Something borrowed dex and rachel ending a relationship

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something borrowed dex and rachel ending a relationship

Whether or not you enjoyed Something Borrowed — and EW's Lisa The audience let out an audible gasp when Dex first kissed Rachel in the cab (even at the end of the movie when we saw Dex waiting for Rachel on a bench When that relationship fizzles, Darcy flees to London to crash in Ethan's flat. Something borrowed and Something blue: Relationships Rachel and Dex's relationship Was Darcy and Rachel's friendship unhealthy?. 7 Reasons I Love The Movie Something Borrowed This is one of the best movies on relationships Hollywood has ever produced, in my opinion. As it turns out, Dex had always loved Rachel, but one fateful conversation towards the end of their uni career leads him to think he remains in the friendzone.

At the beach, their secret is almost revealed by Ethan, who is frustrated with Rachel for lying to people she cares about. That night at the bar, Rachel finally tells Dex that she wants him to call off the wedding so they can be together, but he tells her that he can't. After Ethan moves to London for a job, Rachel goes to visit him.

He reveals that he loves her but accepts that Rachel does not reciprocate his feelings. Rachel returns to New York to find Dex sitting on her doorstep. He reveals that he called off the wedding.

Rachel is ecstatic until Darcy arrives to talk. Dex quickly hides and overhears as Darcy reveals that she has been cheating with Marcus, as she has been feeling lonely due to Dex's continued absences not knowing that he was absent in order to have sex with Rachel.

Darcy is pregnant with Marcus' child and she says that they are very happy. Share Rachel is a fictional character from the novel Something Borrowed which was created in by Emily Griffin.

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Rachel White is a attorney and single. When she catches a cab with her best friends fiance, Dex she ends up sleeping with him. She's had a crush on him since they attended law school together.

Dex manages to sneak out and Rachel believes that this was just a one night stand and that it will never happen again. This was not true. Throughout the story we are shown their love affair.

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Trying to keep their love for each other a secret was hard for them to do seeing as Darcy is Rachel's best friend and Dex's fiance. When Dex's mother, who is suffering from depression, tells him that the wedding between Dex and Darcy is the only thing keeping her happy and sane.

When Dex spends time with Rachel when he was meant to be at the Hamptons he runs into his parents.

something borrowed dex and rachel ending a relationship

Darcy and Rachel's pregnant childhood friend Annalise was also not in the movie at all. Marcus' character was a complete idiot in the movie. He is portrayed as a complete pothead skateboarder Very hard to see how Darcy would be so interested in him. Ethan does not live in London the entire film; rather, he chooses to move there as a part of his career as a novelist.

During Rachel's visit to him in London, he revealed he was in love with her, which was completely unnecessary. Instead of being ultra-snooty, Claire is ultra-crazy-in-love-with-Ethan.

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She obviously was a completely different person than in the book to add comic relief to the movie. The addition of Dex's parents was lame. In the book, it was his Dad and Step-Mom, who were hardly even mentioned.

In the movie, they played a central part in why Dex couldn't call the wedding off. Something about how his mom suffered from depression, and the wedding was making her happy?

something borrowed dex and rachel ending a relationship

I didn't understand why that was needed. It should have just been Dex's problem to figure out.