Nikki blonsky and zac efron relationship

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nikki blonsky and zac efron relationship

Hairspray is a musical romantic comedy film based on the Broadway musical of the . Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad, an optimistic, overweight teenage girl who loves dancing; Tracy's racial acceptance leads Zac Efron as Link Larkin, Amber's boyfriend and the lead male dancer on The Corny Collins Show. Nikki Blonsky, Hairspray with Zac Efron and John Travolta in the musical film Hairspray, which marked her first onscreen acting role. Does Zac Efron love Nikki Blonsky or Vanessa Hudgens? in "love" with anyone , considering he just got out of a relationship with longtime girlfriend Vanessa.

As with "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now", a version of "Cooties", performed in a contemporary pop rendition by Aimee Allenis present during the end credits. The performance of a vintage dance called The Madisonpresent in both the film and the stage musical, was replaced for this version by a newly composed song, "Ladies' Choice".

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Portions of the Madison dance steps were integrated into the choreography for the musical number "You Can't Stop the Beat", and the song to which the dance is performed on Broadway can be heard during Motormouth Maybelle's platter party in the film, re-titled "Boink-Boink".

Shaiman and Wittman composed two new songs for the film: Another "new" song in the film, "The New Girl in Town", had originally been composed for the Broadway musical, but was deemed unnecessary and discarded from the musical. Director Shankman decided to use the song to both underscore a rise-to-fame montage for Tracy and to showcase Maybelle's "Negro Day", which is never actually seen in either of the earlier incarnations of Hairspray.

The audio recording of "I Can Wait" was made available as a special bonus track for customers who pre-ordered the Hairspray soundtrack on iTunesand the scene itself was included as a special feature on the film's DVD release. Development work began in latewhile a similarly film-to-Broadway-to-film project, Mel Brooks ' The Producerswas in production.

Doubtfire and Freaky Friday. You've gotta do your own thing.

nikki blonsky and zac efron relationship

Costume designer Rita Ryack wanted to put Edna into several revealing outfits, so Travolta ended up being encapsulated in prosthetics. He wore silicone prosthetics on his head and neck, and foam latex arms and legs that connected to a spandex and foam body suit. These include dropping several characters from the version such as Arvin Hodgepile the role Mr.

Spritzer fillsVelma's husband Franklin, Corny's assistant Tammy, the beatnikset al. One notable difference between the stage musical, the original film, and the film version of Hairspray is that Tracy does not go to jail in the version thus eliminating the musical's song "The Big Dollhouse". In both previous incarnations of Hairspray, Tracy is arrested and taken to jail along with the other protesters.

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Edna is presented in this version as an insecure introvert, in contrast to the relatively bolder incarnations present in the film and the stage musical. The song now serves as Wilbur's apology to Edna, in addition to its original purpose in the stage musical as a tongue-in-cheek declaration of Wilbur and Edna's love for each other.

I'm big, blonde and beautiful! A reprise of the song was added to the film, which is sung by Edna and Velma. After auditioning over eleven hundred candidates, [30] Nikki Blonsky a high school student from Great Neck, New York was chosen for the lead role of Tracy. She had no previous professional experience in acting or in singing.

It was an interesting thing to sit back and watch it.

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I was most excited for the people who have never seen it before to be able to just turn it on the TV. It was definitely bittersweet for me, but after I watched it, I felt really good about it. When I was getting ready to meet all these amazing actors, I said to myself, 'Well, you could be really, really nervous and petrified and totally just taken over by the whole thing, or you can go out there and do it,' as [my high school teacher] Dr.

They were so cool and so down to Earth and they were just the nicest people in the world.

nikki blonsky and zac efron relationship

I was most excited to work with John Travolta and Queen Latifah. Christopher WalkenMichelle Pfeiffer What was it like working with Zac Efron? And then I just hear, 'No, come back! We have to make this ship sail. View Story Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members?

The one person in my phone that I can tell you I can text at any moment that just always has my back and is always there for me is John [Travolta].

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He is the greatest. We literally became like mother and daughter. I love him like a parent. Meeting him was like meeting a guardian angel that I always needed to have.

nikki blonsky and zac efron relationship

Who from the cast was always late? Who from the cast was the prankster?

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I was recording one of my songs and I just started seeing pencils go over my head. And then one hit me, and I was like, 'What is going on?!

Who from the cast was quickest to break character?