Revolution charlie and monroe relationship counseling

revolution charlie and monroe relationship counseling

More specifically, we're talking about the relationship between NBC Revolution's Charlotte (Charlie) Matheson and Sebastian (Bass) Monroe, which we loving. Before the Blackout, Monroe was just Bass to his dear friends. . Bass was in a tailspin again which put a strain on his relationship with Connor. Bass revealed that he has hurt a lot of people (so he's not a sociopath, Charlie) but that it should mean something if Connor can live . Writing is therapy for me. Revolution's Tracy Spiridakos Talks Charlie and Monroe 'Weirdness,' Tracy Spiridakos about the future of “Charloe” and her relationship with.

Is it weird I find Monroe very attractive? Season 2, Charlie and Monroe have more interaction and these two just couldn't help but get snarky with each other, but not like when it's Rachel and Monroe where as she said it's like gasoline and a match. Charlie seems to have more common sense than Rachel. Sure Charlie hates Bass and tried to kill him but after she found out that her mother was wanted by the Patriots and after Bass saved her, Charlie realized his value to their team.

Bass is a psycho killer and someone has to be the bad guy or else Miles would have to be and he already expressed disdain for the job. These two also make a good team in the heat of battle. The writers love to tease us about a possible sexual chemistry as when Bass came to Willoughby with Charlie, Miles was very upset: I wouldn't let him touch me. Then there was that lady warlord in New Vegas who took one look at Charlie and said, "Picking them kinda young.

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After her father dies, Charlie starts to pack her backpack. Maggie enters and suggests she should not go. When Charlie remains adamant that she is going to Chicago, Maggie then states that she will be going with Charlie. Charlie completely ignores her and leaves the room. As she begins to walk out of the village, Maggie and Aaronwho was a friend of her father's, follows her, also carrying backpacks.

She comes across a boy at a waterfall and the boy hears her. He announces he knows she is there and Charlie tells him she was just getting water. They go their separate ways after that. While they were sleeping, three bandits come in and holds the three at knife point.

Maggie tells them she has a bottle of alcohol in her backpack. They drink the bottle and one of the bandits grabs Charlie and starts taking her to the cockpit. Soon, the bandits start coughing up blood; Maggie had secretly put poison in the drink.

The thug begins to attack Maggie where she grabs an airbag from the plane and strangles him. Just as the other bandit was about to rape Charlie, the boy who spoke to Charlie at the waterfall shoots an arrow at the bandit, killing him.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship counseling

Charlie and Nate shortly after arriving in Chicago. They decide to all go to Chicago together. After passing by Wrigley Field and entering downtown Chicago they arrive at a The Grand Hotel, causing Aaron to comment that he was married there. They sit down at the bar and Charlie asks the bartender where Miles is. The bartender says he doesn't know and after Charlie explains the events to why their here he said he will talk to her in the backroom. The boy, who identifies himself as Nate, does not trust the bartender and holds out a pocket knife at him.

The bartender easily grabs the knife out of Nate's hand and holds it against his throat and says, "She's my niece He and Charlie go into the backroom where she explains the situation more, assuming he is coming along to save Danny, but he tells her he was keeping a low profile from the militia and tells her he was not going.

Charlie tells Miles that they are family, while he says he doesn't even know her. In tears, she runs out of the room back to the group and tells them they have to leave. After seeing that Charlie was crying, Nate goes up to Miles and yet again takes out his knife and demands to know what he did to her. Miles, once again, easily pulls the knife away and pulls up Nate's sleeve.

Branded on his arm was the insignia of the militia ; which means he is a spy. Nate takes out his bow and arrows and backs out of the bar. They stay for a little while longer until Miles tells them he was going to stay and drink a bottle of single malt scotch and tells them to leave.

Miles already killed almost half of the squad with hand-to-hand combat, but soon gets surrounded. That is when Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron reveal themselves and fight along with Miles.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship counseling

After killing a soldier with her crossbow, Charlie runs outside to reload when a soldier comes out and ambushes her. She is almost killed before Nate runs out, knocks the soldier unconscious with his bow and runs off. After Maggie treats a wound Miles sustained he agrees to go with them. Charlie then sits at a table and looks at a picture of her parents.

