Salman khan and helen relationship

Helen turns Here's a look-back at her relationship with Salman Khan -

salman khan and helen relationship

In , the Japanese occupation of Burma (now, Myanmar) had compelled its British and Chinese occupants to flee the nation in search of. The queen of cabaret, Helen turned 79 yesterday. The yesteryear The entire Khan family was present at the bash but Salman could not make it. We have always seen Salman Khan and his family shower love and care on The reports in the media also state that Salim's second wife Helen was When Arpita and Arjun were in a relationship Arjun weighed Kgs.

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She was soon working regularly and was featured as a solo dancer in films such as Alif Laila and Hoor-e-Arab After that, offers started pouring in throughout the s and s. During her initial career, Geeta Dutt sang many songs for her. The Bollywood playback singer Asha Bhosle also frequently sang for Helen, particularly during the s and the early s. Writer Salim Khan helped her get roles in some of the films he was co-scripting with Javed Akhtar: Immaan DharamDonDostanaand Sholay.

In Helen was given India's Filmfare lifetime achievement award. Helen officially retired from movies inbut she has since then appeared in a few guest roles such as Khamoshi: The Musical and Mohabbatein She also appeared in Humko Deewana Kar Gaye in Anthony Korner directed and narrated the film.

Helen appeared as a judge in the semifinals and finals of India's Dancing Queen television series. Khan was already married and the father of four children; Helen joined the Khan family and had a large role along with Khan and his first wife Salma in keeping the family united.

Helen turns 79: Here's a look-back at her relationship with Salman Khan

All of Helen's step-children have bonded closely with her, and Helen is almost invariably accompanied in public appearances by Salma Khan, Salim's first wife.

Arpita Khan Sharma, who considered as the most loved sister of 'Khandaan. The entire fans of Bollywood admire the Khandaan for being such a sweet family.

Salman Khan salutes and dances with his mom Helen Khan in Golden Girl Concert 2001

Arpita Khan Sharma who turned 28 on August 1, despite never being a part of Hindi Films, has always been a popular name among the fans of Bollywood. She has always been the talk of the town, for all the good reasons of course. Arpita who is the youngest sister of Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail Khan, is very close to her brother and especially an apple of Salman's eye.

When the news of Arpita wedding with her longtime boyfriend Ayush Sharma surfaced, it made it to the headlines of all the leading newspapers, mags and channels. Needless to say, that when it came to his adorable sister Arpita's wedding, Salman and the entire 'Khandaan' didn't leave a stone unturned to make it a fairytale one.

salman khan and helen relationship

So, on this auspicious occasion of Rakhi, we are here to tell you something about the most fortunate sister of tinsel town. Here are some lesser-known facts about Arpita Khan Sharma's life, we bet you didn't know.

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  • Salman Khan's heart-warming family story

Arpita was born on August 1, Despite not being a biological daughter of Salim Khan, she has always been the most loved member of their family. There are different stories around in the media, around her adoption. While some say that Arpita's mother was a beggar and lived on a footpath.

salman khan and helen relationship

She died right after giving birth to Arpita. And Salim and Salma spotted this infant near her dead body on the footpath they were passing by. Hence, they brought her home along and decided to make her a part of their family forever. The reports in the media also state that Salim's second wife Helen was the one who adopted Arpita. This is how Arpita became an Angel from an orphan. Very few people know that Arpita has really got a great fashion sense.