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I have since been informed of my downfall when sitting in the diary room miserably talking down of the rest of my housemates in my final week when the pressure of potential eviction loomed over me. Whilst the viewers may have personally preferred to watch other housemates over me, I couldn't bare the fame talk and that's what made me extremely bitter about my pending eviction. Of course, since leaving the house I have reminded myself that it is all one big game and that you cannot take Big Brother so seriously after all because you are purely allowing yourself to be utilised in a game show.

Now that I am out I have already conspired to the game that Big Brother is and will learn to accept that however I was portrayed and no matter how shocking my eviction may have been to most viewers, it has happened and that the past is precisely what it is. Aside from coming across like a grumpy old man, I did enjoy the most of my experience. I look back and laugh hysterically when attempting to conjure an image back up in my mind of Danielle's face whilst I fed her eggs during the farm task.

Similarly, her reactions to being electrocuted and finding out that she was put up for nomination in week one kept me giggling throughout the series and impersonating her to her face never shown on TV. Excluding the comedy at Danielle's expense, my masquerade ball will always be a party to remember after experiencing my dreaded 24th birthday during my stay.

The occasions where I had the most fun were the tasks, where we could solely forget that we were locked in a dull and claustrophobic environment with the same people, partaking in the most monotonous and repetitive conversations day after day. I managed to compete in a dangerous obstacle course reminiscent of Takeshi's Castle, partake in a couple of pants-pissing hysterical farm themed tasks, immerse myself in a fantastically crafted murder mystery and of course "twerk" like Miley Cyrus in a horrifically exposing Y-front.

Of course I the show is heavily edited. I formed friendships with most of them very quickly and was deemed one of the key entertainers by my fellow housemates early on. As I continue to watch back I am only gobsmacked by how irrelevant I look and how inherently quiet and bland I actually was made out to be through the a viewers TV screen after all. The first week was the most fun where we would excitingly embrace each and everything the producers would throw our way. At that moment everyone was excited to make new 'besties' and talk about how shocked they're mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, school friends, teachers, bosses and enemies from the past would feel to find out they were on Big Brother.

What nobody realised including myself was that the novelty of being on Big Brother would quickly wear off and eventually you would get bored, tired, stressed and hate the fact that you were starting to not enjoy the experience as much as you imagined. This is when unexpected arguments kick in, all sense of stimulating conversation is lost causing you to slag others off behind their backs, you find yourself sleep-deprived, chain smoking and eventually cracking in the diary room and the entire house becomes entirely dependent on the rationed cheap alcoholic "refreshments" that Big Brother provides to us nearly every night.

I never felt the need to exhibit or put on a forced entertainment show for my housemates and neither Big Brother's viewers either for that matter. Instead I just did me. There are several housemates that indeed played up to the cameras. Many of them are definitely bright enough to know how they are being perceived on TV and therefore act accordingly to how they hope the game will go for them, in hope that they will not receive a dreaded nomination.

Whilst most housemates fully threw themselves into the shows tasks and twists and let go of their inhibitions I remained uptight in various circumstances, given the fact I reminded myself there was life after Big Brother and this limited experience was not one I would allow to dictate my future or either disrespect my girlfriend on television. I was involved in the most controversial argument of the series and experienced a number of unique scenarios that will not be repeated.

Most critically, I put myself in a position to allow 1. These comments certainly make up for any self-esteem lost in the house after being called a "Pigeon-chested little twat" after all. And about that argument between Helen and I. Regardless of how negative my feelings were and still remain towards Helen, she wasn't always so bad to me.

Being blunt and entirely up-front towards people isn't always easy when you're around such strong characters and being judged on national TV. Of course, I have been highly vocal about how much I do not condone her behavior, but what she chooses to do is her own problem. Yes, I have indeed found out about her scandal in the press since leaving Big Brother but everyone has a past and I will not judge people on that.

I have judged her on how she treated myself and others in that house and that is what led me to my conclusions on her. Will I keep in touch with any of my Big Brother housemates? After one week in that house it felt like a whole month. Feelings are intensified and you become highly dependent on strangers you barely even know.

To make things more difficult, Big Brother set up mini-challenges such as drinking disgusting 'cocktail' drinks and banned certain products such as cigarettes and beauty products to make the task more difficult to complete.

