Varun dhawan and ileana dcruz relationship

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varun dhawan and ileana dcruz relationship

Varun Dhawan and Ileana D'Cruz — the romantic lead pair of Main Tera Hero — were I think since then, our relationship has been very real. One of Ileana D'Cruz and Andrew Kneebone's love-filled pictures. Mumbai: Despite Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma never admitting to their relationship nor He's taken some really cool pictures of Varun (Dhawan) and Alia. Looks like the dishy dude ofMain Tera Hero is in love with the Barfi! hottie. Even Varun has declared that he is fallen for Ileana, hasn't he?.

I suppose then you listen to them. It is like cosmetic surgery. Do you sleep on your side? Secondly what is it to you? I said, I do not care. Let it be the way it is. But so many of them get it done. I see half these girls, they are so pretty, but why do you have to be this stupid person and get their lips plumped up.

varun dhawan and ileana dcruz relationship

Who do you share the best equation with? I would have unusual and funny conversations with Saif, he is lovely. He is very honest.

Varun Dhawan and The Secret Life of Ileana D’Cruz: Watch Main Tera Hero making

Ajay was really nice to work with. He is really a great co-star and super professional. So yes, I definitely think Varun, Saif and Ajay stand out for me. I had great equations with them. It was an easy experience to work with them. Hopefully, I am not missing anyone else. Two releases in a year, is it a first for you in Bollywood? It is going to be quite something.

The trailer launch was insane for me. It is going to be interesting.

varun dhawan and ileana dcruz relationship

I love how they are completely different films. I love them both for different reasons. You never repeat your co-stars. Do you ask your directors who your co-star is when you sign the film? Does that affect your choices? To be very honest, yes. It matters who the director is and it matters who the actor is.

Ileana D'Cruz

So yes, who my actor is, definitely matters to me. I cannot give you a blatant answer because I will get into trouble. Off the record I could tell you. I know I have been told not to believe stories, but I hear and have seen a lot of people get ahead if they do some things. And I am not going to give in irrespective of who you are.

I am not judging anyone Which is also one of the reasons of my breakdown in London I cried so much. I was told it could damage my career. I was told not to talk about it.

I remember the first awards show we went to together. I was very nervous. Barfi was nominated for so many categories and I had to go. I was lucky to have Andrew with me at that time. We were discussing going for it, and I for a second, thought about whether we should have separate entries.

Then I felt like that was so unfair. Look, when Shahid Kapoor got married, everyone was celebrating and then he had a kid, that was celebrated even more. Why is it such a big deal when it is a woman dating? All I need to do is tell him that he is my strength and I want him to be there and I want to be holding his hand.

I did, and it felt awesome. Andrew is a professional photographer, it must have been odd for him being on the red carpet and being clicked by everyone?

Ileana D’Cruz on why she won't work with some actors, no matter how good the movie is!

He is a very normal person and has a very normal sort of background and not at all associated with this. More than anything, he is a great person. He is someone very special to me. So why hide him?

I have been around for so long.

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I have dated actors in the past. Six years in the south, when I was young, raging hormones call it what you will, we have all been there. How was it dating an actor? I want to talk about something else. I do not want to bring my work home with me. I want to talk about stuff and life and I want to talk about a garden, I mean, Andrew has a garden back home.

We talk about stuff and we have a life apart from films. It is a job for me.

Why does Varun Dhawan want Ileana D’Cruz to meet his mom and dad? -

But everyone makes it out to be like this thing is your entire life. For me, it is just a job. I am going to lose films because of this. Smiles Where do you see yourself five years from now? I have no idea. I will be 31 in November. Last year was my 30th birthday and I was so happy. I went to Bali and I decided I was going to get drunk. I spent the evening in my room, ordering room service, eating pizza, in a unicorn onesie with wine and I passed out on the bed and I loved it. It was the best birthday ever.

Do you see yourself acting forever? I do not see myself acting forever.

varun dhawan and ileana dcruz relationship

I just see myself having a great career for a while. I am loving the work I am getting. I am enjoying it. I do not want to think about the future because it worries me when I think about it.

varun dhawan and ileana dcruz relationship

I do not want to think about money. I want to sit in a little bubble where I am like, I will do as much work as I can, do the best possible I can as far as the role is given to me. But I want to have a life. I do not want to be constantly this person, who is obsessed with work, you got to understand it is a circle of life.

You are not going to be 23 forever. At some point, there will be someone else, who will replace me and fit the space of the kind of acting that I do.

Choudary's Saleem both of which performed poorly at the box office. Her first film that year was Shaktiwhere she essayed the lead female role. She gave a stage performance for this movie's audio release function along with Jr. NTR, as part as promotion of the film. Though the film was a failure, her performance was received positively by critics; an Indiaglitz reviewer described her as a "pleasant surprise in the film" as she "cried, smirked, looked hot, grabbed sympathy and made faces that were apt to the scenes", [33] while cinegoer's reviewer cited that the film had "one bright spot, Ileana, she looks stunning and also like an accomplished senior to the hero.

The film opened to critical acclaim and became a major financial success. The film opened to positive reviews and became the third biggest hit in and biggest hit in Telugu. In this film she played the role of a taxi driver. Of course it also helps that she is the most visually appealing in Barfi!

The film released on 20 September to mixed reviews, and the film was eventually declared a poor grosser at the box office.