Miles matheson and rachel relationship help

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miles matheson and rachel relationship help

Now I know we want to hate Rachel for cheating, but I can't help but feel it That's kind of the toxic part of Miles's and Rachel's relationship. Can they help each other heal, or will they just hurt each other more? of Rachel and Miles, their damaged/fractured psyches and how their relationship Rachel had had a hard time reconciling the Miles Matheson she had. Soul-mates Rachel and Ben Matheson are living and have been living in Philadelphia for years at the request of Ben's brother and co-founding fathers of the Republic, Miles Matheson, who's soul-mate Emma Yuanfen (Chinese): A relationship by fate or destiny. 1. . Help. Privacy. Terms of Service. Top.

Miles had located them. Rachel had had a hard time reconciling the Miles Matheson she had known with all of the rumors about General Matheson — yes he had a short temper and was a drunkard, but he wasn't bloodthirsty, or rapacious — but she knew, without a doubt in her mind, she didn't couldn't let the militia to get their hands on Danny, or Charlie. Rachel literally slapped herself out of her contemplation, and raced up the stairs and the over the attic hatch.

She shouted "Dora and Diego," the family's safeword since Charlie was old enough to go to preschool. Rachel heard the creak and groan of the bar being removed and then the attic hatch was thrown open. Rachel stepped back and Charlie dropped the rope ladder down and her two children shimmied down it like little monkeys. Rachel kissed Danny on the top of his head and turned to Charlie, "Go find your dad, he's supposed to be checking his traps along the creek.

Tell him to forget about the traps, we have important news. How am I gonna keep Charlie and Danny safe? I'd do anything to keep them safe, but what would be best? The only thing she knew for certain sure, was there was no way Ben would go to help Miles; one Ben was a pacifist, two they had had a rough relationship even before Miles had cut off all contact with Ben a few years before The Blackout, and three Danny.

All his senses were highly tuned, anticipating detecting signs of Charlie or militiamen. Miles needed to get Charlie back. Get Danny for her. That played over and over in his mind, like a refrain, like a prayer, like a bloody broken record. He needed to make one small step back, away from this road he had paved to hell. Miles heard the unmistakable sounds of a firefight to his right; he wordlessly nodded to Nora, and they loped off in that direction.

miles matheson and rachel relationship help

Miles hadn't been in this plant for years but he remembered a defunct water catchment and cooling area nearby. To Miles' relief he saw Charlie — and a young man with a shock of blond hair — being pinned down by a militiaman. Charlie had her hands on a militia-grade semi-automatic, but was raising her hands in surrender. Miles suppressed a flicker of annoyance; he needed train her up better. Miles killed the militiaman without a blink; he cleanly slid his sword through the man's spine and heart with a minimum of effort.

Miles glanced at Charlie, he didn't know if she was stepping away from him out of shock, or disgust, but he pushed those thoughts back. Miles gave her an once-over and was happy to note that she appeared fine, and bent down to grab the fallen militiaman's gun.

miles matheson and rachel relationship help

Miles felt the earth fall out from beneath him; he locked his knees, trying to stay upright. Inhale, thud, thud, thud. Exhale, thud, thud, thud, thud. Miles studied Charlie's face to see if she was serious. He gazed aside to let a thousand different thoughts crash through his mind at once. The implications and consequences of Rachel being alive roiled about in his brain. Miles looked back at his niece, and asked for conformation, "Rachel's… she's alive? Monroe's been keeping her here as a prisoner," stated Charlie, thankfully not noticing Miles intense reaction to this news.

Miles glanced down at his boots, and silently cursed Bass.

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That lying immoral bastard. Bass said she had died in a failed escape attempt, had fallen from a three-story window and broke her back. Bass had shown him the body — her body — bloody, broken, empty. Miles took a few more heartbeats to collect himself once more.

I can only imagine the pain and torture Miles put Rachel through during his time as General. But then I remember Miles saying that he thought Rachel was dead.

Rachel Matheson

I mean he saw a body. I can only assume during Bass's decline from reason, he faked Rachel's death I don't know for what reason or maybe Rachel tried to escape but Monroe caught her. Either way, Miles said he never would have left if he knew Rachel was alive. To torture her some more? Or were old feelings resurfacing?

miles matheson and rachel relationship help

You must really love him. The on again off again lovers were reunited and shared a steamy kiss before Rachel ran off to turn the power on.

I can't help but wonder: Has she forgiven Miles so easily after all he had done to her? The pain he put her through? That's kind of the toxic part of Miles's and Rachel's relationship. Her desire for revenge got Nora killed. Miles really did care about Nora even though I believe he wasn't in love with her.

Yet Miles didn't say anything about it. I don't know why. Maybe it was because Nora kind of gave Miles the okay to choose Rachel over her.

Theory on the Rachel-Miles-Charlie Connection

She and Bass just went at it and poor Miles was in the middle. At least during those ugly feuds Miles stood up to Rachel to make her see reason. In the end he ended up choosing Rachel. But like Bass, whenever Miles and Rachel get together, bad things happen. You never leave your other half.

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Yet despite all I have said about how Rachel and Miles can be toxic for each other, I have to admit that their love has proved to be the strongest force on the show. Miles just had to tell Rachel as he lay dying that she was always the one and that he should have never let her go. And Rachel was at Miles's bedside while he recovered. And Miles was always willing to sacrifice himself to rescue Rachel.

miles matheson and rachel relationship help

These two also have their romantic moments. Just one night where they could take comfort in each other and forget the world was falling apart. I remember seeing Miles's face when he first laid eyes on her: Miles explained that they were both miserable people: Rachel ended the world and Miles drove a nail into its coffin.

But despite all that, Rachel refuses to run away while Miles has tried a bunch of times. Miles admitted that Rachel's desire to fix what was broken and her hope to build a better future inspired him.