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l4d2 meet the special infected

All the Common special Infected from Left 4 Dead 2 in Cartoon. Smoker, Hunter, Boomer, Spitter, Charger, and Jockey. Meet the Special. This guide will tell you who are the Special Infected and who they were before the Green Flu Don't warn me again for Left 4 Dead 2. The Special Infected From Left 4 Dead 2 Speak. Left 4 Dead 2: Meet The Special Infected. Ozzmaster Loading Unsubscribe from.

The blow can send Survivors off high hazards to their deaths. He is also capable of throwing chunks of concrete that he rips out of the ground to momentarily stun Survivors, dealing the same amount of damage as a punch would. He can also punch large objects such as cars, dumpsters, forklifts, etc.

The Passing

Nevertheless, the Tank will die within 30 to 45 seconds if set on fire varying with the difficultyand will move faster when alight. In Versus when it is controlled by a player, the Tank has a "Control Meter"; unless the player is able to locate and hit one of the Survivors, the Control Meter of the Tank will slowly lessen, also hitting large objects at Survivors does not bring the meter up.

l4d2 meet the special infected

Once it runs out, the player will lose control of the Tank to another randomly assigned player. When idle, the sound that a Tank makes is heavy breathing, along with low grunts and sometimes roars.

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The Survivors are alerted of an approaching Tank by dramatic music, furious roars and, when they are dangerously close, the screen will start to shake. The Charger's main attack is charging forward and plowing into the Survivors, hence the name. On a successful charge, he will grab and carry a single Survivor away while knocking down the others.


Once the Charger has hit a wall or other surface, or after he has run a certain distance, he will begin slamming his captive into the surrounding earth until an ally frees them. If he misses and hits a wall, he will stumble, leaving him open to attack.

The Charger can be detected by the Survivors by the warped growling noise he makes. He will announce his charge with a loud bellow.

The Charger appears to have a rocky or calloused surface on his larger right arm, which is what he uses to inflict most of his force when charging, while his other arm appears to have no bones or muscle, flopping around uselessly. Because of his hulking size, the Charger cannot be shoved off with melee, and must be killed in order to release his victim.

l4d2 meet the special infected

If a Survivor has explosive roundsthey will dislodge the Charger from the Survivor and cause him to stumble. Any Survivor that has been knocked out of the way during his charge will fly a considerable distance and slowly stand back up, making the Charger a deadly foe in cramped hallways or near high passageways.

l4d2 meet the special infected

He is also the strongest and most durable of the Special Infected excluding the Tank and the Witch ; additionally, his melee attacks are very strong and can easily incapacitate a weakened Survivor. He is a small Infected that attacks Survivors by clinging to them from behind and literally riding the Survivor while attacking them. He can shift his weight around and cause the Survivor to stumble in his desired direction, giving this Special Infected a type of control over the Survivor. Survivors who are being ridden by the Jockey can attempt to "resist" the Jockey, causing the Jockey to slow and even pause for a second, which allows other players a chance to catch up and knock the Jockey off.

Jockeys can ride Survivors into dangerous situations, such as into natural hazards, Witches, or other Infected; a Jockey can also pull a Survivor off a ledge, causing them to become incapacitated, or riding them to their death if they are not resisting.

l4d2 meet the special infected

The Jockey seems to have a spinal disease, similar to kyphosis, giving him a hunched appearance. He has a maniacal laugh which gives away his location and is constantly twitching, giving him a sort of hyperactive nature.

Special Infected

She possesses the ability to spit a green ball of acid from long distances, which, upon hitting the ground, will expand into a large puddle and damage any Survivors who make contact with it. After spitting, however, the Spitter is temporarily paralyzed for a second, giving the Survivors a chance to kill her. The Spitter makes these high-pitched noises that give away her location.

The longer the Survivor stands in it, the more damage the Survivor takes from the goo.

  • The Special Infected

There other different graffiti in the same room of the level referencing several other zombie movies and games. The silhouettes of the original Survivors in the background of the poster are a mirroring of their poses from the Death Toll poster. Infected and the new Survivors at the wedding. The Passing, alongside Swamp Fever and Dark Carnivalhave unique Common Infected; these are Infected who seem to be dressed in Midnight Riders attire, and wedding guests, dressed in tuxedos, dresses, and other formal wear.

They have no special characteristics, acting just like any Common Infected in the Left 4 Dead series. If played in Versusthe original Survivors will not show up, yet the dialogue that is spoken in response to them will still be used. This was most likely done so that the Survivors wouldn't appear in the finale, making it fair for the Infected team.

The original Survivors also do not appear in the Scavenge version of The Port, likely for the same reason. They also do not appear in Survivalso holding out will be just as difficult as on any other map. Nor do they spawn apart from Bill's body in the mutation Last Man on Earth.

l4d2 meet the special infected

Bill's body will not display during the finale. The Midnight Riders' tour bus may be seen speeding down a road during the second chapter, as seen here. This hints that the band were able to escape or another group of unidentified Survivors have taken control of the bus.