Riker and troi relationship counseling

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riker and troi relationship counseling

STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE: Troi, Deanna Rank: Commander Current assignment: U.S.S. Titan Full Name: Marital status: Married to William Riker As lieutenant commander, assigned as ship's counselor, U.S.S. Enterprise under Capt. Troi's relationship with Will Riker is perhaps the unhealthiest problems, you get the sense that she is just giving him professional advice. Until this episode, I don't think we quite understand that the Imzadi relationship isn't truly in the past for either Troi or Riker. They are not actively.

The feeling is mutual, Counselor. Perhaps your own feelings are getting in the way. My job is to help others sort out their emotions. My own feelings are beside the point. Our feelings are what make us all human.

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Are you feeling sad? He cares about her feelings. And her admission that her own emotions have clouded her ability to sense emotions from others is beautiful. In this episode, she loses her empathic abilities, and the sudden loss of a sense which is the equivalent of one of us losing our vision or hearing is quite jarring for her. She suffers a crisis of confidence.

The One With The Counselor And The Commander

When Troi attempts to turn in her Starfleet resignation to Captain Picard, it is Riker who comes to her quarters to comfort her and, perhaps, talk some sense into her. His first instinct, of course, is to wrap her into a warm embrace and allow her to cry in his arms. I look around me and all I see are surfaces without depth.

riker and troi relationship counseling

You have no idea how frightening it is to just be here without sending you, without sharing your feelings. You always had an advantage, a little bit of control of every situation.

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That must have been a very safe position to be in. And his tone is just as harsh as his words. Riker refuses to let Troi drown in a self-pitying spiral.

riker and troi relationship counseling

Tough love is love, and there is plenty of that here. I adore seeing that this relationship is built on more than just unresolved sexual tension smoldering beneath every scene.

riker and troi relationship counseling

Their relationship is built on the mutual respect that allows each of them to take the lead and challenge the other when necessary. The crew of the D, however, does believe their Captain is dead, and it is time to host a memorial service. Riker declines because he has no plans to attend the memorial service: A memorial service helps to give everyone a sense of completion.

Although they informed Captain Picard that they already knew each other, neither Riker nor Troi initially revealed the intimate nature of their former relationship.

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Troi seemed fairly eager to be alone with Riker and, while at Deneb IV's mysterious Farpoint station, she suggested that they explore the passages below the station together, an idea that Riker refused. Before he later endangered his own life to investigate why a spaceborne entity believed to be a ship was attacking Deneb IV, Troi expressed, in an outburst of emotion, her extreme fear that Riker could be hurt.

She soon managed to resume her former sense of calm, however, and returned to the Enterprise as Riker had ordered. Insurrection movie under the influence of rejuvenating metaphasic radiation.

riker and troi relationship counseling

InDeanna married Will Riker. The first ceremony was a traditional Earth wedding, where Captain Picard served as Will's best man. After that ceremony, a traditional Betazoid wedding ceremony was to take place on Betazed.

This is becoming a pattern for LaForge: When he meets Aquiel in person, they have no problem concluding their romance in one episode.

riker and troi relationship counseling

He was working in the transporter room, she was an exobotanist doing research, they clicked. They have a daughter, Molly, and the whole family gives an essential balance to the main cast of the show. Show this in the background every once in a while shows that the crew of the Enterprise is really a lot bigger than ten people sitting on the bridge, the ship carries entire households. It raised a commotion at the dinner table, but in service of Starfleet, the family relocated.

Daren came on to lead a new science team aboard the Enterprise, hoping for more ambitious, theoretical experiments. Due to her professional reputation and her love of the piano, Picard is drawn to the Lieutenant Commander, but as their relationship progresses, it soon becomes awkward to have the Captain fraternizing with one of his senior officers.

Even Riker was starting to get a little jealous. Captain Picard took a trip there in which he found a glimmer of happiness too, during season three. Picard bumps into a space archaeologist named Vash while on the planet, and oh so coincidentally, and they find out that they actually have great chemistry together.