Nagato and konan relationship trust

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nagato and konan relationship trust

Considering the fact Nagato says he and Konan were together before meeting Yahiko . Trust me I am not just discussing their relationship?.). Read Yahiko & Konan from the story My thought's on Naruto ships by Mxnique_- I find their relationship to be based on trust, respect and admiration for eachother + Konan finds Nagato and his dog Shibi (which dies and it breaks my. Asura Path: Last but not least, this man is the only one that I cannot make even one connection. He was shown to be a wandering puppeteer with insight to the.

But it had been natural and it had made sense. They started to trust people and started their organization, the early Akatsuki, with old and new friends. Yahiko recruited shinobi who were sick of Hanzou, had them teach the rest, and his organization got famous as the skill of Akatsuki grew and grew. Konan, Nagato and Yahiko's relationship was impossible to hide.

It was infamous amongst the early Akatsuki, everyone knew about it, but it didn't seem to offend either. He was still beautiful, his eyes the same as always, the expression reserved for her alone still there.

He'd raised his arms for her. She sighed and rested gently against his chest. Stay right here for now. I missed your smell. Had she showered in the past day? She hoped he was getting her 'good smell' Did Madara miss her smell? Konan regreted thinking of him straight away. He was everything that Yahiko and Nagato had wanted to keep from her.

It is nearing winter. He will probably confront his brother soon. Madara believes it is time for the fight and will be gone till then, trailing Itachi and Kisame, waiting for the moment. She felt him nod, above her head, a slight jerk of his head. Konan shifted off the chair and away. Konan started to check his piercings, one by one, dabbing antibacterial ointment around the openings.

It wasn't needed- somehow he was kept in low to reasonable health by this jutsu- but it made her feel better. She doubted Zetzu was as loyal to Nagato as he believed, but then, she didn't think he was particually loyal to Madara either. He wavered too much for her Esspically when she knew he loved to try and catch her with Madara, or with the God Realm body Konan froze and gazed up at Nagato.

She felt that guilt build up somewhat again. Madara had stopped by. She knew what he'd been hoping to get before he left, and wasn't sure if she was glad that she hadn't been there.

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Did he know it all? You never seem to notice It's like a fucking tiger eying the next meal. I see his body langauge I'm keeping an eye on him, don't worry. He can try and get a reaction from you all he likes, he can't touch you. Madara could touch her. She even helped him keep it from Nagato. It wasn't that she wanted or desired Madara, not exactly, but he had a hold on her that she didn't know how to break.

He didn't care if she wanted or desired him, he just prefered it that way. She knew it wasn't love. It was all about roles, and who was in charge, and how he could and would kill her if she wasn't useful to him in some way. Nagato's protection was great but Madara could hurt him badly if he told him what Konan had been doing with him She felt one of Nagato's hands stroking through her hair, slowly, and looked back up at Nagato.

nagato and konan relationship trust

You can handle him without me, I know Come join me soon? The sight of him like this provoked a mixture of guilt, anger and disbelief even now What was done was done and she had to believe that it was for the best. Konan lifted the warm bucket of water and the cloth and slowly started to run the wet cloth over him in slow gentle circles, careful to ignore the piercings, cleaning him as gently as she could.

Nagato had just smiled and told him he needed to get dressed if he didn't want to miss his own wedding. As Kushina neared her delivery date, Minato had written Yahiko that they'd decided on a name for their son. Kami, how long had it been since he'd heard that name? Nagato still had that first copy of the book Jiraiya had written while he trained them.

Yahiko had quickly replied that clearly Minato's son was destined to become a great hero with a name like that.

Pain and Konan

Minato's final letter had told Yahiko about the various precautions that would need to be taken because Kushina was a jinchuuriki, as the act of giving birth greatly weakened the seal. He'd added a post script that read: I've got the alliance terms we've been discussing all written up and ready to sign whenever you're ready.

