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Anime Qoutes, Manga Quotes, Roronoa Zoro, One Piece Anime,. More information .. One Piece Trivia - Zoro Oh I love the relationship between luffy and zoro ♡ .. Hehehe oh, Perona making people fall to their knees one at a time ┐. If anything, I ship Perona x Mihawk and Zoro x Tashigi. . I think he should build a sibling relationship with Tashigi and he and Perona can be. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Zoro is recruited to find Sanji a date. But the date wants Zoro instead. Let's see what happen next. I created small changes. Please Read and Review! Yet another crumpled page joined the scattered litter beside him. They didn't do justice to anything at all! Slowly images began to form. Slowly she became aware of her surroundings. Finally, she was fully conscious.

She was spellbound by the display. Was he even capable of blushing? Valentine's Day one shot. But why does a certain green-haired swordsman avoid to face her? Why does he blame himself about her situation and what is really going on with her? One shot with an epilogue. I do not own One Piece, Oda does.

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Why couldn't he understand? He wanted to scream at her, to tell her that she was the most annoying, underhanded, oblivious woman he had ever known. He wanted to tell her that if he had to choose three things about her that he couldn't stand they would be Soul-Mate by romancelover reviews Nami drifts in the thoughts of ever meeting her soul mate, already 20 and still not found Mr.

Snapping out from the rare thought, she notice the sound of thunder. T just in case One Piece - Rated: There was nothing left for him anymore. First One Piece fanfic! Cheshir reviews Zoro and Nami do not have what one would call a great relationship with each other, but they do have their moments. Series of ZoNa drabbles. Rated T because of language. All One Piece characters belong to Oda-Sensei. Please read and review!

Despite this assertion, though, he cares deeply for his crewmates and wishes to protect them at all cost, telling Ohm that in spite of his preference for fighting without a motivation he can feel one coming on.

Zoro is also very perceptive, something he demonstrates by providing important and logical decisions at critical times and by evaluating the situation from an objective point of view, as he did in Water 7 by evaluating the best way to handle what, at the time, seemed like Robin's betrayal, and again when the crew wanted to bring Usopp back after he challenged Luffy to a duel over the Going Merry and lost.

Zoro is the one who noted that Usopp was at fault for leaving the crew of his own accord. Like Nico RobinZoro is also easily sensitive when put into embarrassing situations to where he prefers to object vocally though Robin usually ignores these situations most of the time because of her patiencerather than respond violently like Nami or Sanji.

Examples are during the Thriller Bark ArcZoro refused to do something stupid like address Franky as "Bro", or Franky's later joke technique "Pirates Docking 6" where after they disassembled, Zoro felt stupid for agreeing to do it in the first place.

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In the Dressrosa ArcZoro was embarrassed when he had Wicca with him when traveling through town, as trying to communicate with her made the people around them think Zoro was "talking to himself" as they could not see Wicca due to her small size though it was revealed at the end of that arc that Dressrosa's citizens were secretly aware of the dwarves ' existence. Also during anime-only events in the Post-Enies Lobby Arcwhen Zoro was forced to help take care of children, he intended to make sure that the crew or any of the town's residents that knew him personally did not find out about this embarrassing situation.

Zoro does have rare moments of responding violently in these situations, such as choking Chopper during Aqua Laguna for mentioning to Luffy and Nami the embarrassing story of how Zoro got stuck in the chimney of a house which Luffy laughed about though Luffy was also in a similar situation earlier.

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For example, when Nico Robin was violently electrocuted by EnelZoro was extremely ferocious at him, reminding the God that his target is a woman. Though he rarely shows hesitation in cutting down foes, Zoro allowed Urashima's men to capture Kikuexplaining that he does not want to cut "half naked" men.

Honor and Loyalty Edit He has a strong sense of leadership and reasoning. Zoro follows the samurai philosophy and doctrine of Bushidosuch as the code of honor and integrity where he strictly fight fair and square honestly by consistently refuses to attack an adversary whose back is turned, with the only exception being when his friends are in imminent danger of losing their lives in which Zoro would strike the attacker from behind, and Zoro himself considers a scar on the back to be a swordsman's greatest shame.

He is also very loyal as he will stand by Luffy's decisions regardless of whether he personally agrees or not, stepping in only to point out the seriousness of a situation where it has been overlooked by his crewmates most notably when they wanted to bring Usopp back into the crew after Usopp challenged Luffy to a duel over the Going Merry and lost, even willing to quit the crew himself if Luffy just brushed the incident off because it betrayed his strong values in loyalty.

Zoro values loyalty highly and will not easily forgive fellow crewmates if they break ties with the crew, first seen when Nami took the Going Merry.

Zoro was furious and stated that he never trusted Nami in the first place. When this happened again with Robin and Usopp, Zoro was wary of Robin, questioning whether should they treat Robin as friend or a foe, and after Enies LobbyZoro did not accept Usopp wanting to rejoin the crew saying he stepped on Luffy's pride.

Furthermore, he wouldn't allow the sniper back unless he got down on knees and apologized for his disrespect to Luffy. This dislike for leaving crewmembers was shown once again in Zou ; this time over Zoro's long-standing rival Sanji. Zoro was angry that Sanji had gone without an apology or a "thank you for everything", calling Sanji an "idiot" for messing around with Big Mom when they were already facing Kaido.