Lord shiva and parvati relationship quiz

On Shiva, Parvati, and showing up well for partners

lord shiva and parvati relationship quiz

Lord Shiva became an ascetic after losing his beloved wife Sati. He gave up all worldly matters like love, marriage and family, retiring to the. Lord Shiva, one day decided to tell Goddess Parvati about Brahmadayana, or the mysteries of the Universe. She was very eager to learn, as she knew that only. Shivalinga symbolizes creation and cosmic energy. The worship of Shivalinga represents the union of Shiva and Shakti-Parvati resulting in the.

The Marriage Vows Between Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi - Devi Mandir

I will not make any other woman my source of nourishment. I will always adorn myself appropriately, and I will act appropriately in every circumstance. I will dedicate my mind, body, and soul to your satisfaction. Without you I will not perform any actions of Dharma, Yajna, or Puja, or even pursue material gain. You will always be present as the motivation for my every action.

In Puja, Yajna, and all acts of dharma, I will always be present to help you. In all acts of dharma, artha, and kama I will always be present to assist you according to the dictates of your mind. I will always dedicate my mind and renunciation of all selfishness to your greatest delight.

lord shiva and parvati relationship quiz

Wherever you stay, there I also will stay; wherever you dwell, I also will be by your side. I will never become tired from my beloved or from our love. I will never question your authority to be by my side.

I will never leave you or renounce your love. I live with the hope that you will be my source of comfort eternally.

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All present here are witness that you are my husband and my Lord, and I have offered myself to you completely and eternally. I will always give you my respect. Your desires will be the most important goals of my life. I will never consider that you are inferior to me. You will always be with me as my partner, as I with you. Shiva's Trishul or Trident symbolizes the unity of three worlds The Trident or Trishul of Lord Shiva unites the three worlds a human being is associated with - his inside world, the immediate world around him and the broader world.

The trident shows a harmony between the three.

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Popular among the followers, this is one hell of an offering for a God! Shiva takes the form of Nataraja to suppress Apasmara - the symbol of ignorance It is believedthe dwarf demon 'Apasmara', who represented ignorance challenged Lord Shiva.

It was then that Lord Shiva took the form of Nataraja and performed the famous Tandava or the dance of destruction, eventually crushing the arrogant Apasmara under his right foot. Since Apasmara ignorance should not die to preserve the balance between knowledge and ignorance, it is believed that Lord Shiva forever remains in his Nataraja form suppressing Apasmara for eternity.

His Nataraja avatar is a message that ignorance can only be overcome by knowledge, music, and dance. It is believed that this androgynous form shows that the masculine energy Purusha and feminine energy Prakrithi of the universe in a synthesis.

Shiva accepted Nandi, who was offered to Him by other Gods, as his doorkeeper and his vehicle As the story goes, Surabhi, the mother of all cows started giving birth to a lot of cows, and the cows started flooding Kailash with their milk.

Furious at this, Shiva used his third eye and destroyed many of them.

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To calm him down, the Gods sought to offer Nandi the magnificent bull to Lord Shiva. In stories, Lord Shiva is naked and sports an erect phallus According to Devdutt Pattanaik, in EpifiedShiva is naked and sports an erect phallus in almost all the stories. It is to save the public from discomfort that he clothes himself in an animal hide.

The ash Shiva is smeared with symbolizes permanence and destruction Like we all knowShiva is smeared with ash. It is a symbol of destruction as well as permanence for it is created by burning things but cannot be burnt itself. It is a symbol indicating the permanence of the immortal soul, which is released when the matter is destroyed.

lord shiva and parvati relationship quiz

The three lines of ash on his forehead refers to destruction of the three worlds Shiva has three lines of ash smeared on his forehead in a horizontal orientation. Shiva has a blue throat because he drank Halahala poison during the churning of the milky ocean.

The Devas and Asuras started churning the milky ocean in order to obtain Amrit. In the process, they found a fatal poison - the Halahala poison, that had to be sucked out of the ocean. Without thinking of the consequences, Shiva drank all the poison and Parvati pressed his throat in order to stop the poison from spreading to other parts of his body - which is the reason behind his blue throat.

Determined to find the ends of the pillar, Vishnu as Varaha tried to find the bottom of the Linga while Brahma tried to find its top. Vishnu came back and admitted that the pillar was endless.

Brahma, however, lied about the pillar's limits and claimed that he was the true God. Just then, the pillar broke open and Shiva appeared. Accusing Brahma of lying and denying he is a God, he appreciated Vishnu for his honesty and suggested that Vishnu was on his way to becoming a God - in the process stating that he was the one true God. We see what you did there! According to a Hindu legend, Shiva explained the secret of life and eternity in the Amarnath Cave to Parvati It is believedthis is the cave where Shiva explained the secret of life and eternity to his divine consort, Parvati.

Every year, followers and devotees of Lord Shiva pay their visit to the famous Amarnath cave. The cave also houses an ice stalagmite Lingam. Shiva was attracted to Vishnu's female form, Mohini, as a result of which Ayyappa was born In the Bhagavata Puranaafter Vishnu deceived the demons in his female form, Shiva wanted to see the bewildering Mohini again.

When Vishnu agreed and revealed his Mohini form, Shiva got lured by Mohini, while the abandoned wife Parvati looked on. Shiva is overcome by Kama love and desire. His 'unfailing' seed escaped and fell on the ground. From these seeds of Shiva, Ayyappa was born.