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feb NSBs nye tog av typen Flirt (NSB Type 74) sporet av Vestfoldbanen ved Tangenbekken i Re kommune, like nord for Nykirke, 2. mai Onsdag kjørte NSBs nye Flirt-tog sin første ordinære tur med passasjerer. Jomfruturen gikk fra Oslo S til Skien. Flirt Stadler Bussnang download video to MP3 or MP4 format in a few minutes NSBs nye tog Flirt (Type 74) -Hvordan det blir til ** The making.

Planleggingsprosessen i NSB er tett knyttet til Jernbaneverkets planleggingsprosess. Planleggingsprosessen i NSB er delt i tre faser; strategisk- taktisk- og operativ planlegging. Til slutt blir effekten av nytt togmateriell evaluert.

nye tog flirt

This report gives a summary of the observations and findings done during the work on the master thesis. These factors lead to a need for a change in the operations in order to gain travel time and capacity benefits.

In addition to an already existing desire to implement the use of simulation as an integrated part of the planning process, these factors form the background of this thesis. This thesis has focused on the implementation of simulation on the tactical planning process. Focus is then moved on to the use of simulation in order to investigate the effects in operations due to the improvement of infrastructure and implementation of the new set of trains.

Various propositions are put forward in order to improve the operations. Norwegian National Rail Administration Jernbaneverket claims that the new set of double tracks between Lysaker and Sandvika will improve the robustness and stability, and increase the punctuality of the railway operations.

The results of the simulations carried out in the course of this work do not support these claims. The punctuality, defined by NSB as trains that arrive at their terminal station with a delay less than seconds, decreases by 0.

nye tog flirt

Additionally, the robustness of the operations will decrease due to the new timetable. One of the main reasons for this deterioration is too short running time between Lysaker and Sandvika in the timetable proposed for next year. An adjustment in the running time will lead to a reduction in the total amount of delay time and reduce the delays at intermediate stations.

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The adjustment also leads to an increase of timetable robustness. A literature study has been carried out, concerning the use of simulation for railway operations, with special focus on robustness evaluation.

Railway operations are a highly integrated and complex system that is suited for simulation.

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A common feature for railway simulation is the focus on robustness evaluations, particularly of the timetable. Simulation gives the planners a unique opportunity to estimate the quality and punctuality of future operations. Simulation also gives information about bottle necks, delay propagation and the time table stability. However the use of simulation is not exclusively beneficial.

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One of the biggest disadvantages is the need to make simplified assumptions which can lead to unreliable results. The literature study concludes that there is no general definition of robustness. However the definitions have some equality: The time table should be able to absorb small disturbances without dispatching measures.

The delays should also disappear quickly.

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