She wonders where Miles is, so she looks around and finds him. He is ready to slit a man's throat with a sword. Charlie stops him and begs him to spare him as he is already unconscious and Miles indicates that he is a bounty hunter and would attempt to track them down again.

She still wants him to show mercy, so he and Aaron drag him off and lock him in a boxcar. They continue on to Pontiac, Illinois where Miles explains that they are looking for a woman named Nora Clayton ; whom he indicates is a highly acclaimed bomb expert and could help them in their attempt to rescue Danny. They arrive at a tavern where he thinks Nora is.

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Miles orders Charlie and the others to wait there, and he goes to the backroom to find Nora. He asks someone he knew and indicates who he is by throwing down a piece of yellow stone. A man calls Miles's name and Miles recognizes the bounty hunter that Charlie stopped him from killing. The bounty hunter calls out to his cohorts and they carry in Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron all gagged with knives against their throats. Miles simply states he doesn't know them.

As the bounty hunter is about to slit Charlie's throat, Miles quickly surrenders himself. They start to walk out of the tavern when Miles makes a daring escape attempt and succeeds in killing the bounty hunter's cohorts and threatens to strangle him to death if he doesn't tell him where Nora is. The bounty hunter says she does not go to the tavern anymore and Miles breaks the man's neck, not knowing that Charlie was watching.

After they make it to the woods, Miles explains he has to leave the group, and to meet up with him in two weeks further on. Charlie does not want him to leave, but Miles leaves anyway. Charlie leaves during the night and follows Miles. As she makes her way towards the edge of an interstate highway, she quickly realizes that someone was following her. She falls off the edge and onto the interstate and acts like she was hurt. Nate appears and says he wants to help her, Charlie quickly states she doesn't want his help.

Nate comes to help her anyways and that is when Charlie makes her move. She quickly kicks away Nate's bow and uses the handcuffs that were put on her back in the tavern to handcuff Nate to an interstate sign. She leaves Nate and continues to search for Miles. Miles finds her as she was daydreaming and she says she needs him to stay with her, not because they were family, but because Miles was her only hope of getting her brother back.

Miles lets her travel with him.

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They stumble across a squad of militia leading a pack of prisoners hauling a helicopter on a wooden platform. This gives the hint that the leader of the militia, Bass Monroe, is making plans of getting the power back. However, one of the prisoners Miles points out is Nora. Charlie watches as a prisoner is shot by the warden because he was not moving along. Miles tries to comfort his niece During the night, Charlie and Miles quickly rescue Nora, not bothering with the other prisoners.

After rescuing her, Nora exclaims that she wants the sniper rifle the warden was using, as it is key to help the Rebellion who are uprising against Bass Monroe. Nora creates a bracelet that can fire one bullet at a very close range.

They plan on using this on the warden. Charlie offers to do it since the squad would recognize Nora and Miles, despite Miles' objections. Charlie pretends to have gotten lost in the woods while hunting and the warden asks a soldier to bring Charlie over. After hesitating, Charlie finally uses the bracelet gun, shooting the warden in the chest. While Miles and Nora pick off the others, the soldier who brought Charlie to the warden is on top of her, trying to choke her.

She quickly picks up the rifle the warden dropped and shoots the soldier with it. After the fight, she sits by herself, thinking about what she did.

I mean, for a second, I really thought the two were about to embrace and shove their tongues down each other's throats during that final confrontation.

But if we're at least picking that up on our gaydar, it means there's genuine characterization and emotion at play, two basic elements of writing that have been entirely absent from the series so far. Don't get me wrong, I'm not laughing at any of this.

Well, maybe a little. But there's no doubt that Miles and Monroe have, by far, the most compelling and clearly defined relationship in the series.

revolution charlie and monroe relationship counseling

And again, there's nothing wrong with this. Absolutely nothing, and I'm being serious. I don't know how intentional the homoerotic subtext is, but it's all over the place.

Spot Light: Revolution's Favorite "Non-Couple": Charlie & Monroe

Even no-nonsense Neville agreed with me, for cryin' out loud. You have a borderline erotic fixation on Miles Matheson. So obviously Revolution's writers are aware of it, right? So that's why I'm begging the writers to go with this.