Mike and jesse relationship

mike and jesse relationship

The Walt-Jesse Connection: How Breaking Bad Always Came Down to Two But then Jesse's on the rise, gaining Mike's respect and earning. Or if Gus did see something in Jesse, as Mike said, it is his loyalty. . The odd ball relationship between Walt and Jesse, especially in that season, started with. Breaking Bad's Mike and Jesse may have more in common than simply sharing a dangerous profession. As it turns out, they may actually be.

In this aspect, Gus is basically a liaison for Mike in keeping his current worth to the operation, and ensuring his own success in the future. This makes building Jesse into a complete badass top priority for Gus, assuming their business continues years or even decades into the future. Half Measures In this episode, Mike is sent to talk some sense into Walt, as Jesse begins a plan to kill the dealers that killed Combo, his ex-partner and loyal friend.

He then tells the story of his younger days as a cop, when a domestic abuse call was made and he was dispatched. This scenario occurred a couple more times before Mike took the guy out to the woods and put a gun to his head, threatening to kill him.

The guy cried, pissed his pants, and swore he would change his ways. He was a kid who, though tough, struggled morally with his decisions to the point where nothing else matters, and all will feel his wrath. Now remember, the idea here is that Gus is acting as a future liaison, sent with Mike and Gale to establish and secure a wealthy business for whatever freeloaders await in the future.

Everything coming around full circle, Mike finally realizes that the only two people linked to him are dead, and nothing he can do will change the outcome.

This leads to him wandering off into a creek where he sits to die in peace, staring off into the sunset.

mike and jesse relationship

The real mind- bomb here is that the one guy they were trying to prevent from owning the future winds up killing them all in the past. This is not the most sobering realization, however; Mike realizes Jesse is still alive, and any future involvement with Walt is still up in the air. This means epic failure on all counts — a Heisenberg Boss wipe, if you will. After that, he was found by Gus Fring, who hired him as his private assassin and head of security.

Do you think Gus actually liked/was loyal to Jesse or do you think it was a manipulation?

Along the way, he started working for Saul Goodman doing cleaning jobs and investigative work, until he meets Jesse and Walt. Ehrmentraut was an ex-cop, private investigator, fixer and assassin who worked for both sleaze-ball lawyer Saul Goodman and drug kingpin Gustavo Fring. Did you watch the show before you joined the cast? What were your first impressions of Breaking Bad?

mike and jesse relationship

Oh sweetie, they would have me out in degree heat wearing black out there. And I would be just bitching and moaning and cursing at Vince for his air-conditioned office. So you two had a good working relationship? What was life like on the set?

It was as good as it gets.

The whole working experience, the quality of what it was, the joy of having of all these accolades thrown at us. It was great to go to work. As Mike was a former cop who went to work for drug dealers, do you think he related to Walt and his downward spiral?

Mike lost his soul a long time ago and he knows it. Mike barely had any soul left and what was left manifests itself mostly with his granddaughter. There was compassion at some point for Walt … well, that may be too strong of a word for it. In the end, he really hated Walt. As he became evil incarnate and he saw how dangerous Walt was becoming. At first, I think he had some sympathy for him.

And Mike was proved wrong. Could Mike foretell that Walt was going to kill him? No, Mike could foretell that Mike was going to be dead at some point, especially in his line of work. But you can always be surprised.

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He'll have to have his car cleaned. Well, that's what Saul pays him for. Walter says, "I just want him to be… safe. The thing is, he's over 18, and as far as I know, you're not legally related to him. You can't just drop him off like a puppy at the pound. Walter's tone shifts, becomes somehow both pleading and threatening, and he says, "Jesse, Saul won't give you your share until you're clean.

It seems like a waste of money to Mike, but no one asks him. Mike waits patiently for Gus to get to the lab, while Walter blusters and Jesse stares vacantly.

That kid is definitely not all there. Finally, Gus arrives and looks down upon them silently, listening while Walter raves, blaming Gale's death on Gus. Walter's pleading grows increasingly urgent, and Mike knows Gus's intimidation is working on him, anyway.

Pinkman seems barely aware of his surroundings. It's dangerous to work with a man who doesn't care if he lives or dies. Such people are reckless, incautious. Not useful traits when working outside the law.

Mike knows that things are about to get messy, but he's still surprised by the silent bloodbath, watching Victor bleed out. It's brutal, and shocking, and Gus's message is clear. Gus is a businessman. Now they're in business with Walter and Jesse. It's an undignified end, to say the least, but it isn't as if Mike has never disposed of bodies before.

The next time he sees Jesse, the kid is unhinged in a different way. He's surprisingly lucid--lucid enough to call Mike's bluff about killing the meth head in Jesse's living room. But he remains a liability. Mike needs to convince Gus not to take any half measures. Walter White had said he wouldn't work without Jesse, but if his choices come down to working without Jesse, or dying… well, Mike's not a betting man, but he'll put money on Walter working without Jesse.

Say what you will about Walter White, he definitely cares if he lives or dies, which makes him predictable.

mike and jesse relationship

Mike tells all this to Gus. He knows Gus doesn't pay him to ask questions, but he can't help but ask, "Are you sure about this? When he said something needed to be done about Pinkman, he really did not have in mind orchestrating some kind of fake crime so this junkie kid could prove his worth. But Gus tells him yes, unequivocally, and Mike obeys. It's not hard to convince Jesse to come with him. He doesn't even have to pull his gun. Jesse doesn't struggle, he just sits quietly in the passenger seat.

Now instead of Victor, who was a consummate professional if nothing else, Mike's stuck in a car with Jesse Pinkman, the exact opposite of that. Jesse Pinkman, who believes Mike is taking him to his death. Finally, Mike asks, "You gonna ask where we're going? Finally, Jesse comes out and asks it, "What you told Mr. That's just bullshit, right? They're not even on a first name basis.

But I'll tell you now, you better shoot straight, old man, or I'll slice off your other ear before this is over. Maybe the kid does care if he lives or dies. Mike still wouldn't call his survival instincts strong, by any means, but at least they're in there somewhere. As the day goes on, Jesse grows more and more irritated with Mike, and in turn, more and more irritating to Mike.

He misses Victor's silence. But finally, they get to their last stop, the one where Mike had made arrangements for an idiotic fake robbery. Mike leaves the keys in the car, wondering if Jesse will notice. But Jesse says nothing, just makes a show of boredom, and Mike goes on.

Top 10 Reasons That Prove Breaking Bad’s Mike And Jesse Are The Same Person

From inside the warehouse, he grabs the stash and listens to the sound of his car driving away. Well, now he can tell Gus that's what happens when you trust a junkie, just like he's said. Then the kid surprises him by coming back with the car and picking him up. Jesse offers a breathless explanation of the robbery Mike had planned. He's still not sure of the logic behind Gus's plan, but he can't deny that Jesse passed the test. The kid had taken care of it, and come back for Mike.

mike and jesse relationship

Gus doesn't reply, but he doesn't seem surprised. It was part of being a cop, part of being a PI, and it's definitely a big part of his current job. Jesse Pinkman is easy to read, but hard to understand. Jesse wears his heart on his sleeve, or more accurately, on his face.

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The first time he'd met Jesse, the kid had been a case study in raw pain. Most of that is now buried somewhere deep inside him, but flashes to the surface from time to time. His face shows boredom, and excitement, and disappointment, like a child who doesn't know any better. He talks a lot. Eventually Mike stops shushing him, or Jesse stops being afraid of Mike, and Jesse offers up random pieces of information.

mike and jesse relationship

He reminds him of the way Kaylee waves her drawings in Mike's face as soon as she finishes them.