Only Jiraiya's students would have the gall to hash out a major alliance through correspondence instead of in person. But now, all that was gone. Something had gone horribly wrong with the birth. Kyuubi had gotten free.

Naruto and Nagato the childhood of Nagato

Kushina was dead and Minato had killed himself using a forbidden fuinjutsu to re-seal the Kyuubi again. No word on their son. He'd sent Nagato out to find out more, and his friend had readily agreed even though it risked potential relations with Konoha and his own life if he was discovered.

Nagato wanted to know what had gone wrong just as much as he did. Konan would have joined him, but she had entered her third trimester and was in no shape to go anywhere. In fact, Yahiko would have gone himself, but when he tried to mix the Blue Light with his chakra so he could flash to Konoha, he'd gotten nothing.

When he'd angrily asked the ring why it wasn't responding, it had helpfully reminded him that his ability to utilize the Blue Light was based on his ability to Hope. He'd collapsed into his chair then, unable to deny the fact that, right now, he couldn't muster up enough hope to get the ring to so much as spark, much less do anything useful. Unable to take it any longer, Yahiko put his head in his hands and wept. Yahiko wasn't sure how long it had been before someone interrupted him. He'd lost all sense of time since reading that report.

nagato and konan relationship trust

Oh, yeah, he'd cried himself to sleep. I think you'll like what I have to say though. Worse news is that I wouldn't have learned that if someone hadn't leaked the information so I could overhear villagers talking about 'the demon brat'.

The Sandaime apparently made a law that forbids people from talking about it, but it seems he wasn't fast enough to beat the gossip vine. While the three of them had nothing against jinchuuriki in general, he was well aware that the rest of the world didn't share the sentiment. For Minato's son to be subjected to that kind of stigma I think that makes him the first Uzumaki with a hair color other than red in over a century.

Kushina may have been every bit her husband's equal, but Minato had made far more enemies in the world. Enemies that would think nothing of murdering an orphan to spite a dead man. Konoha doesn't know who it was, but all the guards and medics posted for the duty of delivering Naruto having their throats cut doesn't leave many interpretations. Near as they can figure, whoever it was got away too. They found no extra bodies at least. Someone who was looking to set the biju loose on the world was not what he wanted to hear about right now.

His mind was running through all the various scenarios. The rest of Akatsuki refers to him as leader as seen here as did Itachi and again here Link removed. There are times other character have referred to him as Pain such as the Amegakure shinobi interrogated by Jiraiya, but they both add the Sama honorific to his name saying Pain-sama when he talked about him Link removed.

However, Konan speaks to him casually with no honorifics whatsoever as seen here Link removed many more examples as well, but one should suffice. From what has been shown, Pain is completely Ok with this.

This indicates a very casual relationship that is mostly devoid of a rank structure. The next aspect of Konans character that needs to be discussed is her personality in general. Aside from the two incidents with Madara, Konan has appeared to be quite meek, supportive and submissive especially in her relationship with Pain. She never seems argue with him a commonality among the Akatsuki teams and she seems to trust his choices entirely.

In addition to this she seems to praise him whether he is present or not. Almost, all of panels that Konan is in display this, but here are some examples: Link removed Link removed Link removed Oddly her current personality differs a great deal for her personality as a child.

In flashbacks she is seen as friendly, light hearted and kind Link removed. Jiraiya even states that she was the kindest of all the kids Link removed. In the flashback she seems to be cheery and playful and is seen teasing Yahiko about being weaker than Nagato Link removed.

However, these characteristics seem absent from her now. I assume the same event that altered her personality is the same event that caused Nagato to adopt the persona of Pain. Konan does not seem to have any convictions about the goals of the organization nor does she display any enthusiasm about accomplishing them. If you look at the other members they all seem to be driven by an ideal, power, money, a chance to cause chaos, or other personal gain this does not entirely apply to Itachi who had ulterior motives and kinda got dragged in by Madara.

As mentioned above she seems very meek which I felt was very apparent during her fight with Jiraiya. It seemed as if there was really no fight in her at all.