Power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship help

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power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship help

Takes place during Thunder Storm Part 2, Tori wishes Blake good luck. and only the Blue Rangers can help her defeat it BlakeTori. Power Rangers - Rated: PRNS: A rocky relationship develops between Tori and Blake as they discover . The Ninja Storm Rangers saved the planet, but Tori and Blake find their A/N: Everyone loves Tori and Blake as a couple, and while their relationship is the main focus of "Season of Love" has won the following PR fan fiction awards: smiled Tori, looking downhill to where Dustin was trying to help an. A year has passed for the Ninja Storm Rangers. Tori and Blake's relationship stands on a fragile edge. Add in problems at the ninja school and.

To Shane, Dustin, Cam and Hunter she was just another member of the group. Sometimes she forgot she was a girl because of them constantly calling her dude.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship help

They made her feel like another one of the boys. Still she watched enviously when she saw couples holding hands on the beach. Her eyes gazed over to a young family. Her heart felt like shattering when she saw fragile smiles exchanged between her students. They were falling in love with each other just as she and Blake had. It was times like those that she felt like she was single again. She began to pull away from the others. At school she distanced herself between Shane and Dustin. She rarely talked to Hunter frequently pretending she wasn't home when he called.

She even avoided Cam who she had always confided to. She lived for those brief moments when Blake would call. She would talk to him for hours. She would e-mail him daily making sure she told him good morning and good night. She would smile while talking to him but after they had both hung up it was a different story. Tori would cave into the surrounding pressure.

Tori Hanson

She would become withdrawn and impose a self-exile. She felt guilt at the smallest of things. When her thoughts drifted to her own unhappiness she felt ungrateful.

Blake loved her and she was upset because he was living his dream? What right did she have to feel unhappy about his happiness? The beach which had once been her retreat became forbidden. Everything there reminded her of Blake. She ate less and her unhappiness began to consume her. Tori finished perfecting her outfit. Her students would be waiting her to teach them the basics today.

A few of them were advancing at the right stage but she had two that really concerned her. She knew she wasn't the only one worried. Hunter had been having difficulties with an aggressive female student at the Thunder Ninja Academy.

Blake and Tori Relationship Part 4

I have this girl that doesn't even pay attention in class. I've tried everything," Dustin said. Tori laughed at the memory of Dustin in his skin tight ninja uniform. Dustin had assured them that it made him look sexy.

Both Tori and Shane had plagued him endlessly about his idea of high fashion. Hunter grinned as Shane slipped him the photos of Dustin in his suit. Tori smiled slightly at the memory. The problem with her students continued to badger her as she entered the training ground.

It hadn't been too bad for her. At least she didn't have to ask a student to leave. Shane had been forced into that unpleasant situation when one of his students started radomly attacking his classmates.

Compared to that Tori had it pretty easy. She ran towards her training section by the lake. Her class would be arriving in a few moments just giving her enough time to prep.

Of course there was the group of students that reminded her of Shane, Dustin, and herself. They always made her smile at their constant antics. Of course the three of them were late.

Tori proceeded to teach the class. Everything went well and until she began teaching an advanced move. Her lger fell under her causing her to crash into various students. She could hear the snap and crackle of the bone breaking. Tori gasped in pain as one of the students went running for Dustin and Shane. Cam, Dustin and Shane had been waiting for the doctor for what seemed like years.

Two hours before Dustin had come bursting into Cam's office. Both Shane and Dustin had dismissed their classes once receiving word of the accident. Tori's students lingered nearby waiting for word on their injuried sensei. Shane had been trying to make Tori comfortable but had been failing miserably.

By the time Cam got to the lake, she had passed out from the pain. Cam quickly ordered the students home beforing examining the break. She needs a doctor," Cam said. He was completely freaking out.

His best friend was unconscious. One of you is going to need to sit in the back with her and keep her from moving around too much. I'm going to go tell father what happened.

Season of Love Chapter 1: Loose Ends, a power rangers fanfic | FanFiction

Then I'll meet you at the hospital. Cam was pacing wearily waiting for word. Dustin was lounging on the couch trying to keep from completely panicing and Shane was trying focus on a magazine to keep his patience.

Finally after what seemed like a millennia Doctor Janes appeared. Either way, I'm driving back to Storm Chargers. Throwing on her helmet, Tori revved up her dirt bike and sped down the hill before she had to witness the couple's one kiss turn into many kisses.

Arriving a short while later at Storm Chargers, Tori was greeted by Kelly, the shop's manager. Kelly laughing pointed to Hunter and Kapri, who were engaging in some friendly bonding. You own about ten pairs. Kapri pouted, realizing she was going to have to try harder to get his attention. Kapri sighed amorously, almost swooning, as Hunter fitted the helmet on her head. Tightening the straps, Hunter immediately spun and ran in the opposite direction. Meanwhile Dustin and Marah finally had wandered into the shop, and Tori noticed, a little disheveled which she had a feeling wasn't from the result of their dirt bike ride.

She mentally ran through the academy's weekly schedule the former Wind Rangers had set up for their ninja students.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship help

Tori's eyes widened in horror. And I always have to chase you down, but yet I'm the one who always gets in trouble with Sensei, my father, for your absence. You're students have been waiting for over a half-hour, and…" "Lighten up, Cam," cut in an annoyed Kelly.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship help

Dustin's late for work here all the time, and you don't see me with steam coming out my ears. I am the teacher. Does that mean I am in trouble with myself? His friends looked at him stupefied, and Tori worried she was actually loosing brain cells listening to him. Marah didn't seem fazed though. I'm in that class. Does that mean I'm in trouble with you? Hunter and Kapri followed Kelly into the back office in an attempt to calm her down.

Tori started to follow, until she remembered the letter in her hand. She flipped over the envelope, and her eyes sprung open in response to the name on the return address: Tori tore open the letter.

Tori's heart practically stopped when she saw inside a VIP pass and a plane ticket to the location of Blake's next motocross race.