Zack and maddie relationship

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zack and maddie relationship

Zack,Cody,and Baily, school year is over on SS Tiption. Relationships Zack/ Maddie, Cody/Baily. Baily comes lives at Tipton. Zack sees Maddie for the first time. They broke up when she left because she didn't want a long-distance relationship. Zack was hurt but understood and let her go without a fight. Looking back Zack turns to find Maddie standing behind him smiling. "I believe I. Zack and Maddie's relationship is a relationship between two of the main characters in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. This relationship often consists of a younger Zack Martin flirting with the beautiful candy-counter girl at the Tipton, Maddie Fitzpatrick, despite an age.

Zack pulls her closer and kisses her temple. She stops dance and pulls him out the door into the moonlit night, stopping once they reach the deserted sky deck. She looks out over the vast, black water and the thousands of twinkling stars overhead. Zack gives her a minute before placing his finger on her cheek and gently turning her to face him. Maddie raises a hand and lays in over his, pressing his hand against her face.

zack and maddie relationship

I have to admit it makes me a little worried. With so many great adventures and beautiful girls filling up the time you've been here, I can't help but wonder if you have outgrown me.

zack and maddie relationship

It doesn't matter where I go or how beautiful the girls are, nothing compares to you. Zack leans back a little and looks Maddie in the eyes, framing her face with his hands. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Maddie pulls him down and crashes her lips onto his.

Tilting her head to deepen the kiss, they both moan in pleasure at the contact. Zack lowers his hands to wrap around her waist, pulling her even closer to his heated body. Maddie feels him move them until her back is against a wall. He presses against her, breaking away from her lips to trail teasing kisses across her cheek and down her neck.

zack and maddie relationship

Maddie pulls Zack closer, humming softly in pleasure. Finding an opportunity, she nips at Zack's ear, gently grazing it with her teeth causing him to shiver at the feeling. He leans back to look at her, a blaze burning in his eyes. Closing them, he takes a deep breath before opening them again, trying to tame the beast in him. Looking to the side, he finds a lounge chair nearby and walks her over to sit down, situating her comfortably on his lap.

Maddie curls up on his chest with a happy smile, lazily playing with one of the buttons on his shirt. He chuckles at her.

This was way more than that. With a soft sigh, she continues. I couldn't see the little kid who annoyed me so much and who was one of my dearest friends. They changed even more drastically after I kissed you. I know I didn't let on, but I felt my world stop for a moment the second our lips touched. It was fireworks and it scared me. I left without telling you and I missed you. I missed you more and more every day until I couldn't hide from the truth anymore.

zack and maddie relationship

Lowering her down to the floor, he leans in for a fierce kiss. Zack wipes them away and kisses her again.

Zack steps away and looks at her from head to toe. She is wearing a dark silver fringe flapper dress with a matching silver headband. Maddie giggles at his antics and wraps an arm around his waist. He wraps an arm around her shoulders and leads her back to the prom.

It was not the night Zack had been expecting at the beginning. It was so much better. With Maddie, it had been perfect.

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Afterwards, the two of them had walked back to Zack's room. After Marcus left, Zack never got a new roommate so they had the place to themselves. Zack changed into a pair of sleep pants and Maddie changed into the top that went with them. They cuddled up on Zack's bed and talked until the first hints of dawn streaked across the sky before falling asleep in each others arms. So, what do you think?

Should there be more? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She left again after Team Tipton only because of Disney Channel airing the episodes out of order. She returned again in the episode Foiled Again. In Lip Synchin' in the Rain a recurring joke is made that when she says she looks like Sharpay from High School Musical but no one claims they see it an inside reference to the fact she plays the role in the films.

Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly Prove Young Love Isn't Too Good to Be True | E! News

Maddie's birthday is sometime in April, as she states in Christmas at the Tipton that her birthstone is diamond. Spin Off Edit She has not returned as a main character on the spin-off, The Suite Life on Deck due to the fact she will be attending college.

In this new episode, she meets Bailey Pickett played by Debby Ryanand they quickly become friends.

zack and maddie relationship

In the end Maddie kisses Zack and he regains confidence. With that, he beat the prince and won Maddie's heart. Relationships Edit Maddie has had a few relationships in the series, but a few of them were short term. Zack Martin - Zack, played by Dylan Sprouse has a crush on Maddie, and in one episode, Maddie admitted that she would date him if he was her age.

Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly Prove Young Love Isn't Too Good to Be True

Since then, the crush has been sometimes mentioned and appeared occasionally. Also she kisses him in Maddie On Deck. Lance Fishman - Maddie and Lance briefly dated toward the beginning of the show, but she dumped him because of his strange obsession with water and fish. Chuck - He had a date with Maddie on the episode Rumors but dumped her when he heard the rumor that London spread saying her and Lance were back together. Jason Harrington a blonde rich boy who is seen in the episode Maddie Checks In.

Jason who liked Maddie also thought she was rich.