Randy orton and john cena relationship

5 WWE Superstars John Cena is good friends with

randy orton and john cena relationship

Feb 16, This article looks at eight fellow wrestlers who love Randy Orton, and eight On- screen, Randy Orton and John Cena have been long-time on-again . and there's reason to believe their backstage relationship continued long. Apr 24, In his time with the WWE, John Cena has made a lot of friends, but he has time; the roster included Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Batista. . opinion about Cena and James' relationship, which caused Cena to get. Oct 31, WWE's Randy Orton When Asked About John Cena: 'Does He Still has multiple American entities severing or freezing their relationship with.

Cena may have defeated Styles more times than some hardcore WWE fans would have liked, but he never "buried" him, and their high-profile matches helped Styles gain enough legitimacy to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But after working together for several pay-per-views, there is now obvious respect between them. There is a short jump from respect to friendship, and the veteran wrestlers have already begun to bridge that gap.

randy orton and john cena relationship

Anderson is one of these wrestlers. Kennedy was a rising star in WWE, but personal issues with other wrestlers and a failed drug test led to him being released by the company. One particular incident is of interest to our list. After Kennedy wrestled in a man tag team match, Randy Orton complained to WWE management that his opponent was unnecessarily stiff. Cena backed up Orton on his claims.

randy orton and john cena relationship

The two have competed in several big matches with one another, and the future WWE Hall of Famers have a lot of respect for each other. During an interview Ryback said of Cena, "he has been the face for ten years, and he's really good at what he does.

WWE's Randy Orton When Asked About John Cena: 'Does He Still Wrestle?'

But everyone knows that I don't like John Cena, and he doesn't like me either. Other wrestlers have called out Ryback for being too stiff, and I wouldn't be surprised if Cena had some harsh critiques about Ryback's wrestling.

The new, part-time Cena often loses to younger talent, but back when he was "the guy" for WWE, he almost never lost in important matches.

WWE Bragging Rights - Orton vs Cena Iron Man Match

This rumor was so prevalent, in fact, that IWC fans had to explain away one of the few times that Cena did appear to win clean. Many fans believe that Cena was supposed to win this match, but an in-ring slip up caused him to accidentally fall through the table.

randy orton and john cena relationship

Maybe keeping this secret is what built the friendship between Sheamus and Cena, as the Celtic Warrior is often seen out and about with the Face that Runs the Place. He wants to get paid just like everyone else, and one could argue that he wants to get paid more than most other Superstars.

I would never say, however, that being a professional wrestler is all about the money for Cena. The same cannot be said for the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

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Lesnar has admitted that he's all about the money, and he has it written into his contract that he does not have to interact with fans. These different styles have famously led to some friction between Cena and Brock.

As I've gotten older, however, I have realized that the Doctor of Thuganomics' constant barbs at the unpopular announcer this was at a time when the IWC legitimately disliked Cole, especially in comparison to Jim Ross were merely a strategy to get over with the fans.

In reality, Cena and Cole are close friends.

randy orton and john cena relationship

Cole has talked in interviews about how much he legitimately admires Cena's in-ring work, and he has been one of the announcers who has most fervently talked up Cena in the company. Both Cena and The Rock got very heated during the buildup to their "once in a lifetime" WrestleMania match.

It was obvious from the start that the two men didn't think fondly of each other. Punk is adamantly straight edge. Perhaps most importantly of all, while Orton remained relatively cookie-cutter in terms of his look, his in-ring style and his promos, Punk was always different.

Daniel Bryan via afterfeed. While on-screen rivalries can translate to real-life hostilities, Bryan and Orton seem to have developed a real mutual admiration based on their experience working together in the ring.

15 Pro Wrestlers That John Cena Is Friends With (And 15 That He Dislikes)

They're a prime example of friends playing their part so well that fans would never guess the actual nature of their backstage relationship. The Rock via wwe. There were those who balked at a part-time talent with questionable commitment coming back to take a high-profile spot from full-time talents. In particular, Orton spoke out against The Rock. Rock was reportedly angry enough about the comments to complain straight to Vince McMahon.

Orton reportedly got heat for speaking out against The Great One, and this may be why he dialed back his comments, and even went out of his way to praise Rock in future media appearances. Triple H via allwrestlingsuperstars.

Some of it was a matter of storyline—selecting two young heels to complement the veterans. But as noted in numerous WWE-produced documentaries, the choice was also purposeful from a backstage perspective.

John Cena and Nikki Bella pictured together... are WWE superstars back in a relationship?

Triple H, in particular, was hand-picking guys with star potential and helping to bring them along in the ways of the business. The two have revisited both the kayfabe rivalry and partnership a number of times.

Kelly Kelly via walldevil. Moreover, WWE was trying to project a wholesome image for all of its talents at the time, and so management was also not pleased with what Orton said.

Orton issued a public apology shortly thereafter to smooth things over. Kelly stayed tight-lipped at the time. She did, however, make allusions to not getting along with Orton in shoot interviews after she left WWE.

Bob Orton via flickr.