Phoebe and cole relationship advice

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phoebe and cole relationship advice

To me, the relationship between Cole and Phoebe was a metaphor for abusive relationships. That one sister loving a ain't shit dude and the. Phoebe Halliwell is a fictional character from the American television series Charmed, played Her longest on-screen relationship is with half-demon Cole Turner (Julian McMahon); they have a turbulent marriage in the fourth .. Phoebe is also seen preparing to return to work as an advice columnist for The Bay Mirror . Source:everythingcharmed #charmed #prue halliwell #phoebe halliwell .. Every other relationship Phoebe had barely lasted a full season.

With mere weeks remaining, he finally come across Phoebe through his becoming the Literature Professor at the Magic School, and the two became romantically involved in the days before his death. Phoebe surprisingly has a premonition that they are going to get married. After an overnight trip with him, they get married, but only under the influence of a spell.

However, Phoebe is under the alias of Julie Bennett. She has no other choice but to tell him the truth: Russell's seductee, Anton, so that she could trust Love again and see all of the happiness Love brings. It was forbidden for Cupids to love just like it was with Whitelighters to date or marry their charges. Throughout the season, Phoebe struggles to open herself up to love [7] and attempts to find a love interest who can live up to her "ideal guy" as portrayed in her favorite in-verse movie, Kill It Before It Dies by the character Billy Chris Payne Gilbert.

Prue and Piper unwittingly expose themselves as witches to the world after being caught on camera by a local news crew fighting with The Source's personal assassin Shax. This results in Piper's catastrophic death in the arms of Prue, and Phoebe unable to help them.

The Source agrees, knowing that he plans to double cross her in the end as Phoebe will be immune to the time reset while in The Underworld. The season ends on a cliffhanger with Piper and Prue left for dead after losing in the fight against Shax. Prue's injuries from Shax were too severe and was unable to be saved. By the end of the season premiere, Paige helps to restore the Power of Three and avenge Prue's death in vanquishing her murderer Shax. After being tricked by Cole and The Seer Debbie Morgan into participating in a dark marriage ceremony, [20] Phoebe lands a job as an advice columnist for the newspaper The Bay Mirror.

She mournfully sides with her sisters to vanquish Cole. In the episode "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell", Phoebe experiences a vision quest and not only discovers that her new time-traveling whitelighter Chris Drew Fuller is actually the second child of Piper and Leo, but that she is also destined to have a child of her own.

For this, Phoebe is stripped of her unique powers by a Tribunal Council made up of both high-powered demons and Eldersthough she retains her basic abilities as a witch and Charmed One. During this season Cole, while stuck in Limbo, arranges for the good-natured demon Drake De'mon Billy Zane to enter Phoebe's life and keep her from giving up on love.

When Phoebe discovers that Billie and her sister, Christy Marnette Patterson are the ultimate power The Charmed Ones must defeat to save Leo from the Angel of Death Simon Templemanshe has reservations because the women are human and not demons.

An epilogue shows Phoebe and Coop getting married and that their marriage will produce three children, all daughters. Phoebe also becomes a successful author, writing a self-help book on finding love. List of Charmed books and Charmed comic book As one of the central characters throughout the entire series, Phoebe appears in the majority of Charmed literature. These appearances first began in the series of novels. So you don't see anything…weird? Besides you attacking our attic?

Phoebe looks at Cole suspiciously—unsure why she can see him. Cole retreats to the corner, clutching his side where she kicked him, looking annoyed Phoebe: Oh umm…I was just uh, practicing a new move…uh yeah and I guess I got kind of into it.

Phoebe nervously laughs, Cole is surprised Did you need something? Weirded out Uhh noooo…. I just need my keys—are you sure you're okay? Eyeing Cole in a serious and angry manner Yeah. Okay, well I've got to run to Chinatown—we're out of pig's feet. I'll be back for dinner…just try not to hurt yourself…or the attic…while I'm gone.

What are you doing here? Like hell I did. You're supposed to be dead. It's nice to see you too. Either get out of here or I'll vanquish your sorry ass Look Phoebe, I don't know why you brought me here, but if you reverse your spell I'll be out of your life…again. I was perfectly willing to live out eternity in limbo. Well it's actually a cosmic void between life and death.

I was sent there as punishment after I was vanquished, Cole looks down, lowers voice …the uh, the second time. I want you to get the hell out of here. But you sum— Phoebe: I didn't summon you Cole. Phoebe walks to door; Cole sighs but smiles in admiration as she leaves Scene: Phoebe comes downstairs, hears the noise and enters the sun room Phoebe: I said wher— walks over, mutes TV. Okay, well did Piper leave yet?

Cole enters and Christy looks at him Christy: Uh, but Coop left you a message. Well…what did he say honey? I'll just get it.

Christy heads into kitchen, gets out a pen and paper and starts to write. She hears Phoebe's footsteps, Phoebe enters Phoebe: Christy is taken by surprise, but nods Phoebe: Alright thanks honey, it looks like Coop wants to meet with me.

phoebe and cole relationship advice

Phoebe grabs and puts on her jacket Will you be okay here alone? Christy nods They both walk to the front hall, Cole enters from side Phoebe: Okay, well I will be gone for awhile, I need to clear my head.

