Lego wonder woman and batman relationship

The 5 Best Batman and Wonder Woman Stories

lego wonder woman and batman relationship

Don't you just want to shake her and say: Ben Affleck? Really?. Wonder Woman and Batman are DC superheroes that share a sense of justice and an affinity for flirtation. Their relationship over time has been wild. the hit film that is The Lego Movie, the inclusion of Wonder Woman was. Batman was first published in , Wonder Woman made her debut in It's natural that Steve and Diana formed their relationship, and .. This and more is the problem with Lego representations of comic book characters.

This period of time was the late s, when the higher-ups over at DC decided it was a good idea to transform Wonder Woman into a normal, everyday person.

Granted, this still included being an international super spy, but it also involved stripping her of her powers and erasing her memories of her former glory and life among the Amazons.

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Now known as the Wonder Woman " Mod Years ", this period of time ultimately proved to be unpopular among fans and did not last very long. Batman meanwhile is popular among his fanbase largely because he is a mortal human. He has been offered superpowers beforebut as history has already shown with the case of Wonder Woman, it might just be better to let heroes stay true to themselves.

After all, her origins are that of demigod or half-god who has lived on the island of Themyscira, a land untouched by humankind and possibly the normal passage of time for some thousands of years.

I love Wonder Woman!

She didn't actually enter the "present" world until the s, by which point she had already been alive for much longer than everyone she encountered. How old she is exactly, remains a mystery, but Batman v.

The 5 Best Batman and Wonder Woman Stories

Given the fact that Batman's age also varies throughout different versions of the character between the comic books, TV, and movies, we can't pinpoint exactly how much older Wonder Woman is.

But none of this stops the fact that they've also been seeing other people this entire time. While many other superheroes and civilians have been in the mix here, the two most commonly seen love triangles are those that involve Batman, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman and those with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The first one is obvious, seeing as Selina Kyle Catwoman is Batman's longest and most enduring love interest.

There's even been friction seen between Wonder Woman and Catwoman in the few storylines where they've had the chance to interact. Nevertheless, the second one has been seen numerous times in the newer comic plotlines that have Wonder Woman and Superman as an item. There are definite nods to a potential love triangle between Wonder Woman and her two coworkers in both in the early s Justice League animated series and in Matt Wagner's comic book series from the same time, but both times this concept is tastefully not explored in detail.

As many fans already know, current canon has it that Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle-- that is, Batman and Catwoman-- decided to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged. Meanwhile, Steve Trevor is back, and Wonder Woman is very much still with him.

lego wonder woman and batman relationship

The two agree to marry and raise the child as his parents. Despite the parents being apparently human from the mysterious "Black Light" event, their son as a toddler is revealed to possess extraordinary powers. Old feelings rekindle from back in Action Comicswhich is apparently canon to this alternate universe, and the two enter a romantic relationship.

Distant Fires, Wonder Woman finds and rescues Clark wandering in a wasteland following a nuclear war which seemingly left him as a solitary, powerless survivor, he then finds that she and other survivors established a village known as Champion.

lego wonder woman and batman relationship

They marry and have a son named Bruce, and work to lead the reconstruction of the village. She is ultimately killed by a jealous and insane Billy Batson In Frank Miller's Batman stories, Wonder Woman is initially depicted as an aggressive man-hater, although with her and Superman later involved in a romantic, committed, relationship, this was likely simply an initial bad attitude.

She is highly protective of her and Superman's daughter, Lara, not granting permission for her to go out and perform superheroics until she is 17 years old, she also later has an infant son, Jonathan. Recently, in Dark Knight 3, Superman has not been seen around, and her daughter has been rebellious.

With Kandor opened, the fanatical Kandorians have found out about her children and are planning something sinister, as her and Superman's children are a hybrid of her divine and his Kryptonian DNA. Riddle of the Beast, an alternate timeline exists in which Superman and Wonder Woman come from noble families in Medieval times, and are engaged to be married, though their marriage is cancelled, and crises arise.

Eventually both reunite and reconcile.

20 Wild Revelations About Batman And Wonder Woman’s Relationship

In DC Comics presents 32, an imaginary tale occurs in which they are both struck by Cupid's arrows and fall in love. Red Son, a Soviet-era Superman engages in a political relationship with Wonder Woman as a means of strengthening relations between Russia and Themyscera.

After Wonder Woman injures herself saving Superman from the Russian version of Batman, q relationship begins to dissipate due to Superman's sense of guilt. The Batman Beyond comic has an alternate version of the Justice League where they become dictators led by Lord Superman. But alas it was always apparent her and Bruce loved one another, and when she was asked why she never said a word she simply said because they never had to.

But that she regretted that they didn't. Stuff like that are what makes it work.


That plus Wonder Woman's statement on how a relationship with her and Superman would be "boring" which actually makes me wonder if the New52 is trying to show why she feels that way about it.

Two superpowered people have being powerful in common so they live happily ever after?

Wonder Woman

I'm pretty sure she's said something to that effect before. One wonders if this "new52" relationship with Superman is what put that knowledge in her mind and perhaps what drew her to whatever drew her about Bruce. Batman was defeated by some women in his story, Cassandra cain and her mother were best fighters than him.