Merlin fanfiction and arthur are in a relationship

A Hidden Love Chapter 1, a merlin fanfic | FanFiction

merlin fanfiction and arthur are in a relationship

Morgana and Arthur's friends are concerned about what is happening . and that Arthur was in some sort of inappropriate relationship that he. Merlin and Arthur are in a relationship and in love but hide it from everyone, Arthur being told by Merlin it is best to keep it a secret so it can. Merlin and Arthur have a secret: they're in love. Not only were they forced to hide their relationship, eventually something would have to.

He would have something to look forward too. Arthur felt the flutter in his stomach, he always expected Merlin to reject him. Merlin was the only one who saw him as just Arthur, not a prince, and he always thought that one day Merlin would realize that just Arthur wasn't good enough. Arthur moved forward, he loved the feeling of Merlin's eyes on him. He loved pulling Merlin in. Merlin never wanted to move.

Merlin head the pull at the door, and he jumped back. Arthur felt his heart crash, there was such a look of fear on Merlin's face. Leon walked in flanked by two knights.

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Merlin saw the look of discomfort on Arthur's face, he looked so ashamed. It felt like someone had just punched him in the stomach. Merlin never thought that Arthur was ashamed of him, not really, until now.

The look of fear had crippled Arthur. For the first time Arthur saw the danger he was putting Merlin in. Uther would never hurt him, after all he was his son and heir, but Merlin Arthur shuddered even thinking of it. He knew all this time to keep the relationship a secret, but he had done his best not to think of the consequences for Merlin. How could he be so selfish? How could he risk Merlin's life so carelessly? All Arthur had been thinking about was the next secret moment between him and Merlin.

Not the reality of the situation he had put Merlin in. Arthur was half glad there were looters, it would give him something to hit. The Knights rode ahead, Merlin as always stayed next to Arthur, his eyes always scanning for a threat. But unlike any other day, they were silent. Both so unsure, afraid to speak to the other.

Leon waited for the pair to catch up. The Knights were expecting them to be laughing about something, usually when the pair fell behind they were to busy talking. Yet this time it was complete silence. Leon knew that there was something wrong. Arthur just couldn't seem to find something to say to Merlin, he needed to speak to him alone. Arthur couldn't bear the silence any longer and overtook the knights in a matter of minutes. Now Leon was not the only one to see something strange, they all wondered if Merlin and Arthur were fighting.

Merlin didn't try to catch up with Arthur. The Knights came upon the Looters in about an hour. They made quick work of them, it was routine. Merlin changed the direction of a couple arrows, and dropped a couple branches, in doing so he probably saved the life of a knight or two. Merlin slipped further into the background on the ride back.

I don't know where you got this idea that the king of all people shouldn't be themselves.

If the king isn't, why should the people. And neither do you! I've seen plenty of couples who aren't men and women. There's nothing wrong with that!

merlin fanfiction and arthur are in a relationship

He looked around the practice courts. He smiled reassuringly at the staring knights and waited until they were sparring again before continuing with a much softer voice.

But the people don't. Show the people there is nothing wrong with it! The stake right to the heart of their love. As much love and affection and guidance and happiness that Merlin could give to Arthur, he could not give him a son. That was God's little trick to them, one last thorn. Not only were they forced to hide their relationship, eventually something would have to change. No matter how madly in love they were, Arthur needed an heir.

Merlin smiled again, but this one had a slight tremble. For now, can you please just forget about it? He looked Merlin in the eye. They kept their eyes locked, their emotions shining in their eyes. Or was it the tears? Arthur unwillingly looked up at the small messenger. He just said he needed both of you," the boy muttered and then took off, obviously not eager to speak to the prince any longer. Merlin gave a half smile at his shyness before turning to Arthur. Arthur was gathering his things, preparing to head to his father.

His father was another problem in their relationship. Uther already disapproved of magic and Merlin himself. If he knew… it wouldn't go over well with the man. And if Uther knew about his magic. Well, he'd be thrown in jail and then decapitated for that one.

Not a great way to make progress in a relationship. In a way, it defined their relationship. It was nothing but secrets and lies.

merlin fanfiction and arthur are in a relationship

No matter what they felt for each other, Arthur never seemed to realize that the only way they could be truly happy was if they were open about it. And it was partly his fault, he had meant to tidy his room days ago but work had just piled up. Between Arthur's demands and Gaius tasks Merlin never had a free moment and Arthur's room had slipped his mind.

He closed his eyes and tried to let Arthur's words wash over him as normal however he was having trouble blocking them out. All I ask of you is this one little thing and you can't even get that right! Merlin's patience was at breaking point. He had endured weeks of this.

merlin fanfiction and arthur are in a relationship

Arthur's general mood seemed to be getting worse by the day and Merlin was getting sick of being Arthur's release. Day after day he had to listen to Arthur's rants and being unappreciated by him was driving Merlin insane.

He tried again to block him out by thinking of anything else but Arthur's words were cutting him deeper today than most. Finally he lost control and just snapped.

You think that tidying your poxy room is the most important thing I have to do? All day I attend to your every whim without once being thanked and you have the nerve to stand there day after day and say I do nothing but mess things up!

I miss one small thing and I'm the most useless servant in the castle despite the hundreds of things I get right! You would be screwed without me; you can't even pick an outfit without throwing everything across your room!

Merlin was shaking with anger and after the initial shock Arthur's anger had reappeared too. I have to run a kingdom. You mess up and the only person to suffer is me!

merlin fanfiction and arthur are in a relationship

I mess up and it could ruin the lives of countless people in Camelot! You have it easy no responsibilities, no pressure, nothing! You think if I mess up no one suffers? I have hundreds of jobs for Gaius to do and if they don't get done people could lose access to their medicine! And on top of that I have all the jobs I do around here not to mention everything I do for you!

I haven't had a proper night's sleep in as long as I can remember! You think there is no pressure in my life? I have you on one side and Gaius on the other both piling on the pressure. Because God forbid I'd ever want to have a life of my own! Neither listening to what the other had to say. Insults were flying across the room and their tempers were heating up. They were stood inches apart, shouting insults at each other. The both looked round in confusion for the source of the noise.

merlin fanfiction and arthur are in a relationship

Not long after, the noise came again, but this time it was accompanied by a tremor that shook the whole room.