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Phoebe eyes Cole Just try to stay away from the TV. Phoebe exits, Cole follows, and Christy closes the door, smiles sinisterly Scene: Typical Charmed dark alleyway. Phoebe is walking with note in hand. Cole comes around the corner, looking somewhat bored Cole: You can't ignore me forev— Phoebe: Call it a hunch, but I don't think you're going to find the place.

Finds a typical Charmed warehouse door, but at that instant a demon appears in the corner of the alleyway in front of Phoebe and Cole Cole: Cole runs in front of her, the demon throws a strange, purple energy ball that hits Cole.

Phoebe Halliwell

Phoebe looks down at Cole, then at the demon, who throws another ball—hitting her this time -Commercial Break What?

Fanfics can have commercial breaks too. There is a strange bright tint to the scene now. Phoebe and Cole are on the ground but Phoebe starts to come around Phoebe touches her temple, looks disoriented and spots Cole. She scurries over, clearly somewhat concerned Phoebe: She puts his head in her lap, thinking he's dead again Cole damn it, wake up. Cole comes around, frowning and rubbing the back of his head. He opens his eyes, sees Phoebe and immediately smiles Cole: What the hell just happened to me?

You think I know? Phoebe walks to the end of the alleyway, gets onto the sidewalk Phoebe: Trying to find another demonic way to get me back Cole? Cole reaches the sidewalk as well Cole: I'm sick of this. Believe it or not I have accepted my fate. Yeah well, as soon as I vanquish that demon I'm going to van— someone on the sidewalk walks right through both Phoebe and Cole, Phoebe kind of freaks out What was that?

What does uh-oh mean? I think we're in the cosmic void. The one you've been stuck in for three years? Cole looks down …great. Phoebe takes out her cell phone, dials Piper Cole: What are you doing?

Phoebe ignores him Piper?

Charmed - Phoebe/Cole: Who's not your boyfriend?

She can't hear you. Cole grabs Phoebe, she's totally scared Cole: Listen to me Phoebe. If you don't get out soon you could be trapped here forever. Whatever that demon did we need to reverse it. Phoebe has that pissed look of "fine, let's go, I'm a bitch", starts to walk Cole: Where are you going? Cole's looking at the ground. Phoebe turns I know a faster way. He extends his hand, Phoebe reluctantly takes it, and they exit in weird grey disintegration like in Seven Year Witch Scene: Cole is sitting on the little step on the floor, Phoebe is frantically looking through the BoS Cole: I don't think the book is going to help.

Yeah well you're not helping. I already told you everything I know. How about why you came back. Phoebe I didn't come here to haunt you. I love you and the last thing I want to do is hurt you.

You seem pretty good at it. Yes well, I have learned from my sins. I was paying my penance when you—or someone—summoned me. How come I was the only one who could see you? I don't know—but right now we're both trapped in the void and no one can see us. We need to figure out how that demon did this. Phoebe doesn't respond Phoebe?

You've hurt me so much. Phoebe's eyes are watering Cole: I know, I— Phoebe: No, you don't know. You were the love of my life, Cole, and I was going to have your—our—child and you deceived me.

Cole rises, stands next to Phoebe in front of the BoS Cole: Phoebe I was possessed by the Source. I even tried to give it up, but— Phoebe: Your Seer tricked me into joining you?

phoebe and cole relationship advice

I haven't been able to find love because of you. Phoebe begins to cry, but she still talks in angry bitch mode Cole: I know, that's why I sent Drake to restore your faith in it. Looks up innocently if that's possible That was you? Yes pauses, attempts to wipe away her tears, but Phoebe snaps back into her bitchy self and pulls away I caused you so much pain Phoebe but I have accepted the fact that you don't love me she looks down at the book in shame and I am willing to accept punishment for what I've done pause, Cole's not sure how she took it Phoebe: Points at the book That's the demon that blasted us.

He's called Delphor, have you heard of him? He's a demonic bounty-hunter—when I was running from the Source he hunted me. But he only serves high level demons. Well then why didn't he kill us? That's not his style. He traps his victims in alternate planes until his employer comes to claim them….

Do you know what spell you cast when I was summoned? Umm it was a spell to talk to my subconscious, looks for it on table umm here hands it to Cole Cole looks at it briefly, chuckles a little Phoebe: Your powers don't work here, but if you can write a spell and get one of your sister to say it… Phoebe: It will reverse the demon's magic.

Camera initially shows pen writing on paper by itself, then cuts to Cosmic-cam yes I'm calling it that. Phoebe puts down pen, Cole is at the window looking outside, notices Phoebe has stopped writing Cole: Do you have the spell ready? Alright, now we just need one of your sisters to say it.

Well Paige is still on her honeymoon.

phoebe and cole relationship advice

That leaves Piper who should be home any minute, but she is going to be preparing dinner. Well you'll have to send a message to her. But how… her voice trails off as Cole motions toward the spirit board lying on the table Piper enters the attic, looking for Phoebe Piper: Don't tell me that girl went back to her Cupid…Phoebe!

She's about to leave when she sees the spirit board move Piper: Looks around, sees spell Phoebe wrote, reads it aloud What a demon has wrongly taken Bring back from a place forsaken Return here from cosmic space And put the demon in its place There is a bright light and Phoebe appears in front of Piper.

Phoebe rushes to hug her, shuts her eyes in happiness, Piper is surprised and taken aback Piper: