Persephone and hades relationship with zeus

Zeus and Hera V.S. Hades and Persephone

persephone and hades relationship with zeus

For the most part, there is little to speak of the marital relations of Hades and Persephone, except that some later writers assigned Hades the. Zeus therefore intervened, commanding Hades to release Persephone to her mother. Because Persephone had eaten a single pomegranate seed in the. Hades. Hades is the brother of Zeus. After the overthow of their Father Cronus he drew His wife is Persephone whom Hades abducted.

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Well, while Zeus had many differences with Hades they also had similarities. Their relationships, for example, with their wives had some similarities. Zeus was married to Hera, and Hades was married to Persephone. The relationship between Zeus and Hera and the relationship between Hades and Persephone are similar in the ways that they both loved their wives and they both tricked them into staying with them; however, their relationships were different and they fell in love differently.


The love life of Zeus and Hera and the love life of Hades and Persephone is similar because they both tricked the women into letting them into their lives. When Hades found about what Zeus had said, he asked Persephone if she was hungry and she was. So, Hades gave Persephone food. Persephone had eaten 6. Zeus had also tricked Hera into letting him into her life. Hera had an arranged marriage with Zeus that she had avoided for 3 years. Once she had him nestled in her bosom, he shifted back to his man form and made mad, passionate love to her.

Once again he proposed, and this time she agreed. A lavish wedding followed, and almost immediately Zeus went back to his philandering ways. Another similarity between the 2 relationships was that both, Zeus and Hades, loved their wives.

One day Hera was so upset when she felt that Zeus no longer loved her since he kept leaving her for other women so she ran away. The labyrinth was both a winding dance-ground and, in the Greek view, a prison with the dreaded Minotaur at its centre. Mycenean Greece[ edit ] Two women or goddesses on a chariot. Fresco from TirynsBC.

persephone and hades relationship with zeus

National Archaeological Museum of Athens. There is evidence of a cult in Eleusis from the Mycenean period; [49] however, there are not sacral finds from this period. The cult was private and there is no information about it.

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As well as the names of some Greek gods in the Mycenean Greek inscriptions, also appear names of goddesses, like "the divine Mother" the mother of the gods or "the Goddess or priestess of the winds", who don't have Mycenean origin.

John Chadwick believes that these were the precursor divinities of DemeterPersephone and Poseidon. In the cave of Amnisos at CreteEileithyia is related with the annual birth of the divine child and she is connected with Enesidaon The earth shakerwho is the chthonic aspect of the god Poseidon. The goddess of nature and her companion survived in the Eleusinian cult, where the following words were uttered "Mighty Potnia bore a great sun".

The name pais the divine child appears in the Mycenean inscriptions, [29] and the ritual indicates the transition from the old funerary practices to the Greek cremation. BaltimoreMaryland The story of her abduction by Hades can be seen as either consensual or against her will, is traditionally referred to as the Rape of Persephone. It is mentioned briefly in Hesiod 's Theogony[57] and told in considerable detail in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. Persephone used to live far away from the other gods, a goddess within Nature herself before the days of planting seeds and nurturing plants.

In the Olympian telling, the gods AresHermes and Apollo had wooed Persephone; but Demeter rejected all their gifts and hid her daughter away from the company of the Olympian gods. Persephone was gathering flowers with the Oceanids along with Artemis and Athena —the Homeric Hymn says—in a field when Hades came to abduct her, bursting through a cleft in the earth. In most versions she forbids the earth to produce, or she neglects the earth and in the depth of her despair she causes nothing to grow.

Heliosthe sun, who sees everything, eventually told Demeter what had happened and at length she discovered the place of her abode. Finally, Zeus, pressed by the cries of the hungry people and by the other deities who also heard their anguish, forced Hades to return Persephone.

Hades indeed complied with the request, but first he tricked her, giving her some pomegranate seeds to eat.

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Persephone was released by Hermes, who had been sent to retrieve her, but because she had tasted food in the underworld, she was obliged to spend a third of each year the winter months there, and the remaining part of the year with the gods above. The Siciliansamong whom her worship was probably introduced by the Corinthian and Megarian colonists, believed that Hades found her in the meadows near Ennaand that a well arose on the spot where he descended with her into the lower world.

persephone and hades relationship with zeus

The Cretans thought that their own island had been the scene of the rape, and the Eleusinians mentioned the Nysian plain in Boeotia, and said that Persephone had descended with Hades into the lower world at the entrance of the western Oceanus.

Later accounts place the rape in Atticanear Athensor near Eleusis. The location of this mythical place may simply be a convention to show that a magically distant chthonic land of myth was intended in the remote past. Eubuleus was feeding his pigs at the opening to the underworld when Persephone was abducted by Plouton. His swine were swallowed by the earth along with her, and the myth is an etiology for the relation of pigs with the ancient rites in Thesmophoria[63] and in Eleusis.

persephone and hades relationship with zeus

In the hymn, Persephone returns and she is reunited with her mother near Eleusis. Demeter as she has been promised established her mysteries orgies when the Eleusinians built for her a temple near the spring of Callichorus.

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These were awful mysteries which were not allowed to be uttered. The uninitiated would spend a miserable existence in the gloomy space of Hades after death. When Demeter and her daughter were reunited, the Earth flourished with vegetation and color, but for some months each year, when Persephone returned to the underworld, the earth once again became a barren realm. It is safe to say that Zeus was a womanizer. For a while, he was loyal to his wife, not seeing any other women, but as time went by Zeus was not devoted to his wife.

He went around, courting different women including other goddesses, and mortals. Once he fell in love with her, the only woman he really thought about was Persephone. As previously stated, Zeus was always seeing different women, so Hera would get awfully jealous.

He was dedicated to only her, so Persephone had absolutely no reason to be jealous of him and any other women. For Zeus and Hera, they never agreed, and Zeus constantly cheated on her with many other goddesses and mortal women.

persephone and hades relationship with zeus

Although, at the very beginning when they first were married, they got along well. Hera shows her social dominance over Zeus when she rejects his advances, on the grounds that they are siblings.