Slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

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slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

Get all the details on Slumdog Millionaire: The Three Musketeers. Early on in the film, we see Jamal and Salim as youngsters arriving late to school, where. Slumdog Millionaire is an easy one. The movie follows the life of two brothers, Jamal and Salim, growing up together in the slums of Mumbai. Jamal Malik or Alex Wollf (Hindi is the main character of the film Slumdog Millionaire. He is portrayed as a young child, an early teenager, and as an year-old. Contents. 1 Childhood; 2 Adolescence; 3 Adulthood; 4 Analysis; 5 Notes. Childhood[edit]. In the beginning of Slumdog Millionaire, Jamal is playing cricket with Salim She answers but cannot help Jamal because she.

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

Critical Discussion Depictions of violence are seen in almost every scene of the movie, there is no doubt that violence is the main theme in Slumdog Millionaire. While the concepts of Otherness and sexism are also central themes in the movie, violence plays an even more important role and is embedded in those themes.

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Violence is heavily represented in Slumdog Millionaire through the culture, the setting, and the interactions between the characters. Structural violence is represented in the main setting of the movie. Slumdog Millionaire is set in Dharavi, an urban slum in India and the childhood home of Jamal and Salim. Although India is one of the richer developing countries, it also has the biggest divide between social classes. Post-colonial India was left with a minority top class ruling over a large impoverished population which contributes to everyday violence, another point of Bourgois.

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The community of Dharavi is poverty stricken and violence consumes the area. After losing their mother in the Muslim-Hindu riot, the brothers meet Latika and are later adopted by a local gangster, Maman, from the community and work for him as beggar children.

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

Arvind became disciplined through his punishments, he no longer has the desire to escape. Violence dominates throughout the movie.

Even in the first scene Jamal is being tortured with no context of why he was being treated like he was. It is not until the next scene that it is explained that the police were interrogating him to make him confess that he cheated on the game show. Although Jamal has explained countlessly that he did not cheat, the host and police are reluctant to believe him.

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Alterity, another theme of the movie, is a term meaning Otherness that was often used in describing the justification for colonization. The host does everything possible to convince him at each question to take the prize money and leave while he can. It is interpreted through his actions that the host does not want Jamal to win because Jamal is so different from the first and only winner of the show, himself.

Prem, the host, goes as far as to trying to trick Jamal into losing by purposely giving him the wrong answer. The two policemen use different types of punishments on Jamal to force him to the tell the truth.

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

This kind of violence inflicted on Jamal is called direct political violence. Direct political violence is violence that is administered by officials such as police torture as shown in Slumdog Millionaire Bourgois, While the head police officer gives up using violence as a method to get Jamal to speak, the other police officer jumps in at every opportunity he can to inflict more violence on Jamal.

It is seen in other scenes that the other officer is fully convinced by Prem of Jamal being a cheater because they share the view of Jamal as a slumdog.

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

The concept of Otherness gives people the justification to treat people who are different from them unfairly; the concept of Otherness gave Prem and the policemen the justification to terrorize Jamal although he was telling the truth. Even when he is tortured and interrogated, Jamal insists that he did not cheat.

Jamal turns his story of pain and suffering into an endearing tale of love. The questions on the quiz show relate to Jamal's childhood. He recounts how he and his older brother, Salim, grew up in a poverty-stricken Mumbai slum. They are orphaned when their mother is killed during an anti-Muslim riot.

The two of them escape the angry mobs and arson, and they hide in an old train where Jamal comes across Latika for the first time and invites her to join them.

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

It is love at first sight, and the three of them scrounge for food in a huge dump until they are taken to an orphanage where they suffer vicious abuse and mistreatment. Jamal is taught to sing, whereas Salim is recruited to kidnap children. Salim is not afraid to use violence to protect his brother. They make it on a freight train, but Salim, jealous of Jamal and Latika's relationship, leaves her behind. After a long journey, Jamal finds Latika and Salim, who live under the yoke of Javed, a diabolical Mumbai crime lord.

Latika is one of Javed's concubines, and Salim one of his minions. Jamal convinces Latika to escape and meet him at the train station, but Salim follows them and captures Latika.