going to push that NOW are you? Hopefully I'll get a clear no. Or something a lot less disagreeable. Hopefully this was just her not understanding human interaction in general, and not active and premeditated pushing of Koizumi.

Because that would just be horrendous. It sounded like you did.

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Asahina can most likely support this statement. I hope you didn't receive more molestation Miss Asahina. No, that can't be it. I'm sure it's just like, a case of preferring blue to red or something of that nature.

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I don't even know if Yuki really even understands what a relationship is now that I think about it. Well, she knows what it is in a dictionary way, but I'm not sure if she understands on a cultural, emotional level than an intellectual level. And what do you mean 'Asahina can most likely support this statement'?

I chuckle a bit.

Yuki Nagato

You don't need to say that, I know it's a joke. You were seriously playing H-games? They provide an interesting window into the human psyche. That's very like her. I am uncertain as to why, but seeing the girls in compromising positions is This is going to be a very awkward night. After changing in the closet, I settled down in my bed to go to sleep.

Who knew our little Yuki was a pervert? I bet it's totally Haruhi's fault. With Haruhi's habit of molesting poor Miss Asahina on a near daily basis, it's only natural that someone with minimal social interaction would be influenced by that. Great, now I'll have to be Haruhi's conscience even more than usual.

Eventually I managed to get to sleep. I dreamed of being the magical girl. Fluffy Pink, defender of the world to be exact. I was wielding an assault rifle and had to wear a frilly purple camo outfit as I fight alien invaders.