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Housemates incurred 5 out of a maximum 10 fails, and therefore passed the task. She then had to enter the Control Room to make a decision. She was shown all the housemate's VTs and based on her impressions she had to reward a housemate and punish one. She chose to reward Mark and punish Matthew. The person who she used her Killer Nomination on will be automatically nominated for eviction every single week until they exit the house.

Punishments On Day 1, as part of the launch night twist, Pauline decided that Matthew should be punished. He spent the night in a box above the garden.

Because Jale received this nomination, it was revealed that she would face eviction every week that she remained in the House. However, the lesson was completely fake and all of the other housemates had to convince them that their flirting techniques worked.

As housemates passed the task by successfully convincing the boys, Big Brother rewarded them with a romantic date. The more food they sold, the more money they earned. If the money they earned exceeded the target, they would pass the task.

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Mark and Pauline were the guards and forced the inmates to peel potatoes. However, this was not the real task and unbeknownst to Mark and Pauline, the inmates had to distract them whilst retrieving luxury items from the "evidence room".

On Day 9, Big Brother announced that this week's nominations were cancelled and only the Power Housemate would be allowed to nominate. That night, Power Housemate Chris secretly nominated Pauline for eviction. On Day 10, Steven was nominated for eviction, [25] Ash was nominated on Day 11 [26] and on Day 12, Marlon was nominated for eviction. They watched the nominated housemates' VTs and spied on them in secret in the Pod. They were told that Ash, Ashleigh and Winston had to take part in a memory game where they had to remember particular numbers in order for the other to avoid a disgusting fate.

Christopher, Mark and Danielle did not know that they are actually trying to fool them and whoever could string along their partner for the longest would win an award.

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Three housemates were asked into the "mind lab" at a time and were offered a task. If they all said Yes then they would earn 10 points and would have to complete the task, if they all said No then they'd earn 5 points but wouldn't take part in the task. However, if their answers did not match they would earn no points but the housemates that said Yes would still have to take part. On Day 22, Steven was given a secret mission. He was given made up words in which he had to throw into a conversation to describe his fellow housemates.

She chose Matthew and they became the Power Couple.

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They then had to choose someone to automatically nominate to face the public vote. However Matthew and Toya were given the power to veto three housemates' nominations.

They chose Ash, Marlon and Steven. However, Steven was told he must choose one of the Power Couple to replace him. Week 4 Tasks On Day 24, Ash, Marlon and Winston were asked to write a poem about one of the female housemates and present it to Danielle. She then showed them clips of their behaviour towards girls in the house and gave them ways to improve it.

On Day 25, the boys were asked to make cocktails for the girls which would represent their personality. Unbeknownst to them, the girls listened to their conversations whilst they were making the cocktails. Their mission was to "kill off" their fellow housemates without Winston suspecting them. After successfully telling jokes, sitting on a whoopy cushion and "accidentally" falling in the pool, she was rewarded with a clown costume and make-up.

On Day 30, Mark and Christopher were given the task of identifying childhood photos of their fellow housemates. If they were to guess the majority of the pictures, all housemates would receive pictures of family and friends, as well a hamper of sweets.

The task was passed. Because of this, all the females were safe from this week's eviction and all of the males were automatically nominated to face the public vote. Meet your Big Brother housemates Channel 5 The year-old headhunter from London has promised to do whatever it takes to win, and mentioned backstabbing straight off the bat - earning her boos as she headed down to meet host Emma Willis.

Find out more about her here.

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Mark Byron Mark Byron Image: Channel 5 The year-old Liverpudlian describes himself as an animated fashionista. He has previously appeared on X Factor and Shipwrecked. He is very image conscious and has his hair professionally done four times a week. Find out more about Mark here.

Helen Wood Helen Wood Image: Channel 5 The year-old from Bolton is another familiar face after she was "outed into the public", as she put it, for "sleeping with quite a well known person". She is alleged to have slept with England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney in while his wife Coleen was pregnant.

Now she hopes an appearance in the Big Brother house will help change perceptions of her. She owns a salon in Bolton, which she says is "gossip central" with women getting pampered all day. She rates herself easy to like and plans to be a friend to people in the house.