Zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship with god

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zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship with god

Zola Taylor, who broke gender barriers in the s as a member of The of three women who claimed to be pop idol Frankie Lymon's widow. The way '50s singer Frankie Lymon is presented in "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" is "mostly true. We played down certain things and fudged. is his love life, a complicated skein of relationships that had him married to three The first love of his life was Zola Taylor (Halle Berry), one of the first singers Was Frankie Lymon a street kid with a heart of gold, the victim of the a sociopathic manipulator who would kill a woman's dog to make a point.

How are you going to say "he was just my broke husband"?

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship with god

I bet your ass was not feeling that way when he was bringing in the money. You want to say some slick shit when his paper got low. Some supportive wife that Emira must have been.

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship with god

Insert sarcasm here Didn't none of these women have no business marrying a baby. Where was Frankie's parents?

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship with god

Where was Frankie's Manager? Where was someone to stop this boy from marrying someone before he could even legally drink? Oh and I read somewhere once that Frankie had a baby boy who died.

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Who was the mother of that child? I guess it was a different time and people could get away with this mess cause remember Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin when he was 22 years old. However, that still doesn't make it right. Nothing is right about Frankie's situation. I feel like a lot of people were more concerned about the money coming in when it came to Frankie and less about the boy himself.

Frankie Lymon

I am getting the sense that everyone was like "We know he's We know he's a child. We just don't give a fuck. According to Lymon in an interview with Ebony magazine inhe was first introduced to heroin when he was 15 by a woman twice his age. After losing Lymon, the Teenagers went through a string of replacement singers, the first of whom was Billy Lobrano. The Teenagers, who had been moved by Morris Levy to End Records, were released from their contract in The Teenagers briefly reunited with Lymon inwithout success.

Lymon appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, December 22, Later years[ edit ] Over the next four years, Lymon struggled through short-lived deals with 20th Century Fox Records and Columbia Records. He began a relationship with Elizabeth Mickey Waters, who became his first wife in January and gave birth to his only child, Francine, who died two days after birth at Lenox Hill Hospital.

After the marriage failed, he moved to Los Angeles in the mids, where he began a romantic relationship with Zola Taylora member of the Platters.

FRANKIE LYMON: "I learned everything there was to know about women before I was 12 years old."

Taylor claimed to have married Lymon in Mexico in [13] although their relationship ended several months later, purportedly because of Lymon's drug habits. Lymon, however, had been known to say that their marriage was a publicity stunt, and Taylor could produce no legal documentation of their marriage. In Major Robinson's gossip column of June 6,Zola said the whole thing was a joke that she went along with at the time October Lymon recorded several live performances such as "Melinda" inbut none rose on the charts.

His final television performance was on Hollywood A Go-Go inwhere the then or year-old singer lip-synched to the recording of his year-old self singing "Why Do Fools Fall in Love.

Dishonorably discharged from the Army,[ citation needed ] Lymon moved into his wife's home and continued to perform sporadically.

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Roulette Records expressed interest in releasing Lymon's records in conjunction with Big Apple and scheduled a recording session for February Lymon, staying at his grandmother's house in Harlem where he had grown up, celebrated his good fortune by taking heroin ; he had remained clean ever since entering the Army three years earlier. Death[ edit ] On February 27,Lymon was found dead of a heroin overdose at the age of 25 on the floor of his grandmother's bathroom. Posthumous troubles[ edit ] Lymon's troubles extended to others after his death.

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship with god

Zola TaylorElizabeth Waters and Emira Eagle each approached Morris Levythe music impresario who retained possession of Lymon's copyrights and his royalties, claiming to be Lymon's rightful widow; Lymon had neglected to divorce any of them. The complex issue resulted in lawsuits and counter-lawsuits, and in the first of several court cases concerning the ownership of Lymon's estate began. Trying to determine who was indeed the lawful Mrs.

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Frankie Lymon was complicated by more issues. Waters was already married when she married Lymon; she had separated from her first husband, but their divorce was finalized inafter she had married Lymon. The first decision was made in Waters' favor; Eagle appealed, and inthe Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court reversed the original decision and awarded Lymon's estate to Eagle.

Lymon was never paid his songwriting royalties during his lifetime; one result of Emira Eagle's legal victory was that Lymon's estate would finally begin receiving monetary compensation from his hit song's success. However, in the ruling was reversed by the Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit on the basis of the statute of limitations: Why Do Fools Fall in Love tells a comedic, fictionalized version of Lymon's story from the points of view of his three wives as they battle in court for the rights to his estate.

During the opening mix of the album, Joni Mitchell also spliced sections of "I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent" into the title track refrains.

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship with god