We are all interconnected and interdependent relationship

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we are all interconnected and interdependent relationship

It is something done by inspired people of all faiths and cultures when they live life according to cherished values built Stay Connected work and exist in terms of highly complex, interdependent, and changeable contexts and relationships. May 30, OK, right, so Charles's work suggests we all came from one common ancestor. . but already we are seeing how extensive and complex our relationship is . All life on earth is dependent and interconnected with other life. Mar 1, And we all have free choice—what sort of difference do we want to make? Do we want Not only are we interconnected, we're interdependent.

we are all interconnected and interdependent relationship

We depend on others in many ways and they depend on us too. We need others; others need us. We value our family and friends. They share our good times and bad times. They care about us and support us when we need help, when we are sad or injured, or unable to do things on our own.

Everything Is Interconnected

Wise people have always considered friendship very important for human happiness. Without friends we are on our own and life is more difficult and less enjoyable. So, our happiness and the happiness of others are connected. When we contribute to the happiness of others, we also are happier. We benefit when we do things to benefit others. Thoughts, words and actions that flow from an awareness of our connectedness will be conducive to happiness for ourselves and for others.

Feeling connected can be a positive feeling that makes us want to act with goodwill to others. Feeling separate or alone is an unhappy feeling.

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Humans are social creatures — we like to feel that we belong. Yet we need to use our reasoning and intelligence to go beyond just instinctive tribal belonging and move towards understanding and appreciating our wider universal interconnectedness and interdependence and to see the need to begin to develop a feeling of connectedness with, and goodwill towards, all beings. Feeling and experiencing this wider connectedness expands our life.

It also provides a wider context for seeing life as meaningful. As well, we can develop an understanding of the need to relate to others as being of equal worth — based on appreciating our underlying equal humanity rather than just seeing individual personalities.

Forgetting that we are all connected, and instead regarding ourselves as separate and independent, can lead to purely self-focussed thoughts and actions. It is good to care for ourselves, but we also need to consider others at the same time.

With a zoom lens we can see a small part of the picture in detail; with a wide angle lens we see where the small part fits within the full picture. This insight allows us to see beyond our misguided concepts of separation and isolation, and we realize the interdependence between all things. We see how we are all intimately connected, and there is nothing more profound.

If we never knew what dry means, then we would never be able to realize wet. All things are empty of their apparent separate self — all things are interdependent. We rely upon one another. We see that the cup of coffee in our hands could not exist without the woman who ordered the bag of beans into her store.

we are all interconnected and interdependent relationship

Looking deeper, we see the truck the beans arrived on, and its driver. We see the fuel in its tank and the man who pumped it. We see the woman who roasted the beans and packaged them. We see the ship the beans sailed on from Peru, and all of the hands on deck who ensured its safe arrival.

We see the farmer who cared for the soil, who planted the crop, and who picked the beans.

we are all interconnected and interdependent relationship

We see the sunshine that made the plants grow. Furthermore, each and every one of these conditions each had their own complex web of factors that contributed to their unique arising as well. We see the clouds the water fell from that landed on the crop. We see the rivers in which they once flowed. We can see their parents and we see their parents before them. It infinitely goes on. Everything impacts everything else. Seeing the world in such a way demystifies things greatly for us.

To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust. When it comes down to it, no single word can define the concept of everything being connected to everything else.

Our words are just tools we use to communicate an experience that ultimately cannot be communicated. And that has to be okay. Those who are disconnected the majority believe whatever they are conditioned to believe. Their minds are inflexible. But if we can get them to see how everything is connected, then maybe we can achieve a social dynamic where we are flexible enough to transform our weaponry into livingry.

Worse, in its inflation and increasingly manic desperation, the civilization possessed by that objectifying stance has now become a centrifugal force of destruction and self-destruction in a world too intimately interconnected to accommodate such a titanic juggernaut so out of balance with the whole. Perceptually, we are all experiencing the human condition individually.

we are all interconnected and interdependent relationship

But actually, we are all connected by the human condition interdependently. Realizing the latter helps to alleviate the inherent suffering of the former. We are first and foremost social creatures.

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We are each of us walking, talking, psychophysiological mirrors for each other. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will become more compassionate and sympathetic, and the more likely we are to practice vulnerable empathy and fearless forgiveness.

We need to think less like desperate and isolated islands and more like robust and interconnected oceans. To become eco-conscious and eco-sensual, that is aware of our connection and interconnection to the micro and macro cosmos.