Sarai and abram relationship tips


sarai and abram relationship tips

Originally named Abram and Sarai, Abraham and Sarah were dwellers from Ur, the pharaoh's anger after she confessed her true relationship with Abraham. When God called Abraham, He called not just him but his whole household. Genesis says, "And Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his. She fled into the desert with her husband, Abraham, to live a comparatively monastic When Sarai was unable to conceive after many years of marriage, she.

This fact makes Sarah one of the mothers of the Israelites and Jesus Christ.

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Sarah died at age and was thought to be buried in Kiryat Arba, presently located in Hebron. The Cave of Machpelah, commonly known today as the Cave of the Patriarchs or the Sanctuary of Abraham to the Muslims is believed to be the burial place of Abraham and Sarah, their son Isaac and his wife Rebeccaand their grandson Jacob and his wife Leah.

The cave was purchased by Abraham from the Hittite named Ephron. This site is now considered the second holiest place for the Jews and is also honoured by both the Muslims and the Christians.

The first incident was when they went to Egypt. She was 65 years old then. After being introduced to the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh took her into his harem as one of his concubines. The Pharaoh gave all of his assets to her with Goshen as her hereditary land. Sarai deliberately prayed to the Lord to free her from the Pharaoh. Epidemics were sent to the kingdom until Pharaoh released the couple.

The Danger of Lies in Marriage and Relationships

The second incident was with the king of Gerar named Abimelech. But God told Abimelech the truth through a dream and Abimelech sent her back to Abraham with gifts namely; cattle, sheep, slaves, and silver. The Birth of Isaac Being childless for years, the aging Sarai had lost hope of becoming pregnant. Having a child was important for Abraham because the Lord promised him that his children would lead great nations.

And so, Sarah gave her Egyptian slave, Hagar to her husband Abraham to become his concubine. Hagar gave the year-old Abraham a son, and they named him Ishmael. Ishmael was the ancestor of many Arab nations. Then she dealt harshly with Hagar, and her unkindness exposed the bitterness and resentment in her soul. Meanwhile, Abraham shirked his duty. But now he told her to handle the problem herself, to do whatever she wanted to do, but to stop badgering him about it Gen.

There is nothing to submit to, no leadership to follow. Even great men and women of faith have their moments of faithlessness. And no such moment was worse for Abraham and Sarah than when they laughed at God.

sarai and abram relationship tips

They both did it. God told Abraham he would bless Sarah and make her a mother of nations. Kings of peoples would come from her. And will Sarah, who is ninety years old, bear a child? The struggles of faith are real and we all experience them.

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But thank God for the final triumph of faith. I believe the turning point in their struggling faith occurred during that last encounter with the Lord. That poignant challenge pierced their faltering hearts, and faith was rekindled, strong and steadfast. There was that brief setback in Gerar Gen. But basically things were different from that moment on.

Her laugh of doubt had turned to a laugh of triumphant joy, and we can share her joy with her. There would still be problems for Abraham and Sarah. The life of faith is never free from obstacles.

Sarah or Sarai

Hagar and Ishmael were still around to poke fun at Isaac. And Sarah got upset about that. When she saw Ishmael mocking her little Isaac she seemed to lose control of herself.

Could this be the same woman who is extolled in the New Testament for her submissiveness and obedience? Healthy submission does not prohibit the expression of opinions. Sarah at least said what was on her mind. And furthermore, she was right! Getting upset was not right. But Ishmael was not to be heir with Isaac, and God wanted him to leave the household. God told Abraham to listen to Sarah and to do what she said Gen.

Imagine that—even though Sarah got emotional, God wanted Abraham to heed her advice. He often wants to use wives to correct their husbands, to advise them, to mature them, to help them solve their problems and give them insight.

sarai and abram relationship tips

Some husbands make their wives feel like ignoramuses, whose ideas are ridiculous and whose opinions are worthless. The husband who does that is the real ignoramus.

If a wife tells her husband there is a problem in their marriage, God wants him to listen to her—listen to her evaluation of the situation, listen to the changes she thinks should be made, listen when she tries to share her feelings and her needs—then do something constructive about it.

One of the prevalent problems in Christian marriages today is that husbands are too proud to admit that there is anything wrong and too stubborn to do anything about it. God may want to enlighten them through their wives. The bondwoman and her son were finally sent away. Ishmael was now old enough to provide for his mother, and God gave him expertise with the bow Gen.

And with that irritant removed, this happy little family threesome enjoyed a time of unhindered faith and fellowship. But the most severe trial to their faith was yet to come. It was to be a very unusual test. But she certainly knew what was going on. She probably helped them prepare for the trip.

sarai and abram relationship tips

She saw the wood, the fire, and the knife; she saw her son Isaac, and she saw Abraham, a look of agony etched on his weathered brow. But she saw no animal for the sacrifice. Scripture says that Abraham believed that God could even raise Isaac from the dead Heb.

Sarah must have believed that too. She watched them disappear over the horizon, and though her motherly heart was breaking, she uttered not one word of protest. A Christian wife need not have any fear of submissiveness when her hope is in God. He will be faithful to His Word and use her obedience to accomplish what is best for her. Sarah was one of those women whom King Lemuel spoke about, who did her husband good and not evil all the days of her life Prov.

It is given to him by God. So he accepts it as a sacred trust and discharges it in full submission to his Lord and unselfish consideration for his wife and what is best for her. What are your goals in life? Have you communicated these goals to your wife? In what kinds of situations does a wife usually find it most difficult to be submissive? How does God expect a wife to react when she feels that her husband is out of the will of God?

Are there any areas of your submissiveness that are motivated by a low self-esteem, a fear of unpleasant circumstances, or the avoidance of responsibility? What should be the basis of a healthy submissiveness? How do husbands sometimes use their headship role as a club to get their own way? What can they do to avoid it? Since God places the husband in the headship role, what then are some obligations he has to his wife? How does God want you to express your opinions and desires to your husband?

How does God expect you to react when your wife is trying to communicate?